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these are really fresh!! great work!


Just purchased the “FreshFace Trilogy” (Fresh Borders, Fresh Forms, Fresh Tooltips)

Excellent work at a bargain price.


Wow! Thanks a bunch for your support, I am glad you find them all excellent :)

To be honest, it’s not/won’t be a trilogy… The another FRESH BUTTONS collection should be approved today :P So it will be more like quadrilogy. Stay tuned!

P.S. Let me know if you would like me to design another collections and which.

Bought it to learn something :)

Thanks mate! I’ve done my best to offer the best cross-browser compatibility. Mainly notice the special integration of gradients for IEs.

btw all my fresh css collections could be much better and even nicer if Chrome would finally fix this bug after so many months:

Thanks to this bug, I was only able to use a certain set of CSS3 , not all of them unfortunately.

The Opera preview image doesn’t have a shadow below the images? Aren’t you using box-shadow for Presto? It does not need a vendor prefix there. Just a small tip. ;-)

Thanks for the heads up Julian!

It’s actually a wrong screenshot taken from IE8 and not Opera. I will re-upload the screenshots to correct this.

Anyway, files are still OK and the shadow is of course implemented and works in Opera.

Thanks again! freshface

Fixed. See screenshots.

How would I go about adding this to a wordpress template?

I added <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”<?php bloginfo(‘'); ?>”> to header.php and and placed the class file on the appropriate object. with no luck.

Hi there!

Not sure why it’s not working, can’t tell from what you posted here. But you can copy the code from border.css directly and paste it at the bottom of theme’s style.css file.

Thanks and cheers! :)

Very nice code. Many thanks…

You are welcome, please see the rest of the css3 collection in our portfolio. Thanks and cheers! :)

Will this work in simply adding css code to a custom css file on my wordpress theme and everytime I post an image in wordpress editor post my images with one of the border styles.

Or wouldn’t it work like that.


Yes, it is possible. Just make sure you will target the CSS class to your wordpress generated image.

awesome design