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You slider is something like this ?

The animation is similar, but the setup is completely different.

This link doesn’t work for me –

Sorry moving servers, it is back online now.

Interesting but, no way I would purchase without a live preview.

I am working on a full preview, without the full plugin (scrambled code and standard JavaScript functions).

Give me a few days

agree with batfan. You will lose alot more people than just the random few who would take the code. Just my opinon though. I have bought over 150 scripts, templates etc and still havent bought one without a live preview as, as a buyer you want to know what you are getting.

I have submitted the update with a live preview.

Thanks for your quick feedback!

Nice work! This is an EXCELLENT slider for non-image based content. The user controls and the simplicity of jumping to any slide really makes this well worth the small amount of $$ to purchase.

Two quick questions:

1. What does the “row” attribute do?

2. How can I standardize the animation? I would like to configure so that all slides are left-to-right… diagonal or horizontal transitions.

Thanks again….excellent work.

Well your first question answers the second. The Row tells the script how many Literal rows to make with your slider. So if you have lets say 6 slides and two rows you will have this:


vs if you have 1 row and 6 slides it will look like this:


ps: sorry for the late reply

Is there an actual video player with this, or do you embed players?


Those videos are from Vimeo. You can embed any type of player you like with the slider.

Does the slider have any way to let you know which slide is current so you could update css on anchor elements that you have setup for navigation to individual slides?

It retains the variable “current” which tells the plugin which item it is currently on. You should be able to get it by using

var freeslider = $.freeslider(); alert( freeslider.current );

You know that you can navigate to a specific slide correct?

this script has the basics of what i’m looking for.. please let me know if some of these features could be added..

autoplay with pause on hover

visible timer

index instead of numbers

animated direction buttons

you can see examples of all of the above in this image-only script:


No this script will not have any of that as that would remove from the flexibility that has.

so you wouldn’t even consider it? it would make your script more flexible – not less. it has the potential to be better than a free alternative that’s currently more flexible than this:

—Sorry, didn’t notice above comment

When I use the direct buttons on the footer… I can not get more that 10 slides to work… When I click the #10 button slide goes last slide. When I click slide #11, slide show starts back at first slide. Is there a ten slide limit? or an issue when you have double digit .classes? any info would be great. (below is copy of modified CSS , slides, footer buttons. )

//CSS// .fs_1{ background: url(“pages/00-01.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_2{ background: url(“pages/02-03.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_3{ background: url(“pages/04-05.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_4{ background: url(“pages/06-07.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_5{ background: url(“pages/08-09.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_6{ background: url(“pages/10-11.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_7{ background: url(“pages/12-13.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_8{ background: url(“pages/14-15.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_9{ background: url(“pages/16-17.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_10{ background: url(“pages/18-19.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_11{ background: url(“pages/20-21.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_12{ background: url(“pages/22-23.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_13{ background: url(“pages/24-25.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_14{ background: url(“pages/26-27.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_15{ background: url(“pages/28-29.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;} .fs_16{ background: url(“pages/30.jpg”) no-repeat center 20px;}

//Slides// //buttons// Cover 2-3 4-5 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-21 22-23 24-25 26-27 28-29 30 Back

Good thing it’s free!

hi nice script i have a problem .i dont know how to add link to images and add new images .thx

Excellent job