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for Code Quality

Holy shit! Are you actually aware that you use 229 characters to create the folders and name for a single file (jquery.youtubeBackground.min.js)?

Do you understand that the limit for filenames on Windows is 255?

Does it even register that some people prefer to upload using SFTP instead of the WP Plugin installer?

Does it further register that people on Windows have paths to their folders that include "c:\User\username\" + a folder name like "desktop" or "downloads"?

And, if they make the mistake of placing your plugin in a folder on their well-organized machine - like "C:\Users\jimhu\Desktop\themeforest\plugins\freshFavIcon\" that now the path to your file is 285 characters?

LOOK AT IT!!!! --> " C:\Users\jimhu\Desktop\themeforest\plugins\freshFavicon\fresh-favicon_v1.1.2_2016-06-06-12-24-52-UPLOAD-THIS\fresh-favicon-UPLOAD-THIS\framework\fresh-framework\framework\themes\builder\metaBoxThemeBuilder\assets\freshGrid\extern\youtubeBackground.js\jquery.youtubeBackground.min.js"

This means that Windows cannot read the file for Filezilla to upload it to the server.

Why in the name of filenames would you do such a thing?

And what the hell is "_2016-06-06-12-24-52-UPLOAD-THIS" doing in the filename? Leaving out that unneeded crap would have fixed the problem for me, but not for all users.

Then the plugin somehow stuck the "fresh-framework" folder out in the plugins root folder and it blocked access to the backend of the website.

What a cluster!

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