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Hello. I am getting a out of error message when I try to use tickets and am unable to update to latest version. What should I do?

Hi, please open a support ticket.

Hi, do you plan to release Kanban view for tasks and projects? thanks

Hi, kanban is currently only available for the leads section but will be available for tasks in the future.

Hi, by when roughly in the far or near future(ex. in days, weeks, months)? thanks

I have no ETA for this yet so I cannot give any good estimate on when this is going to make it in one of the updates.

Hello, I’m interested to buy the script. I have some question.

1. In demo where is lead section with kanban? 2. The support ticket has piping email? Example client send a simple email to and open a ticket? 3. it’s possible add fee on payment gateaway?

I am getting a HTTP 500 Error I have read and read and read, the FAQ section regarding the .htaccess file. I am at a loss for what else to do try.

Ive deleted the .htaccess file, same message. appended RewriteBase / RewriteBase /_subfolder every single thing listed in the HTTP 500 error in the FAQ not one of them work..
This is a local install on a webserver which has all the following enabled but yet I cannot get to the login page after installation.
I even deleted and created a new Database and started the install over again. What puzzles me is the *yourdomain under installation.. if its local like http://localserver/freelance3 is that what i use for domain?. I don't know what else to do. Ive spent so many hours I dont want to give up as a failure.

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Things that would be great to have: - a way to delete files from the projects sections. - Folder or a way to group files, so we can set everything like: “assets”, “videos”, etc. because right now it’s a little complicated for a client find something between a large amount of files

Hello can recurring 24 months? Domains .gr paid every 2 years. Thank you


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Hello, I’m having a problem with the update: Core 3.2.1! I can download but not install it! How to do? (it’s grayed out)


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Hello, I have done a number of custom but the problem is that every update I lose my job. Or did I make a mistake? How to benefit from your updates and keep my improvements intact? Thank you in advance for your assistance


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Hi, how to update without losing my custom reCAPTCHA in register page and login. thanks


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Hi Luxsys,

I would like to use your ticket functionality in use with another CMS I created for my clients. Clients will use my CMS for their (other) purposes, but once they’re in need of support FC’s tickets comes into place. I can link a TAB to the location of FC on my server, but is there a possibility to avoid that user needs to log in again? Can I somehow share login session authentication via custom coding? Hope this description is clear enough. Looking forward hearing from you! Regards.

Hi, I really like your Freelance Cockpit and would love to install on my server. I’ve asked my host if the server meets the requirements.

They say that they do not run mcrypt. Does this mean that the your software won’t work on my server?

My host is: And they run, PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1

Your advice is appreciated, Arjen Weijers

Hello, im intersting in your PM CRM, i have a question. I have clients in diferents countrys with diferent Languages. Is posible to translate the Client E-Mails in diferent Languages from the Admin Panel? Thanks.


Ever since the 3.2.5 update, my custom quotations are no longer displaying any of the fields except for the Captcha. Not sure why this is happening. I opened a ticket, but have yet to receive a reply.


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I used this a couple of years ago and just started testing the latest version. Have no problem renewing support if the following can be achieved:

Besides fixed project prices we work on billable hours after the project has been finished. Is it possible to register these hours and invoice them now and then?

Discount and Total fields are on the same line on pdf preview for estimates. Looks really bad. Is there a way to drop the discount down to a second line. Also discount field shows up even when it is left blank. Is there a way to not show discount field when it is left blank?