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Hi. Nice game. Is this include the source art work? psd?? thanks.

If you buy it I can send psd to you

Can u replace iads in swift for admob, startapp or chartboost? Iad will die in june this year

game have admob and chartboost

I get a bridging error.

See readMe file

the coins never show up during the game, please look into it

I fix it in next update

you got the android version?

No, only iOS, sorry.

“Invalid sdk value. The value provided for the sdk portion of LC_VERSION_MIN_IPHONEOS in SwiftSupport/iphoneos/libswiftCoreMedia.dylib is 9.3 which is greater than the maximum allowed value of 9.2.”

When trying to upload to app store. any ideas?

You use beta version xcode? Latest released version iOS is 9.2. Try upload game with not beta version xcode!

Coins not appearing fixed? Haven’t had time to test it out myself yet.

Greetings! I like the game, almost done with reskin, and would like to publish soon. Will you fix coins?

to unlock more characters, you have system built in to get “black diamonds” and then it unlocks more character. But that system does not work, or I’ve never seen a black diamond?

in the code they are referred to as coin.

Just send to review fixed version, you can contact me by mail and I send to you fixed game.

Coins still not fixed???? I will ask for a refund then

Yay. Thanks!

Yay. Thanks!

Thanks you to for buying my games :)