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hunne Purchased

..and it’s possible to stop the payment mail alerts?

Yes, go to Settings -> Email Settings -> Alert Settings and disable Payment Alerts. Thx


hunne Purchased

Is it possible to create a new role via DB?

The current version doesn’t support that. Thx


nahiro Purchased

Hallo, there ist a bug , when clients get Payment Emails the amount ist not the same al the invoice amount , how ican fix that?

How i can conect the script with Wordpress , ist there a way to add like a Iframe ,

thanks for your help

Is there an expected update on this project? Would love to see the developer revisit this for the 2,600 plus users that bought to have some new features of something. Being there has not been an update for about a year.

Yes, there is an update not sure about ETA but i can confirm major changes done on the update. Thx


jammu143 Purchased

Hello Gitbench Team,
I don’t know why you are ignoring my comment and email, may be because of my support is expired but I am not asking for new features, I can expect bug fix in next version
There are 2 things one is bug fix and one is feature request which I had asked while I was eligible for support. I had seen you are going to release one major update but did you fixed this bug?
May be developer is working on any new project but please don’t ignore 2500 users like this. If you will not give any further update in future then also it’s fine but I am hoping you will listen to current customers and fix bugs in current version (and new upcoming version)


Hi Jaimin, sorry for that. I just forwarded the request to the dev and i can confirm the 2 fixes are included in v2.0 Thanks


jammu143 Purchased

Thanks for the reply, good to know that bugs are fixed. Do you have any expected release date?

Hello I have a mistake. How to install on OVH server?

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

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Line Number: 102

I managed to install it. I have a doctor. I logged in as a physician. Can not create a patient. I validate the form and its charge infinitely.

DataTables warning: table id=example1 – Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see

Hi, did you resolve this issue?if not, please let me know via Thanks

Waiting for update :) really need that “CONTRACT” panel :)

Thanks, the new update will include e-sign for clients to sign contracts.

Nice, i’ve faith in you (guys) and eagerly waiting for the update. None of the crm webapps here on codecanyon is so good and has nice design as freelancer office.

Keep up the goodwork ! :)


aMUSEink Purchased

Any plans to add a Kanban board to task section? Also a statement per client for the account section?

Thanks for your request. Mind explaining a little about the second feature request? Thx


aMUSEink Purchased

If a client has more than one invoice outstanding, one would be able to pull a statement of all the invoices due.


ArvGot Purchased

Error Number: 1055

Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column ‘freelancer.fx_locales.locale’ which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by

SELECT * FROM `fx_locales` GROUP BY `language`

Filename: C:/wamp64/www/office/system/database/DB_driver.php

Line Number: 691

Help Me!!

Replied via mail


feedtek Purchased

I’ve a support ticket open for 3 weeks now (and i was scared about this), I want only my money back. Thanks

Hi, what issue do you mean? I can see someone replied to you via

Is there a list of changes and timeline for v2.0? Version 2.0 has been talked about for 2 years and I am curious what the proposed changes are or if there is a beta link to try out so I can make a decision on which script to purchase.


Just to name a few changes;
  • Reported issues fixed
  • Added Knowledgbase
  • Added recurring Expenses
  • Added Contract section with e-signing
  • Added Credit Notes
  • Added export to CSV on reports, expenses, Invoices
  • Added project Invoicing
  • Added extra reporting options (Tasks, Timelogs)
  • Added Deals section (Leads) with Kanban
  • Improved performance (Ajax table for large data)
  • Added Mollie and Wepay payments
  • Added Payments via Telegram
  • Added partial payments for Invoices (e.g Phase One, Phase Two etc)
And some other features Thx

I am getting 500 error when I try to execute the General cron. I’m not sure if this is a server restriction. But it doesn’t seem to be, the email piping seem to work without any issues.

Please email me a screenshot of how you have setup CRON via


sms alert option available ?

Not available in the current version thanks for the request.

two years ago, you said you would be adding a helpdesk feature. How long before this is done? I just wanted to provide an FAQ broken up into categories (like a helpdesk)

Sorry, i mean the knowledgebase has been added in upcoming version

And when will the update be released?

HELLO??? Still waiting for a response. When will this new version be available?

In the system you have the option to pay by bank deposit?

Yes, but this is done manually by entering the Payment Info. Thx


madpimp Purchased

Still loving the product even after checking out the competition. Quick question though while I’m here. Can you expand options for custom field to include contact or even maybe more. Currently there is knowhere to add ‘position’ so I actually cannot tell who does what in the company when looking at the contacts?

keep up the good work :)


madpimp Purchased

one more thing roles.. I just made a mistake of sharing sensitive information with wrong staff?? Is there role control in new version:)


madpimp Purchased

Another suggestion if I may. How about letting clients in the same company be able to message each other.That will add real value to any business. Something for a future update :)

Thanks alot for your suggestions, Contacts title is added to the upcoming version. To change user role, click on the padlock icon on Users section and choose Role. Thx

External Leads Submission; In Many cases we might have a landing page where customers can submit their information or request additional information pertaining a particular product or service offered. Thing is there is no option in Freelancer Office to have a form submitted without externally. In other words, embedding the form in an landing page so that when it is submitted the information gets submitted to the leads section.

Yes, this has been added to upcoming version together with Leads Importing feature. Thx

Hi Gitbench. Using the latest version, but there is no leads section?

Replied to mail

Hi, Would like to know a few details about this, what stack it runs on. If the source code is configurable/extensible and the upcoming features you are working on.

I need this for a document repository with alerts on document expiry (The documents will have an expiry date within the system)

Is there a current document management module in this?

Built on codeigniter and yes, the code is customizeable. At the moment there is no file manager.



sjohn137 Purchased

Dear Team,

I have made a lot of customization from my end! But I couldn’t find any ticket section on your website! Moreover, i need some help from your end as when moving from one server to another server.I had sent multiple emails but no response! Moreover i am sending mails using


Replied mail


sjohn137 Purchased

Dear Team,

It’s not yet fixed! I have sent multiple reminders emails after that! Such a horrible support! I would be going for a refund if you are not able to fix this issue! Hope you understand that I am paying money for the support!


sjohn137 Purchased

Dear Team,

I have customized the whole CRM with - - Multiple User Levels - Lead section with user level sign in for the individual user leads - Added a field in client section to which relationship manager the client belongs to - Added delivery note in accounting section - Customized the item section with category - Added Workbench in projects (Kaban View) - Added Timesheet overview in projects based on staff - Added leads, Projects in report section - Mail notification for admins for the lead time limit set - ANd much more!!!