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juju33el Purchased

Hi, It’s been 5 days already that I bought your product but cannot use it because of an error message on the parameters page: Error Number: 1055

Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column ‘project-manager.fx_locales.locale’ which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by

SELECT * FROM `fx_locales` GROUP BY `language`

Filename: C:/wamp64/www/Office/system/database/DB_driver.php

Line Number: 691

Could you please help me with it? It’s really urgent. Thanks in advance Best regards

Is it possible to add menu selections and rename the ones already in the system?

Hello, I bought the license of the install but upgrade to 1.9 gives me error when creating users, the error is 500 I urgently need the solution

Is it possible to make payments using the Pagseguro here in Brazil, the MOIP or some other means of payment via bank payment?

Very bad support service, without the update that does not work, now also does not work notes that can help to return my money


jammu143 Purchased

Hello @Gitbench Team, Thanks for bringing new updates after long time which I can see in this comment
But did you managed to fix bug of last version? I had also send message support tab but didn’t got any reply. We (your client) submit bug not only because we need it but it also makes your application more powerful so please take this notes and bug reports seriously.

1) The one bug I found in application is when we login as client and we had set his currency as $ then also on his dashboard he see invoice with symbol of base currency of the application like We have INR as base currency of application.

2) The second thing is fixed value invoice discount which I had requested before v1.8.1 released but still you didn’t added this functionality. Please understand the discount we always not give in % only many times need to give in fixed amount so please add this option.


Hi I have purchased the system and I had a small problem because of the working style of my company,

Is there any possibility to add to clients deposit payment and trace the invoices and payments

hello is it possible to create new menu like project or tickets developping by me ? thanks

It’s been About 8 Days to buy this scrip but still not able to use it.

Installation Error, Emailed Author About it, 4 Days Back but No Response.

1) Not Able to validate my Key 2) Strip response is not coming 3) Login, I Need to try it 3 Times then It Works. (Db Error Sometime with Session info missing issue.)

Please get back to me.


I know it is not officially supported but after upgrading from PHP 7 to PHP 7.1 Freelance Office is no longer working:

(1) You can’t login anymore because it is stuck in a loop. It’ll tell you when your login credentials are wrong but once valid it simply reloads /login page.

(2) Trying to install on PHP 7.1 environment will get you stuck during step 3 of installation process (entering envato credentials)...when empty/wrong it will prompt you with an error message but once valid it simply reloads step 3…

Any ideas?

Seems to be related to CodeIgniter 3.1.0 and PHP 7.1 Session issue. You should upgrade CodeIgniter to >= 3.1.1


theblabs Purchased

You told me that one 8 month ago would update script, but I don’t see it yet! Your script have a very big bugs!!!!!!

Hi, who i can translate the Email Templates to diferent Languages? Thanks. Regards.


Mbx Purchased

still waiting for your reply, please advise


hrsk08 Purchased

When there will be an Update?


hrsk08 Purchased

Which codeigniter Version is your Project using? Thanks


hrsk08 Purchased

Which PHP Version is supported?


Mbx Purchased

I’m getting this error after I’ve already created an estimate and assigned it a user. The error appears when adding an item.


Your form appears to be filled incorrectly! Please try again.


it was off and on and it just started happening. how come?


Mbx Purchased

Never mind, it’s because I didn’t add a quantity amount. This is still an issue when the error gets generated as it doesn’t highlight what was wrong with my entered item. It should highlight in red what was missed instead of resetting the entire item line info that was just entered. The reason why i kept missing it was there was some a number already in there (1) and i couldn’t tell that was a label in the input field and not an actual “1” quantity filled out. Please please fix this. So to recap

1. Highlight (in red or red border) what part of the form the user forgot to enter instead of resetting the form and presenting a generic error w/o any detailed info .

2. Allow a default value of 1 to automatically be added in the Quantity field, then the user can adjust it however he/she wants.

When is the next update, because it’s been quite sometime since I’ve seen one. I hope you didn’t abandon this project.


Mbx Purchased

Is it possible to charge for Hosting Recurring fee for website maintenance or a retainer fee w/ an itemized list of things wrong?