dtbaker does not currently provide support for this item.

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when i try to install the app from the old installer it says Temporary Error With License Code. Please click back and try again.. how can i fix it ?

hey did anybody get any resolution ? i purchased it and i am struck as temporary error with licence code…plz click back and try again…? any fixes ?? seller also dont reply …

hello @dtbaker any solution/replies?


mungle Purchased

No more supported? No more updates?

No, didnt get any support yet, no reply no nothing. still temporary license error…

I did send intimation via twitter,fb etc..no response..been 3 days and no reply abt activation

Was good for a while, but support is no more. If anybody has any suggestions for alternatives would love to hear about it!

I wud also like to hear alternatives which supports custom fields with search option, lookup, import export and all reports functions

I just purchased the Ultimate Client Manager and the theme (looks great) but the software (install.php) wont install on my VPS server setup – it says I passed all the requirements but then just gives me this error- Connect failed: (SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘dtbaker_admin’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)) I then used the old install php script and input the license code and my email and it also says “Temporary Error With License Code. Please click back and try again.” I tried to email the support or look for the forum help input ticket system but it’s all closed down and completely unresponsive and theres no way to contact support anywhere on main web site. Are you still supporting this software? I really need to get a solution or I need to get a refund if this script is out of date/obsolete from Code Canyon. It looks like a software that fits what I and my clients need (if I can find the solution here, will probably be purchasing a lot more licenses later for my client base) but I need to get my first license installed and working… please, need help immediately, have lots of clientele waiting on this software solution, can you help me with this?


jhoedram Purchased

Error after print pdf

Error message detected – PDF file generation aborted. Undefined property: mPDF::$hasOC File: /home/mycrm/mycrm.com/includes/plugin_pdf/mpdf/mpdf.php Line: 28064


tanitoss Purchased

Hi, I try to re-install the app but when I try to run old installer it says this: Temporary Error With License Code. Please click back and try again.

please help me out here.

I have just purchased a new license for a client install, and because the installation service is reliant on a responding script running on http://ultimateclientmanager.com/ which is now closed according to the site, install produces an error. I have just seen in the Authors Colum, this product is no longer supported – What do we do now? Why is this being sold if it is no longer being supported?


emma34 Purchased

I purchased this script a while ago, never installed it. Now I am trying to install it but I kept getting an error message saying that I have installed the script multiple times. Please, i need help ASAP.

I am absolutely stunned that this file is no longer supported. My first thought is “we hope you are ok Dave”. It looks like all of your web portals are shutting down. We have been a long time supporter of this amazing file, it works in the most amazing ways, and its just gone cold. Dave, if you are reading this, maybe you could open source license it and let the development community expand on this vital piece of software. I hope you come back mate, we really are at a loss and just stunned is the best way to describe our feeling. Cheers mate.


I am really interested in your product just have a few questions.

1. I am running a project to provide my local community with addresses can this database hold over 20 million people?

2. Can we add custom fields when adding customers to the system ?

3. We will like to have a frontend where users or clients can search an address based on the database. Please can you provide a price for this if not available.

4. Can we use this system to manage a post office where we can use this as the database to collect users addresses and postcodes.


I can’t install the script.When i use install.php it give an error saying I have installed this so many times.

When i use old script it gives an License code Error

Send through an email via our contact form with details of the issue and we can assist


nim2008 Purchased

cant login with my id and password. what happened?!


Gotrekk Purchased

so is dtbaker back? any updates planned? i’d like to buy another license but i’d like to be sure it will actually work first… i’d be happy with no updates, as far as i won’t get installation errors or something. Thanks :)

Is there an option for asking clients to eSign the documents (Like Echosign dot com) or something similar to that?

’’dtbaker does not currently provide support for this item. ’’ Is this script dead? I want to buy the Pro version but now I am having second thoughts. Will the developer help if I need him after I buy this?

hi i wonder if your app has the following features:

1. Creating timesheet reports and bills automatically

2. Define different hourly rates for different freelancers in different projects

3. Creating invoices automatically and periodically

4. Allowing clients to input credit card info for them to make afterwards payments

5. have cards/listing ect. like trello.com to sort different projects and clients eadily.

Thank you.