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Hey I wanted to ask question is it possible to view url of the rate because when I submit all i see is my domain name! Unless I share the link and view it back is it possible to view the full link after submitting the pic? if yes please tell me how! Thank you!

Hey there,

Gonna take a look right now and will let you know soon.

C ya!

Hey, I’ve already posted an update with this feature. Pleas email me if you need it before it get’s approved by envato staff.

hey man just brought the script. can you please do make some changes? 1- while sharing the result on fb, the pic didnt displayed in popup share box. 2- the meta isnt correct on fb share post, can it be like showing the result like “i got 5.8 rating in beauty what about u” 3- clicking that post in fb leads to the result page, it should go to the home page instead.

can you please please put these functions.

can you respond me as well?

Hey, just assigned someone to work on it, you’ll get an email when update is ready.

i actually did that myself already…

Does it need SSL. ??

Hey there, no, it does not require SSL.


I just bought the script, everything works fine exept an important point. Indeed, after 5-10 minutes when you click on the link that you shared on facebook, you don’t arrive on the photo’s page but an error message appears : “An error has occured.”. How can I solve this problem, I mean how the link can be still alive after few minutes. (in config.php I put $deleteOriginalFiles = 0)

Thank you

Ok great, thank you. PLMK

Hey there,

Unfortunatelly, I wasn’t able to reproduce the the error you’re getting. Please send me and email with FTP credentials and I will look over your FTP account, most likely it related to your server or installation.

Have great one!

Hello, Thank you, I just send you an e-mail with the credentials.

Any new Updates planed?

Can i use this script on wordpress website?

Hey there,

Unfortunately, no, this is a custom PHP app. With some modifications, it can be included into a wordpress.

Have a good one!

Hello is it possible to translate it in french and use it as facebook app

Hey there,

Well, it is easy to translate, but not really sure about using it as a facebook app. It was concepted as a web app.

Have a good one!

This script doesn’t work. please check this link -> http://pick.loverkit.com/bc/

When I check this script on codecanyon, script is work. But I uploaded this script on my server, it stuck at “Loading a little bit more…” I think, This problem is not a browser problem.

I solve this problem on my own. thanks

Hi I will pay more but you must do some modofications

1- The user connect with facebook 2- So he don’t need to upload his photo because the script load the photo from facebook 3- When the user want share the result, I necessary for me to share it sirectly by an facebook app (with publish_actions permission)

You can do all that ? Thanks

Does this script still work? Your demo is not working at all (can’t detect any face!).

Hey there,

Just tested it with couple of images, and it worked for 4/5 images for me. Maybe try again?

Have a good one!

No faces were detected Upload another image with you Upload a smaller image Upload a clearer image • Back to homepage

Try to:

what is this i upload 5 photos i am getting this msg on every photo

any updates coming soon?

Hey there,

What kind of issues/improvements ideas do you have and think we could implement?

Have a great one!

Hi, all files on folder have date 2014 and version 1.2 not 2015 by 1.2.1

installation works well in pc, but it will stuck in loading and analyze the photo in UC mobile browser,finally it will force out the browser. is it a mobile compatibility issue or the code bugs ?

anyupdate about the UC browser and QQ browser performence issue when analyzing the face ? it will make browser stuck and force out

mobile performance and compatibility is bad

How good is this without support? Wanted to know how one can place ads on the site



I do not think that the author update this, 4 months ago he told a user would update https://codecanyon.net/comments/12759441 2 years without upgrading, stayed in the past, if you intend to update, what you waiting for? an invitation ? We are in 2016, this code would have potential if its creator updated.

I am an unhappy customer

Okay, Mr unhappy customer, let’s set the things clear:

1) This script is about 3 years old.
2) It does not advertise itself as mobile compatible.
3) It uses a free, open source face detection library.
4) It costs $13.

Hope you get the point. An update it is in progress, but it only features facebook integration and couple of other fixes and improvements. Not sure when it will be ready though. Not really eager to spend couple hours or days writing code that won’t pay off, and don’t get me wrong, we don’t do this for the money, is more than this to it.

If wou want, just submit a sale reversal query and I would be happy to refund you the money.

Have a great one!

Someone is very annoying, didn’t mean to make you angry, good man, a hug and I’ll be awaiting your update :D I do not speak much English and I can not express my ideas well

Haha, is cool mayn :)

I have tested it in your demo and when clicking share, score not showing so how people know the score? this one not available?

Hi there.

Great App.

How responsive is it? Can it be used on mobile devices? The live version of the site is offline with the error ‘contact your hosting provider’ etc…

Also, I want some customisations made which I’m happy to pay you for.

Please come back to me.


Hey there, and sorry for the delay :(

Just tested it on my iPhone SE and it seems to be working okay. Not really sure, this a quite old script. You could give it a try on some other popular devices if you want to make sure.

The demo should be fine now, the hosting provider were switching servers or something.

About the customisations, send us an email via our codecanyon profile and we’ll see what we can do ;)

Let me know.

Hey there, I’m keen to get a responsive version done but with a pop up locker. I.e. a little modal window that will pop-up after they submit an image. Included in this modal will be an iframe which is to my billing gateway. Once they make payment, they are redirected to a URL of my choice from the payment gateway. If the user is successful, after returning via a redirect, the modal will disappear and their score will be revealed etc.

if the response design is going to be too difficult, let me know if the payment window option is possible.

Let me know. Cheers!