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hi, what the version of cakephp ?

Hi, It’s CakePHP 2.9.1

Hi, I am French: is it easy to translate the system? I am free-lance (no team): can I hide some items (such “Team member) in the client’s display? Regards, Philippe

Hi, it is easy to translate, just need to change words in the view files. You can hide the items in the view files. Just let us know which items, we’ll assist you on how to hide it.

Hi, when I say “items”, I want to say what you call “sub-modules”! It’s okay? can I hide it? Another question : can clients see their works during the production process from CRM; my works are mainly stored in html or video files. Best regards, Philippe

Sure, no problem. Yes, you can hide in the view files. I’m not sure what do you means by production process, anyway you may add files in project files sub module.

Hi, there. Interested in. Nice solution for small team or freelancers. So, can i import data from vtiger open source? I used vtiger during last year and have a lot transactions, clients, projects. Can i import them to your system? Have you trello like board for tickets? It’s usefull to use for team. Thanks.

Hi, we may add this in next feature. Just to clarify first, do you want to have price for each tasks? Once each tasks closed, the project budget will be decrease accordingly.

yes. i want availability to devide the project budget to all members of team. If task success – team member got the part of project budget. Thanks for your responsibility.

Reports of each member summary salary needs also. And clear summary of budgets of projects (without salary) needs also.

Before buying, Do you know any hosting that this might work with? Thanks in advance

Hi, thank you for your interest. Our clients used these web hosting providers without much effort:, and


This looks awesome for a start! I am just wondering before i purchase – if / when I add the files to a server (probably my hosting provider which is will the installation wizard appear the first time only, maybe a dumb question but ive never seen an installation wizard on any script before.


Hi, thank you for your interest in our script. Answering to your question, it is first time only, it will not appear once the installation completed.

hey guyz can you build invoice software like this login id :- password :- zxcvbnmzxcvbnm , please mail me on this email id for further discussion 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next

Hi, we’ll look into it. Thank you for highlighting.


is it possible to add some more fields to the ticket management? Something like attachments, assignee (which is just visible for admin and team members) and type such like bug, feature request and discussion.

edit: is it possible to add some fields in a ticket for the estimated time and for the time the member have worked on a specific ticket.

Hi, yes, it is possible. We will add it into our next features list. Thank you

Hi, just purchased, can you tell me how to change the logo as stated:-To set the company name, logo etc. Login to the system and click Settings. Cheers

Hi, currently need to change it in code at file /app/View/Users/login.ctp. We’ll add logo setting in admin panel in next release. Thank you.

hello. Need to add WebMoney payment gateway. Where I can find documentation about this?

Hi, FYI we used CakePHP 2.0 framework. You can create a WebMoney payment plugin and attach to client’s invoice page at file: /app/View/Invoices/client_view.ctp. Here an article on how to create a plugin:


ltoptas Purchased

hı, i purchased this app. I have question. can I add new field to customer area. is possible. Thanks in advance.


ltoptas Purchased

fields view okey but not write database.


ltoptas Purchased

yess ıt working. :) clear cach folder. app/tmp/cache models persistent views

Sorry forgot to mention need to clear cache :)

I logged in using the Admin user, then I moved out the Team user from the Project Website, on your demo site. And then logged in again using the Team user to try to log some time.

I ended up logging time in the Team user on the Website project, even that the project is not assigned to me.

Please fix this, so I buy your code.

Users shouldn’t be able to view others projects, or log time into them

Hi, Can you do custom modifications that I can pay

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Actually we are not sure whether we can commit or not. Can you email us your requirements at Thank you.

In the demo, the add task date and descriptions not working. Also when one tries to add the time sheet, it is unable to select the task for which to add the time sheet to. Basically the task component is not working