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I will buy this if you add Stripe integration. I believe a lot of other people will as well.

Will do. but if it takes too long, I will just code it out myself and will resell it as an add-on, so hurry it up and I will gladly buy the script from you!

What’s the difference between freelance cockpit and v. 2? will both be getting Stripe support?

Hi, only version 2 will get more updates.


Is there a certain time limit for the session after a client user logs in, or is based off of codeigniters config:


By session, I mean how long a user can stay logged in before a session expires.


Hi, yes it is based on the codeigniters config.

Thanks for the reply. I assumed it was, as I could not find anything in your code that said otherwise. Just wanted to make sure.

You are welcome

I always get an error in installation saying Error while saving settings to database!

Hi, please contact me via my profile page so I can help you with this.

May clients submit work through your plugin? and if so can ID be unique? Like Client account name is MST so each job is MST**? can additional fields be added to submission? thanks

Hi, this is currently not possible sorry.

I made a mistake of altering the password in mysql when i couldn’t login the first time. Can i know if its using which function ? hashed_password varchar(128) function. I will need to set a new password

Hi just use the forgot my password function on the login page to reset your password.

I am not sure if i did it correctly because it is not sending me any forget password email / links. Its the first login that i fail to login.

please contact me via my profile page so I can have a look


where can i finde the German Translation?

Beste Whises, Wallis

Hi, /application/languages/german

Hi! where I can reset the Database ID’s? I’ve tested the software, I like it & I’ll use it, but now I want to reset the Ticket-ID’s, etc.

Tried ALTER TABLE “tablename” AUTO_INCREMENT = 1 but this doesn’t work!

Hi, I cannot see a purchased tag behind your name.

I’ve send you a message with my item purchase – now please answer my question :)

Sorry for my bounce again, but I’ve seen that I’ve comment inside Vers. 1 – But I’ve bought Version 2 – that’s the reason why you doesn’t seen my purchased tag – I’ll open my ticket again!

there is anyway you can add in the admin a upload mp3 and costumers available to download or listen it to it ?

Hi, unfortunately I cannot offer skype support. However feel free to contact me via my profile page and I will help you to add this.

I continue getting error 404 after changing HTACCESS File

Hi, as you are running a Micosoft IIS web server the .htaccess won’t work so you need to use the web.conf instead. I have an article about that in my help center:

Please reply I need help .thank you

reply can you check your email I send you some stuff if you can check out for me . I’m using goddady hosting .

Can you please tell me when will we the best time to contact you via email or comments because you guys take a day tto reply . thank you

Hi, already replied to you emails.

Hi, I bought it 3 hours ago. The only issue which i have is that I can’t see my company logo on pdf invoice. all i can see is link can you advise how to fix it?

Hi, Thank you for reply but I don’t have PDF Templates in my settings.

Oh I just see that you have purchased the old version… just open /application/views/invoices/preview.php and remove all <?php echo base_url(); ?> in it.

Thank you so much ! Now it is ok! So you have new version, is it possible to upgrade for new one but can you set up different price cause i bought old version?

Hello, I need a system for project management where the customer can monitor and participate directly in the project. I do not know if your system can handle, I’ll tell you what I accurate and if the system has all that you tell me! Please.

I take the customer to come in, and see only his project. The steps and completed tasks the project and the percentage of the entire project. You also need to have an area where it can request features and tasks, other than the area Support Ticket, wanted another area only that. For him publish tasks and I approve them or not. For example, the client requests through the system a function to your website, and I accept function and already add value to the project.

And allow the client to send files and messages directly in the project. Your system has it all? If so I have no interest in buying it. And translatable from Pt-BR?

Thank you and sorry for large text and my English. I’m from Brazil! Att. W. Guilherme.

Hi, your client can write comments in the activity area of his project and is able to upload media files. However feature request system is not included. However the best would be if you take a look at the demo and login as admin and client in order to see how the system works.

I am seeking a system similar to “” and “”. You have?

Can I run this app on microsoft IIS hosting?

Yes you can.

I like it its simple and good , but the Quotation Request should be added the the client account so they can directly send the request to the admin…. if this can be changed am very interested to get the app….thx

Hi, you would need to change the code so you can display the quotation requests on client side.

I want to buy the script but I want to know if the system works with phpmailer or only with php mail?

Hi, yes it uses phpmailer by default.

Hello I am interested in this system and am happy to see that it is continually updated unlike some of your competitors. I was looking at the demo and I’m guessing this is disabled..

Do customers / clients get an email notification when their account is created? I don’t see an option to “email password to customer”.

Is it possible to change modify the names of the titles such as projects? This would be for event planning. Could I change that to Events? (The customer may not understand project).

It says that a customer can easily pay with paypal, I see this is disabled but once the invoice is sent, will they get an email and will the invoice have an option to pay with paypal?

If I need to upload a file where does it get uploaded??

hi, there is a button to send client credentials in the contact list of the client company.

You can change everything in the system if you have sufficient php skills.

They need to login to pay with paypal.

It gets uploaded into a folder on your web server.

I have already purchased another plugin. The response time on this was entirely too long!

Can a project be created automatically upon receipt of an email from a client?

No this is not supported.

hi there … this theme is alive … for can be interesting… but the demo doesn’t work … :(

The demo works fine for me…

demo is not working. images are missing on your descrip. send demo link