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How can I change the menu option name shown in picture –

You need to edit the template files

Hi there. Can Freelance Dashboard be used as a SAAS business so I can sell recurring membership plans?

No this is not possible

How the client can see the the timer time spent in his project ???

There is no built in timer system

Are you open for custom modifications, I have a php Application that i would like to have converted to an Admin panel interface. Let me know if this is something you can work on.

Not currently

This hasn’t been updated in nearly a year and a half. Is it a dead project? If not, when will an update be offered?

I am working to get an update out, but I do not have a date yet

I have tried to install this product a dozen times always gets 500 error after adding database information. I am using digitalocean, this is my first time asking for help. please tell me whats the issue

Can you email me your url and site details (ftp etc)

Hi, is it available in Turkish? If not can we translate it easily?

Its not available, however its easy to translate as all the language is in a single file


Yordan Purchased

When you plan to release an update?

Currently I do not have a date set. I will advise once I have a date


Yordan Purchased

Can you tell me at least how to fix the edit task description problem?

When I try to edit the task description I receive red messge “Request could not be completed”

My page speed is too much slow.

How to make the page load reasonable?

I am unable to edit the departmetns, Get invoices…All is not working.

Please check:

Also Can not add the invoices neither the tasks. It is not working.

Hi, I followed install instructions, but I got 500 server error. I changed permission from 775 to 777 via ftp on the folder. But same issue. Just after database entered it goes blank. The domain is empty, and nothing installed there yet. It has only freelancer dashboard folder with files.

I do a local installation


Local installation is difficult to help solve because I do not have ftp access to see what is going on

Good night, where I set the file manager because when I click there it appears the message Invalid backend configuration readable volumes not evaluable.

Where are you seeing this error? on the demo?

When i want to install the script, its a white screen!!!

I have written you an email, can you response please?

Its very important!

can you please email me at please include your FTP logins and database details

Good evening, is there no support? can you reply to the email or the comment made here more than 1 week ago?

Yes there is, you can email

I´ve tried to install the script but the instrall wizard says that my purchase code is not valid, why? I´ve bought the licence

Wanted to purchase this CRM, but before that, can we have integration with Aritic Mail transactional email delivery API? These days a lot of people are facing inbox email deliveries through SMTP based email communication; and this web API based service resolve these email delivery issues to great extent. I could see Aritic Mail only provide integration for application, so notification/ event based emails always land in inbox of the users.

Hi, i need to transfer the crm from a old server to a new one but when Iinstall it, aleways the install process give me 500 error, also if I change the permission. Please do you can help me?

Demo not working ?

Trying to install. When I submit the DB info, I get a blank screen. I captured an error in the chrome developer log and it says “Uncaught TypeError form.submit is not a function. (In ‘form.submit()’, ‘form.submit’ is an instance of RadioNodeList)” at Index.php line 144