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nodos Purchased

Hi Dear,

In next update can you implement the fee transaction for paid with stripe or paypal?

The best apps!!!


Hello, what is with Projects which havent got a Time Limit, so a continuing Project where you work every Month a few hours?

Hi! I have seen the demo. 2 questions please: 1.) If I testing the demo, some invoicenumbers are double. Why? 2.) I write an estimate with the default estimate terms. If I move this estimate to invoice, the invoive get the default estimate terms, not the default invoice terms. How can I correct this?


webierweb Purchased

Captcha appears to not be working on support page. What is your email?


royaltask Purchased

Since I use this app for more than 2 years my projects reached the number of 1457. Each time I load the projects all data is cached and loaded before displaying the list. This takes up to 30 seconds to load. I guess this needs to be done because the filtering is using ajax on client side. Can you give me a update to archive older projects, so they won’t load. An archive function would work great!


elitenet Purchased


I was able to figure out the .htaccess problem. It worked fine the first time I did the mentioned upgrades up to version (You are running version I then tried to create a new user and it error out telling me that the user already existed (which was not the case) and then I got the following error trying to log back with the original (Admin + password)

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘ActiveRecord\DatabaseException’ with message ‘exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘paid’ in ‘where clause’’ in /home/ensoft/public_html/crm2/sparks/php-activerecord/0.0.3/vendor/php-activerecord/lib/Connection.php:341 Stack trace: #0 /home/ensoft/public_html/crm2/sparks/php-activerecord/0.0.3/vendor/php-activerecord/lib/Connection.php(341): PDOStatement->execute(NULL) #1 /home/ensoft/public_html/crm2/sparks/php-activerecord/0.0.3/vendor/php-activerecord/lib/Table.php(218): ActiveRecord\Connection->query(‘SELECT \r\n …’, NULL) #2 /home/ensoft/public_html/crm2/sparks/php-activerecord/0.0.3/vendor/php-activerecord/lib/Model.php(1619): ActiveRecord\Table->find_by_sql(‘SELECT \r\n …’, NULL, true) #3 /home/ensoft/public_html/crm2/application/models/Invoice.php(138): ActiveRecord\Model::find_by_sql(‘SELECT \r\n …’) #4 /home/ensoft/public_html/crm2/application/controllers/dashboard.php(81): Invoice::getStatisticForYear( in /home/ensoft/public_html/crm2/sparks/php-activerecord/0.0.3/vendor/php-activerecord/lib/Connection.php on line 344


Can the file upload be organized in folders?

Can you do customization? If yes, how much?



Is there any way to have tasks as a separate module? Not part of projects but still with a link to the associated client? Thanks – Andrew

How are you able to install this in a SUB-FOLDER of a WordPress website? After I installed, it keeps redirecting to a wordpress 404 page saying not found. Thanks.

I fixed it. the .htaccess redirect needed to be updated with the sub-folder.

Hi there!

Nice theme you got there and kinda suit what I was looking for!

Questions here: Does the media upload supports PDF, CSV file extensions? Also, can this be integrated into WooCommmerce?

Looking forward to your reply