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hi can you please help me

Hi author I am facing following problems. 1) When I updated your system to lates one, it crashed, nothing is working on, it says path not found, and give page not found error, I even murged the database but nothing works and all system is down. 2) So then I message you 5 times but no reply, so I installed a fresh system on my server but it has no way to import old data, my full data is lost and this system is empty, please guide me how to import old data in this new system, I have backup of old sysem. 3) Leads tab is not showing in my system, tell me how can I make it active.

A fast reply will be highly appreciated. please help me my all data is lost and i am unable to do anything.

Well, ok, it has been more than a year since last update. There are many bugs in the system and emailing does not work correctly.

I gave this project another month… and another month.. hoping an update would come in, that at least fixes the existing bugs.. but now I am really getting disappointed.

Looking at alternatives and found Freelance Cockpit 3, which looks very promising to me. I think I will give it a try.

Bye freelancer office.. it was nice knowing you – I would have loved to buy another support period.. but support is as good as non existant. I can say this after a year of absolutely zero support relevant response from support team.


xerracol Purchased

Dear seller, do you have an eta for the new version…?


devsmi Purchased

Wowstyleshop check out “perfex”


Dape12 Purchased

When is reset my password system is still not working, debug it please ASAP!


Exit3 Purchased

For some reason my installation has just stopped working all together? Just gives me an error of HTTP ERROR 500


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Hello, can you install the next version somewhere so we can play with it even if it’s buggy? Will act as a proof that you’re still working on this project (it’s easy to modify screenshot and tell people just few more bug fix)...


devsmi Purchased

Yeah this is sad, such a great script but lack of support and communication ia driving people away from what has to potential to be the best. Even after claiming that support is new and the disappearance act wont happen again, it does.

I am going to contact Envato now. There must be a way to remove this script for sale, since the seller never responds. I’m going to reach out to Envato now to start dispute. This is not how you run a business and I will not stop until this seller is not allowed to continue to sell this item. As many others have said, the current version is full of bugs and is not working. Very sad. I will provide an update here on what Envato responds with.

Hey Gitbench, can we have integration with Aritic Mail transactional email delivery API? These days a lot of people are facing inbox email deliveries through SMTP based email communication; and this web API based service resolve these email delivery issues to great extent. I could see Aritic Mail only provide integration for application, so notification/ event based emails always land in inbox of the users.