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Cool platform but unfortunately support leaves something to be desired. I bought this in May and still have not been able to get this app to actually send mail using SMTP settings. It seems to be ignoring those settings and sending with just a standard PHPmail function. Opened a ticket (more than once), waited and basically got a generic response instead of a actually investigation/solution.

The problem is not the script so I cannot really do anything on my end. The problem might be that your hosting provider is blocking smtp for some reason. I now that this is the case for some Godaddy servers. However feel free to email me again so I can take a look via your hosting interface.

First of all, great plugin. Really impressed with all the functions.

Got a few things I can’t really seem to fix though.

1. Id like to change some language files, (while we’re using FC in Dutch) where can I find this? 2. I’d like to make another menu item like clients, where I can list freelancers/suppliers. 3. Can I move the calendar to the top of the dashboard?

Hi, please open a ticket and I will guide you to the right files.

Cool platform but unfortunately support leaves something to be desired. Support takes way too long

Never mind, i talked to author. And this script developed by One Man. So i will take back my words. Kudos for ya

Can i create my own custom login page? If so what files i need to edit

Hi, yes you can just copy the login.php file and make changes to it. But then you need to backup your changes so you can restore them if it gets overwritten by an update. Feel free to email me from you need more info.

Okay, i sent you a ticket regarding new issue. There’s a lot of severity warning in my log, i hope you can explain these

Hi pre-sale question. I used another project management apps,with a problem to handle taxes. I see that I can use two taxes in Freelance Cockpit.

We need to configure these taxes: 5% and 9.975%. Is it a problem?

Best Regards

Hi, yes you can add two taxes. Please go to the demo and create an invoice with your Taxen and see if it fits your needs.

Hi Luxsys, we manage to create invoices with two taxes. OK

  • Can we use two taxes for expenses? We really need it.
  • And we need both taxes on report, can it be done?

Here’s a screenshot of what we talk about :

Best regards,

At the moment the expenses and reports only support one tax. However I will add this to my feature request list for one of the future updates.

Presale question – Is recurring tasks available yet? Its essential for maintenance clients

Recurring tasks are not implemented yet but it is on my list.

I want to change menu label , how do I chage title ? I want to rename and add more features.

Please open a ticket.

Say I have clients that need me to write a blog post every two or three months – is it possible to setup these jobs as recurring tasks? Thanks for your time

Not at the moment but this is on my feature request list.

Hi… i need help asap, i am unable to install the application, i get error: Error while downloading source files from installation server. Please ensure that remote connections are not blocked by your servers firewall! Your .htaccess file check failed with http status 500. You might get an error message if you click on “Go to Login” as your .htaccess needs to be changed. This issue mostly appears if you have installed Freelance Cockpit into a sub folder. Please take a look at the FAQ in order to fix your .htaccess file.

I have replied to your email.

Hello Developer,

My messages function in this web apps return error 500 every time I used it. I host it in sub folder and already using .htaccess you suggest in F.A.Q. Kindly please support it :D

Thanks a lot

Hi, please open a ticket so I can have a look.

When is the next update? Invoicing must support tasks based on the times spent on the project. Otherwise this software is missing one of the main, most important components!! 9 Months ago, you wrote “The next update will bring tasks to invoice items conversation.”

Waiting for the update!

– Kind regards from your paid customer.

Hello paid customer, this Feature has already been added more than one year ago with update 3.1.0

3.1.0 – 2017-04-30 - ... - Create invoice Items from tasks - ...

There is a tab called „invoices“ on the project view and if you click on it there is a button to create a new invoice. IF you press this button you will see the invoice form with some additional options on the bottom. There you see a list of completed tasks and you can choose which to include to the invoice.

Thanks for the 2 stars rating, tho.

Dear Luxsys, my apologies. I really could not find this feature until you pointed me to it. I searched online and only saw your comments from 2 years ago. Thank you for your work. I will try to update my rating now and I also have bought 2 more copies so I will have the better ratings input soon. Keep up the good work please though. Then I will be able to recommend it to more colleagues. Thank you.

Hi Luxsys, i have some issues: 1. If i set the task value to 35,000.00 it goes back to 35.00(I want 35,000.00 and not 35.00). 2. I dont want Agents to create projects or add tasks, only admin can do that. 3. I dont want clients to create projects or add tasks, only admin can do that 3. I want to translate some words, Where can i do that?

Thank you

Hi, 1. I will push a fix for this in the next update. 2. you cannot restrict this at the moment. 3. you can add custom translations look here:

There’s a bug when i change password from the enter your personal details When i log back in i can’t use my new password or old password. So i reset password through forget my password link. Please fix this

Hi, I just tested the password change procedure and it works fine on my end. Could you please open a ticket so we can investigate on this?


nacor Purchased

been using this for years now, still having the same issue. if i create a quote, and then i change to invoice, i cant find that “new” invoice in the invoices list. I have to go to the quotation i created and then click “see invoice” so i can go to the invoice.

Hi, I cannot reproduce your issue on my end so please open a ticket so I can have a look at this.


anteomnio Purchased

I am unable to create a support ticket. After clicking on the send button nothing happens!!

Please help me with this following issue:

In ticket email settings page, email is going out okay.

When I run the cron job for postmaster, I get the following error.

curl: (1) Protocol wget https not supported or disabled in libcurl Unable to fetch URL: wget I am using php 7.1.20. And I am using Plesk on Ubuntu on a dedicated server.

How to fix this?

Hi, just try the command without “wget” at the beginning.


allrox Purchased

There’s a problem with CSS at “To do” list inside Projects… Custom CSS also isn’t working either

Hi, please open a ticket so I can have a look at your issue.

Hi. Nice Script. BUT: 1.) if delete a message in set messages. they not deleted. the title still in de sent box and the message is white 2.) the ticketsystem takes all new messages in your inbox. a restriction regarding this is desired 3.) the cronejob leaves many files in the root directory: cronjob.2…..... 4.) under project – files no directories can be created. and the filename cannot be renamed 5.) the order of the tasks is different as admin and as contact

and another thing: 6.) the milestone view as admin is fantastic. why can’t the customer see that?

You developed a good form builder and you use the forms only for quotation. Can you please add the payment method as a form component? I’d then be able to charge clients as they submit the form.