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I want a refund for freelance cockpit 3 i just got it the other day


Upinel Purchased

Can I show project Gantt to Client? if doesn’t, will it possible? I will buy this if the Gantt is possible for Client view. another feature will be Overall Gantt for the team, showing all projects Gantt in a single view.


diletec Purchased

I am satisfied with the system. But I would like to leave some idea of what it could have in the system. 1) Each Agent could have its value in hours. 2) Admin can view in a simple way what each agent did on a given day. 3) When you exclude an agent it is not possible to create a new one with the already used email or reactivate it without being through the database. (Screen of excluded agents might resolve). 4) Level of users (customers). The principal gets the tickets, where in fact he should be the financier.

One tip would be to develop an integration with Trello, I render services to a company where they have used Trello for a long time, migrating all frames manually would not be possible, but an integration where the frames come projects and the tasks checklist would look very good .

In fact, you’re welcome!


Upinel Purchased

Hi, can you have a web.config for IIS system? (.htaccess to web.config) thanks!


Pixitech Purchased

Invoice and Estimates logo is not displaying…

Feature Request: it would be nice to add some directories within Project Files , to manage files easily

I have one issue which i keeping getting when i click on and new client/Add invoice.Design get remove i see simple fields.Which is very difficult to fill out. /

please help with this issue.

Please update.


mediapix Purchased

Very good application, I would like to integrate to dropbox and share each project with a dropbox folder and be able to see the documents, it would be great.

Bought this nearly 3 years ago, it’s been solid for starting my own business. Unfortunately, it’s recently started playing up. When creating a new invoice I get directed to a 403 Forbidden message. I can’t edit invoices or anything!

I’m looking the demo right now. Look really good and great, so i decide to ask these questions;

1. Is there a way to copy an invoice and/or estimate and/or quote?

2. Is there a way to add custom input fields that will appear on the estimate/invoice screen and appear on the PDF?

3. Some webform builder to embed on a website wich values i see in cockpit? so customers can fill in form(s) themself?

4. Can it connect to my email/POP or Imap and read in particulair emails?

5. Is there payment service provider Mollie or iDeal?

6. I don’t see payment due reminders so quickly, is a function there to sent (automatic) reminders?

7. Subscriptions same as recurring invoices?

That will be it ;) Kind regards, thank you in advance.

hi, i was just wondering if there a plans to have a built in mailbox, such as if a user sends an email from hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc account the admin can receive it inside the cockpit, instead of having to login to there own hotmail,gmail,yahoo account to the message, just saves a lot of time because when a person received an email from the cockpit they just wish to reply to the email and not login to the cockpit and then message from there, hope you understand what i mean, look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hello, i can confirm that update 3.3.1 brings new bug.

- Notification email for activities not working again - Duplicate agents bug

This is confirmed because i have snapshot before each update, before updating to 3.3.1 notification email for activities works like a charm

UPDATE: I tried to replaced the old cprojects.php and projects.php from the 3.3.0 and now the bugs is gone and activities email notification works again. :)

Hope you can resolve this on new update

Hi Guys, Great Project software! I just wanted to ask if it;s possible to redevelop this with further modules and change some existing ones. Are you able to provide me with a quote of how much it will cost. Firstly please let me know if this is possible and then I can let you know what I want.