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Hier ist der schlechteste Support den man auf envato findet! Man bekommt überhaupt keine Antworten und das Tool hat mehr Bugs als es sein Wert hat.

The last update was over a year ago, however I see a “Version 2.0 – Upcoming” in the changelogs section. Every feature there is essential. I really want to go for Freelancer Office, because it simply looks great and the upcoming features are perfect, but it feels like development has stalled… no response to comments.

The screenshots you posted a month ago look great, and the decision to move to Laravel is an excellent one. However, since then the demo is dead and so is your presence.

Is Freelancer Office in active development or abandoned?

Come on, guy… it’s shocking to see so many existing customers asking for support but there’s no response in 2 months! If you don’t have the time to support or develop, it’s better you tell your customers, that way they won’t start hating what is such a good product.

I’ve spent weeks comparing many project management tools, and this one came up on top in terms of suiting my needs. It sucks that there’s zero communication. I hope you return soon and revive this excellent product.

When it’s going to be released? (v2)


I have a presales question.

Does your system have inventory management? I tested your demo but I see if you add 10 quantity and then invoice out 5 and go back to your items the number is still 10.

I really like everything about your system but I do need it to reduce the stock level for items invoiced out.


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There doesn’t seem to be any support for this theme anymore


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Very disapointed to not see a release. I think that Envato should do something about gitbench.


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I agree that this is pretty sad. They once had great support but I’m sure the developer has a full time job and this is just his once in a while hobby when he gets a free second. It obviously isn’t important enough to check his page and give a simple update. I’m pretty sure you are notified when someone comments and after all of us they still don’t bother to respond. Well it’s bad business for them, they will be the ones who lose out of new and old customers. There’s other options out there.

Evanto not view this app, this support and this user?

I was a big fan of this app, great support and design however it falls back.. other apps are getting far way better support and continuous updates. i think ill purchase another app and migrate my data

Probably he is DEAD….!! No hopes of any future update…..!! Rest in peace Gitbench.


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Hello, Is it possible to use the payment gateway Payoneer?