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but is it normal that it is from May that we do not get updates?

how do I in the file section, not allow users to view and edit the other users to the file?

nevermind, how do I edit main menu list, I want to change files to materials

I would like to add a new link in the customer menu only, that goes to an external page, when it is clicked? Can I do this?

The client portal does not load the items for old clients, only new registrations, how to solve this?

I cleaned the cache and apparently the information is displayed on the backend of the page, but it is not visible to the client, it can be javascript or something, but it only happens with old clients …

Hi, are there any language packs?

I have added domain plugin to my system, after that i’m creating domains to customer accounts. but its didn’t shows there. Same time its in search result. How to resolve it? Please help.

It would be great if you could bulk delete “Timers” it is such a pain to delete them one by one. Bulk delete option please

When is the next update?

Dave you out there?

What framework was used? Laravel? Codeigniter?

can i have it so that a user can only see the invoices that they created.. like a sub admin for just their clients.. I basically need it to have all the right that the admin has but just for the stuff that they populate.. whatever else other users put in cant be seen by them. if this does not make sense please contact me so i can explain in greater detail


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it seems that the latest updates posted on your website were on 07-28-2017

Is this correct?


Is UCM not supported anymore?

Please advise, thank you in advance.

We have two paid installations of UCM. I also have had no contact from DtBaker since July 2017.

I still had at the time, 6 weeks left of my 6 months support period and I also paid extra for the priority support. I reported a bug in June which appears to be fixed on the Live demo, but not on my two UCM installations. No response to my support ticket from July to now November 2017.

Also – as others have posted, there appears to be no upgrades since 2017-07-28.

It appears that DtBaker has either “disappeared” or perhaps is busy on other projects.

The UCM software is great value for the price and we will be continuing to use it.

I have decided to hire another programmer to look into the bug on my UCM installation as I don’t want to wait any longer. We are going to export the UCM MySQL data, delete our UCM install, do a fresh install and then re-import the MySQL data. Hopefully this will fix the minor bug we have with our older installations.

Update: I paid for our 3rd licence. When I did the fresh install (3rd licence), unfortunately the calendar note bug still exists. I have tried difference PCs at different offices (physical locations) x 4 and different browsers Edge, Chrome and Firefox and the bug still persists. So no point doing the MySQL restore exercise. I have found a PHP programmer and hopefully he will find the issue. I will keep you posted.

20/11/2017 update: Hi. My PHP programmer has fixed the calendar note 2nd use bug. I’m just waiting for the documentation on what files he changed. This bug was reported to dtbaker on ticket # 010229.


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The cron task stopped working


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may i ask how to we restore a back up?

seems to be no longer supported :( time to move on to another CRM


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It’s look like is Dave & Hayley is disappeared there is no actions on this project since 2017-07-28 maybe this project was ended

Hi DTBaker

Pre sale question. Is it possible to sort the position of the custom fields? e.g. new filed ‘Title’ and position it to the left of the name, instead of appearing at the end of the form.

Thank you in advance