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cbritton Purchased

Has anyone successfully implemented the IMAP / ticket feature that wouldn’t mind sharing with me getting past errors.

What particular errors are received? Does the IMAP feature import anything at all?

Oh I see we have replied to your support ticket, thanks.

Hi dtbaker, I paid for a priority ticket a few days ago regarding the Task Comments not notifying me via email when a customer replies. Did you by chance get the ticket? Is there a workaround until the bug is fixed?

Hey we’ve replied to the ticket, we’ve tested the feature and it was working. We’ve asked for some more details to hopefully find the issue. Cheers.

How can I access the ticket without email? Apparently your server is not reaching my email address?

I believe this is fixed now, but if you have any more problems please reply to my other email that you received.

i am getting server error when i try to send test email on the system. its something related to mod_fcgid

Is the hosting provider able to fix this? Does the error change if you change or disable the SMTP settings?


danlsnh Purchased

Hi bro, could you let me know how to hide the extra filed? I don’t want to delete it. Just want to keep it but hide and I replace with other extra field.

Hi dtbaker,

I’m still waiting for your reply to my ticket and/or a fix to be issued for this. When I am the only staff member on a job, I do not get email notifications when a client replies to a comment. If I assign another staff member to the job, they get replies like normal.

Please help me out. I paid for priority support. :/

We replied two days ago, please check spam.

How can I access the ticket without email? Apparently your server is not reaching my email address? It’s NOT in spam.

I have emailed you directly. Did you receive that?

Hello, do you also offer customization?

Some small customizations yes we do take on. Best to send through an email with requirements. https://dtbaker.net/envato/support-ticket/

Hi, we have been waiting for over 7 days for a response to a ticket. Is this product no longer supported – we purchased the product are supposed to be covered by the 6 month support license – please refer ticket 9903 and now also 9918

Please specify the port number as hostname.com:1234 in the mail settings.

We have replied to `9918` with additional information.


kherkiee Purchased

Hi , i just want to ask as simple question. i Forgot the login email i used on installing the app. how can access or reset the UCM? thank you

Hi, I am trying to create a staff through the demo version, but none of the role powers granted to the staff account were visible in the staff dash. Is this because of the demo version??

To create a staff member please go to Settings > User Roles and create a new “Staff” user role. Choose the staff default permissions from the drop down list.


cbritton Purchased

I sent a ticket request about 2 weeks back asking for support for an issue with IMAP implantation also submitted a few comments questions. Any chance of a reply or ticket update. Thanks


We have replied to those support ticket questions.

Presale question: Hi, I need show working hour in chart (graph). Is it posible (or with 3rd party integrate)?

No this isn’t possible in UCM

Seems you are very busy and it’s difficult for you to respond quickly, however, I have a few pre sales questions .. not many.. is it best to ask them here or should I send an email? I have to choose a solution almost immediately so I can’t wait for 2 – 3 weeks for a reply.. but I am quite keen to join your thousands of happy customers.. :)

Please advise?

You’re welcome to ask here or email via https://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/support-ticket/ if you haven’t already.

Good morning.. thanks. As I’m not yet a customer to meet your ticket criteria i’ll ask here..

I want to use this for a small clinic where the only records required ‘at this time’ are client name/contact info and some notes and document uploads for each client.

I wanted to know if I can easily hide or disable all the other features initially and create a custom client registration form that is not accessed by the client, only by the clinician. This basically then forms a data base of clients with the ability to add notes and upload files.. which can be retrieved/viewed, per client, by the clinician.

So I wanted to remove all the other items from the menu for now BUT not to hack them out of the script because in the future I will likely want to use Calendar and Invoice and possibly other features.. but as this is only going to have owner access (not for users to access their accounts) I wasn’t sure if by using your custom form option I could customise the whole thing to suit?

I hope this makes sense to you.


Oh yes of course, that is easy to do.

I recommend trying to do this in the private demo area http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo/ to confirm it is suitable before purchase.

You will need the default “Admin” account and a new “Clinician” account. The “Admin” account will see all the features in the system (calendar, invoice, etc..) but the “Clinician” will only see the areas you want them to see.

Try to follow these steps:

  1. Settings > User Roles: create a new “Clinician” user role. Tick to enable the “customer” and “file” permissions (and any other things you want clinicians to see)
  2. Settings > Users: create a new clinician user with an email/password and choose the clinician user role
  3. Open a different web browser (e.g. firefox or chrome) and login as this new clinician.
  4. You should now have “admin” login in one browser and a “clinician” login in another browser. You will see the difference clearly.
  5. As admin, continue to tweak the “user roles” permissions until you are happy with what the user can see
  6. As admin, you can fine tune the field visibility once the user roles are completed, like this: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/2017/01/10/field-visibility-options/

Tricky to get your head around initially but it will make sense once you start fiddling with permissions.

Good luck!


dlsharpe Purchased

does anyone know why today for the first timei go to the CRM and it say access denied? it was working just fine yesterday. I did an update yesterday but i was still able to login any help please thanks.

Not too sure, everything working here, best to send login details via https://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/support-ticket/ if you haven’t already.

Lack of author responses on Envato is my gauge of when not to purchase. You have several comments with no response, some over a week old. Very telling when “Purchased” customers are practically begging for a reply.

I’m assuming this product is dead, moving on.

Understood. Thanks for replying. I have some questions now that I’ve looked at your Private Demo.

SETTINGS > Extra Fields

I saw no way to add one. Is this disabled in the demo?

PRODUCTS > Products > Create New Product

I tried entering a “New Field,” but had no idea what “New Value” to enter. Help pop-up didn’t help. I even found this page (http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/documentation-wiki/products/), which didn’t help.


Only Facebook or Twitter?


Blank page

SOCIAL > Inbox

Page is blank, what is this for?


Is there a way to hide some of these? For instance, “Maps” would not be useful to me.


When I click on “Pins” it snaps to the top of the page. Only after scrolling down again do I see options.

LOG IN AS CUSTOMER (Block theme)

I see a menu link “Customers???” Not sure what purpose this would be to a client.


Can’t – there’s no menu of any kind (Firefox or Chrome), and the overall layout looks clunky.


I couldn’t see any Private demo theme as a Client so I have no idea how Tickets work. I see a button that reads “ADD NEW TICKET” – am I creating tickets for clients, and if so, why isn’t the client creating their own tickets?

NEWSLETTERS > Members > Create New Member

Not sure what this is for. Is it for subscribers, and if so, why not label it “Subscribers?”


1) Create extra fields from the individual pages. E.g. open a customer and click “more fields” and create it there. Go back to the settings area to edit existing fields.

2) The new field/new value is the “extra field” feature from above. These are on most pages of the system and allow you to store additional information beyond what is available by default. Some more details here http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/documentation-wiki/extra-fields/

3) Yep, we had linkedin and google+ but the API changes prevented these from working.

4) On the FAQ Settings Page there is a new sub menu below with products etc..

5) The inbox area will show the “Social” account messages as configured in Settings > Social. Things like twitter mentions, twitter direct messages and facebook page posts.

6) Hiding items can be done by creating a new User Role under settings. Tick all the features you wish to use, and leave the others (e.g. maps) empty. Then create a new user with this “role” and login as that new user for day to day actions.

7) Thanks, we’ll go through and fix this misbehaving pin button click in all available themes.

8) The “Customers” text can be renamed to anything, from the menu area or the language area.

9) The customer will generally create a ticket via the “embed form” ( like this one ) or by sending an email to your support@domain.com address. If you choose to give customers access to the “Ticket” area via “User Roles” then the customer will be able to login and create tickets that way too.

10) Yes it is for subscribers. Originally it was a member management system with that subscription feature and it evolved into getting shared with newsletter subscribers. The wording can be renamed in the language area if needed.

I really appreciate your responses. Some of your competitors didn’t try half as much to answer similar questions.


Is it practical to request these be put in alphabetical order? From a UX perspective, it would just make more sense.


Clicked on “Generate Welcome Email” and the demo crashed – “No input file specified.” I went back to the product page, requested a new demo, unfortunately it kept looping through “View Demo” and “Login to Dashboard.” Not sure if this is your product or the demo service server, but even after clearing my browser cache I could not get back in so it’s likely now associated with my Envato account.

Please let me know if this gets resolved as I would really like to ask just a few more questions before making a purchase.

Almost forgot – initially I made a comment about your product not being updated. I appreciate you clarifying this, but I still see “Last Update 9 August 16” on the product page.

Is there a reason why logo image on pdf print is replaced by your logo instead of our logo when we update? How do we correct it? Thank you

Yes please adjust the logo from Settings > Templates > invoice_print. More details in the FAQ here: https://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/faq-knowledge-base/faq-item/23/how-to-edit-the-default-invoice-template-pdf-online/

Tried that already and it still does not use the image when print pdf is clicked on admin area for customer quote. UCM default logo is shown in the pdf downloaded.

Never mind I found it on my own in Settings > Templates > quote_pdf


dkildare Purchased

How to i change Quote numbers and Job Numbers to be printed as numbers and also incremented each time?

Set quote_name_incrementing to 1 in Settings > Advanced

Pre-sale question. Is there a way to automatically track changes? Want to be able to see what an employee has done for the day, for example.


We are planning to add this but no it isn’t available at this stage.