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danlsnh Purchased

Hello, I tried to duplicate an invoice plug in but it always error sql db. Please advise what can I do next.


danlsnh Purchased

Ok. Anyway you can guide me to do it. Pls let me know. I will try to do it by myself.

It is not possible to duplicate the invoice feature. We are unable to guide as it would simply not work. You would have to go through every SQL query in the system and change it one by one. If you’re willing to do this then just look at the SQL errors, then search for that SQL code in the system, then adjust that new SQL code so there are no errors. You would then have to adjust the dashboard and finance areas to deal with the new invoice feature. It is just too complicated. It would be better to explain your need for this duplication so we can suggest an alternative.


danlsnh Purchased

Noted bro.

Ok. I would like to have invoice running number by type and keep the running number. Currently we have only one type of running number where it general all both TAX invoice and Debit Note number. Hence, it will be helpful if we can select type of invoice by keep its running number separately by type of the invoice.

Currently we still manual edit invoice number distinguishing between many type of billing to customer. e.g reimbursement receipt, debit note, tax invoice…etc.

And another option of the custom data is that the field is only on the sequences of below and above. If we could do make it to have option for the field continue next left and right of another field, it will help a lot and make form to be much more easy to design. I found some form type in codecanyon like ninjaform, custom form..etc but I don’t know how to develop UCM script. I think there is possibility to do so.

Thank you, Best Regards,


ianx Purchased

hello sir, why on invoice setting cannot choos bank transfer for default? http://prntscr.com/dcsymj i was chek on set payment http://prntscr.com/dcsz1u

Thanks for reporting this missing option. It will be included in the next update. Check in the next few hours.

Hi, Just after last update to Version: 2.789, i can’t anymore print the PDF invoices. Print Quotes works still fine…

Thank you for login details. Printing PDF invoice works fine. Screenshot emailed back. Maybe try a different browser or computer.

Fixed. The issue was an accent on a word in “Advanced Settings”. Thank for answer.

You can try the pdfrocket option with the accent http://ultimateclientmanager.com/test-faq/?ucm_faq_id=40

When I create a customer note or a timer note and save it and then go and try an edit that note and save it, a duplicate note is created? But if I delete one of the notes all the duplicate notes are deleted as well. Works fine on your demo, you can edit a note without creating a duplicate, am I missing something?

Clear browser cache, if that doesn’t work then send through FTP details in a support ticket

Hi, when is the Cyber Monday offer ends?

I like to know if there is an option to convert a quotation to job or invoice?

Thanks, I would like to know if I can add modules to track purchasing?

I mean purchase module – buying from vendor

Not at the moment. You can add expenses in the finance area though, so that works


dlsharpe Purchased

is it possible to change the logo within a PDF for a quote? I would like the logo to say my company name thanks.

Yea in settings – templates you can adjust all the pdf templates


dlsharpe Purchased

Thanks found it and updated it. You and this program are awesome


chuanzuya Purchased

Hi sir, after recent update, how to select customer in invoice? There is no longer a drop down list, instead shows customers: (a black field with 0 )

Please advise thank you

Please try to clear browser cache, if that doesn’t work please send login details via support ticket

Hi, The UCM Translator Assistant page does not work, it would be interesting to try. Greetings.

Your Ultimateclientmanager.com website sub-pages have been down all day. I’m trying to see the knowledgebase and other support sections, because I’m trying to get something working. When will your website be back up?

Thanks for reporting this, all fixed :)

I have 2000 Leads. I want to email them and begin a conversation; but in my email client; but in a CRM. And then have the ability to make internal notes also to my team. Is that possible with your system?