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hi in custom data we have created form under customer menu and done some entry now i am going in custom data where all custom data name and entry count showing and after click on entry count i am able to get all my entry as per customer wise but below is the some concern

sorting icon is there but not clickable after export of custom data customer name is not getting export user name is getting exported with code is there is option where i can search entry date range ? kindly guide

Any idea if you have plands for Slack Integration

Nothing planned at this stage but it would be easy to make something.

UCM User Interface looks so messy

Small update available, another one planned in the next few days.

how to define custom port for smtp, i am trying to use mailgun on port 2525


Getting Error: Failed to send test email. Error message: SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting

Best to ask the hosting provider if anything is blocked, some hosts block outbound connections in an attempt to stop spam. Alternatively send through cPanel/FTP details here and we can try it out: https://dtbaker.net/admin/ext.php?m=ticket&h=public_new

I have three licenses of your software. I tried installing using the ‘new’ installation process but when i try the default username and password it just refreshes the login page. I don’t get an error but i am not logged in. If i go into the config.php file and change the demo mode to ‘true’, i am able to login with the default username and password. If i change the demo mode back to ‘false’, it kicks me out and makes me login (which is good security) but the issue is, i can’t even login to a brand new installation.

I have tried the ‘new’ installation method and the ‘old’. This is the error i get for both installation tries – https://www.screencast.com/t/yKpel1UD – it stops at step 3

Get in touch here with some FTP or cpanel details and we can help: https://dtbaker.net/admin/ext.php?m=ticket&h=public_new

9 days and haven’t had a response – following up – Ticket Number 010480

2 weeks, no response. I assume you don’t have time to support the software so I will get a developer to work on it. Thanks anyway.

i have build some filed with custom data and done every day some entry but now due lots of entry system showing internal server error kindly suggest what to do ?

How to translate the customer area? After applying the translation to PT-BR the customer area still in English.

In the customer map, how to use different colors for customer and leads? It should be useful applying different patterns for them inside the map.

i setup the ssl and i cant login now to change on the web what is the php file to change the http:// to https://mydomain.com ?

The captcha plugin is failing. I noticed after the last update, but not sure how long it has been down. You have the same error on your demos. Can’t seem to disable the plugin with settings either. Any suggestions how to fix?

The captcha plugin is failing. after upgrade captcha is not working. Any suggestions how to fix?

Good to see you still around Dave. xx always, us here

If there is one request we have, it is for a Xero Plugin. More and more clients are switching to Xero, that would be awesome if you could Dave.


j0schi Purchased

Hi, after moving to php 7.2 i cant login anymore, getting this error:

PHP Warning: session_start(): Failed to read session data: user (path: /tmp) in (..)/public_html/init.php on line 286

I am using UCM for a few years now and desperately need this fixed :) i also would buy a support extension if there was one available. Any ideas how to start?

Kind regards Patrick

Great software, Polish translation is available?