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Is there a way to calculate numbers or currency of one fieldset and show it in another when using Custom Data? Thanks!

I get this error on the page above after checking all three check boxes to send a support ticket:

php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

What I am looking for is money spent on expenses, vendors, hosting, employees, etc. I think this is a major feature lacking in this mostly complete system. I thought I could use custom data to track certain expenses, but setting everything up and not having the ability to automatically calculate makes it impossible to truly track expenses.

I know adding a major feature like this takes a lot of time and money, but is very important for billing, tracking profit and loss and tax filing.

I would be willing to pay more for this, but can’t foot the whole bill. There are ways to crowdfund feature requests if this seems like something that can be added to this system.

I have searched and can not seem to find if it is possible to add, edit or delete ticket status items. Also, I see a way to create a quote and invoice from a ticket, but is there a way to create a job?

Hi with web hosting how do you link the products to my website so that customer can order from there? Is there a client area that they can log in to?

Please see Settings – Customer for the customer signup form options and html form you can embed on your website

Hi there i want to purchase your scripts/software but your not answering my question

Yes there is no shop/order system, there is a signup system where the customer can add their details into the system and it will create jobs for them automatically. Then you go go in and create an invoice to send them. Here is the link: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo_pro/config.config_admin/customer.customer_settings/customer.customer_signup/

I am getting errors when i try to setup imap account to import emails from. Can you help me with that.

Yes please try to submit a ticket: https://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/support-ticket/ Include IMAP details and login details and we can sort it out. Cheers.

The default theme is really bad, I know I can purchase a good themes which are responsive and clean

but REALLY where are on 2017 make at least something encourage the customer to buy not a theme that implies to the customer that you are forcing him to buy the script + theme which is so BAD idea to give

NOT encouraged to buy the script because of this

Hi there i-Ry5 !

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve got a huge bunch of framework changes that I’m plugging through here that will make way for a great upcoming default theme. Unfortunately this just takes time as it involves changing most files in the system, it’s coming along but will be another month at least until everything is added and a new default theme can be created.



dkildare Purchased

Is there a way to add a customer number and auto increment?

No this isn’t possible right now. If it’s something you’d like added we can quote on this new feature. Please contact us here: https://dtbaker.net/envato/support-ticket/

Why does a staff member who is added to a support ticket cannot receive email notice of a reply to the ticket?

Please go to Settings > Advanced and change the ticket_auto_notify_staff value from 0 to 1

Thank you!

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I am still having an issue trying to login I don’t know what is happening but I did a fresh install and the default credentials just dont work this is getting frustrating I spent good money for this and it does not work for me.

Sorry I am unable to find any open support tickets from you. Please send one through.

If you are unable to login, and it is definitely the correct password, then it is most likely a hosting provider caching issue (varnish or something). The hosting provider can disable this for you.

If you send a link in the support ticket we can look at the response headers to confirm if the page is cached via varnish.


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Is there any type of detailed documentation on the contact form and custom form fields feature. It is beyond confusing. I am attempting to add custom field sets to show on the Lead and Customer Profile…. for example a dropdown for “lead source”, products of interest.

The best way right now is to copy the form html code (settings, customers, signup) and paste it into a page on your site. This way you can customise all the input fields to suit and match your existing design


goproflo Purchased

The dropdown menus that I have added dont display on the form. They show up as text areas instead.

We’ll try to get drop down boxes rendering correctly in the next update


dlsharpe Purchased

I host my own server I have not disabled anything all of a sudden this happen out of no where.

Thank you, we have replied to your support ticket asking for further details.

We cannot provide support unless you send us details (such as a link to your website so we can see the problem).


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Hello bro, I have one question, on data_link, when we have more and more date, the link click become very slow which take 1 minute and 14 second to load.

Please help let me know how can I make it fast.

Best to send through a support ticket with website login details, FTP details and phpMyAdmin details. We can see how you are using the Custom Data feature and debug any potentially slow SQL queries.


danlsnh Purchased

Hi Bro, yes I will send you email.

When uploading a file that is ~1.5MB to a File Bucket it works perfectly but when uploading a file that is ~3.8MB the page just refreshes and no file is added.

I’ve checked my PHP settings and the file upload size is set to over 30MB, not sure why this is happening. Some insight would be helpful. Thanks.

Try Settings > Advanced > change file_upload_old from 0 to 1 and upload again.

Thanks for your quick reply – I’ve just tried this and no luck… the pages refreshes when the upload completes and then it just says “N/A” as the file name and no file is actually there.


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Is there a way to simply display a message once a form is submitted from a site rather than have it redirect to ucm page?

It’s a bit advanced, but you can try a PHP script like this: https://gist.github.com/dtbaker/45948f58ee7a66619c13

Hi, I read in a earlier post that you are working on a large update that will be available in a month or so? Any hints on what that update entails?

Lots of little things. Improvements around the Job/Quote/Invoice tasks and timers. Multiple tax rates for tasks. A new core layout making way for a better new default theme. And a bunch of new features. It’s coming along nicely, but it is a big update, so hopefully it goes through smoothly.

sounds great! does this mean we will have more control over styling UCM or just a new default theme? Also when you say multiple tax rates for tasks, does mean I can apply multiple tax rates per line items on invoices?


dlsharpe Purchased

How can I change the logo on my Quotes?

Hi Each time I add a new job and try to open it. It redirects me to the Login page and after I log in. It takes me to the main site.



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Hi, just installed, and all I see after a successful install is folder structure. When I click on the index.php file, it takes me to the backend. But when I click on say leads, it takes me back to the file structure and not to the correct page

Hello bro, could you please help adding filter for extra on invoice and finance? now it could have only on job.

Feature request : Connectivity with wordpress

When a visitor click on pricing table to purchase than redirect to UCM fro signup and rest of the procedure and after signup customer receive an email of CRM login with credential details.