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Update to version 1.6.2 from 1.6

Before proceeding

Backup your files and the database

Login as admin.
Click Updates on the top right of the page
Wait for the file to download to your ROOT/UPDATES folder
After completing the download click Install Updates
After the installation of the update. Type http://your-domain/update_install/db_schema on your browser and the database will be migrated to the new version. Do not forget to type http://your-domain/update_install/db_schema on your browser because your page will load the top header alone. If you are unable to check for updates, Download this file and replace with


How can i update from Version 1.5.6 to Version 1.5.7 manually?

If the auto updater fails writing to your server, here is the manual way:

Download the updates here

Copy and replace application folder and index.php file from the zipped file. Using your web browser, login as admin and type

If everything worked correctly you should get a message ‘Database schema updated successfully’.

Please get in touch for any issue.

How do i reinstall an update?

To reinstall an update, open
application/config/version.php and replace version number with your previous version on line 7 ($config['version'] = '1.5.6'; )
Then login as admin and click on the top right (Updates) link. The system will re-download the update and you can install by clicking on Install Updates.
Remember to click Update Database to migrate your database to the new version


How do i install updates?

Login as admin, click on updates on your top right links and select updates. If an update exists, it will be downloaded to your server and saved in


folder. Click Install Updates after the download is complete and click Update Database to update your database schema. If you need to verify the update open
and you should see your current version.

I get no input file or 404 after installation


YOUR ROOT/install

folder and copy the contents of possible.htaccess and replace with the contents of your current .htaccess file.
After installing version 1.5 i get this error message.
Unsupported image type: YOUR ROOT / resource / images / logos /

Filename: helpers / invoicr.php
Line Number: 533
Create a folder in
YOUR ROOT/resource/images/
and name it logos. Now upload your Invoice Logo in General Settings while logged in as admin.

My time appears as “3 hours ago” instead of a minute ago. Why is that?

Open index.php in YOUR ROOT and add this in line 3


Replace America/Los_Angeles with your timezone.

I get an error similar to this when editing a company details.

Error Number: 1054 Unknown column ‘hidden_password’ in ‘field list’ UPDATE `fx_companies` SET `company_ref` . . . ........

Just create a column in fx_companies table named hidden_password to fix this.

UPGRADING FROM 1.5.7 to 1.6

First backup your complete database and files

Open application/modules/update_install/views/updater.php and change line 12,13 and 14 as below

error_reporting(0); // Avoid directory warnings
ini_set('max_execution_time',120); // Incase of slow internet
$version = $this->config->item('version');

Login to the Admin panel on the top right click on Updates. Wait for the files to download

The update will be downloaded to your server and saved in ROOT/UPDATES folder.

Click Install update. If you get warning messages ignore them and proceed with the Database Migration.

Make sure you click on Update Database otherwise your installation will not setup your database columns.

Finally, Click Update Database and it’s done.

How do i setup recurring Invoices

Create a CRON to run daily on this URL http://YOUR-DOMAIN/crons/run/YOUR-CRON-KEY

YOUR-CRON-KEY is located in Settings -> System settings

Basic CRON command

wget -O - -q -t 1 http://YOUR-DOMAIN/crons/run/34WI2L12L87I1A65M90M9A42N4GD08A26I

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