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elocorp Purchased

Good Morning: Payment notifications of SUBSCRIPTIONS can be made by email, or is that the customer must always have a user account. Customers do not log in to your user account, most of all payment notifications are made DETAILEDLY TO EMAIL, please help

Hi, payment notifications will be available with one of the next updates.

I am highly interested in buying, however, what does this system have that Rise 1.8 doesn’t?

That’s for you to decide ;) The key features are basically the same so it always comes down to your personal preferences and workflow.


Quick pre sale question….

Is it possible to hide the ‘create account’ option form the general login page but still access the register/create account page by using the URL?


Hi, yes it is, by a few simple css customizations. Feel free to contact me and I will help you with this.

That’s great, thanks

Is there any way to notify a client via email when a new project has been created, or a new task, comment, update has been done to a certain project? Client not getting notified by email when a project has been updated. Since I’m assigning the projects to myself (admin) I’m the one who gets the emails, not my clients.

At the moment most of the notifications are only for admins. However I plan to add some options for more notifications.

Are you plan to add a bug tracking and dropbox file features in any upcoming update?

Hi, the next update will bring leads management and many other improvements. Bug tracking is also on my list for future updates. A dedicated file area is also planned but there is no ETA yet.

I’m supporting a customer with this package as a developer. I’m guessing my customer has an outdated version of this item. Are the updated versions still depending on the spark activerecord 0.0.3?

Hi, spark is not developed by the original author anymore. I do the updates myself but have no intentions of updating the version number. So everything is up to date you don’t need to worry.

Hello my logo just stopped showing on PDF invoices! it just stopped by itself. was working fine and then nothing

it just says Image not found or type unknown

Hi, did your server recently updated your php version to 7.0? If yes then make sure that all needed php extensions are still enabled on your hosting panel. If you still have any issues just open a ticket so I can help you with it.

Install Freelance Cockpit 3 successfully. Try to login, it gave me a 404 Error. I have install is in a sub folder call clients and I have followed your instruction and update .htaccess to

RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [L] RewriteBase /clients/

Now am getting a 500 Internal Error.

Hi, feel free to open a ticket so I can help you with the .htaccess config.

when the next update? What’s new for LEADS? Thank you

I’m on it and it will be released quite soon ;)

Getting this error on sending an invoice to the client. Email is not sending to client but it works other emails.

—> Indirect modification of overloaded property MY_Email::$_attachments has no effect /application/libraries/MY_Email_3_0_x.php 463

You are running version 3.1.2

Him please open a ticket so I can have a look.


Blastic Purchased

Hey, can you make it so that when we add CSS from the ‘customizations’ it applies to the quotations too?

Quotations have a problem with responsiveness. If a Radio question has a long text it will not wrap to next line on mobile so it messes up the page.

Hi, thanks for the bug report. I will fix this css issue with the next update. I will also add the custom css to the quotations page.

Hi, I am a Traumatologist with experience in programming in php and codeigniter, I want to attend patients from my home (online)

I do not know if with your product I can

1) a reservation schedule system so that the patient can reserve the shift with

2) payment gateway system to collect the consultation

3) the day of the shift is done through an online chat, and then there will be a ticket system for 2 weeks (which will last the entire consultation)

thank you very much

Hi, you would need to develop those features yourself.

Hi, I’m interested in buying this, but can you tell me how can I send paid invoice to customer via email?

Hi, there is a button to send the invoice as pdf to the client email address not matter if it is paid or unpaid.

hi, interested in this; i bill clients in multiple currenct is it possibly to setup this? ie; bill 1 person with paypal in USD but then also bill someone in paypal with CAD?

also wanted to know if its possible to ahve a shared downloads for clients; ie getting started guide or something like this which all new clients will be able to download without needing to send same each time

Hi, you can create invoices with different currencies. If you use the official currency codes like USD and CAD the system will detect this and respects this in the Paypal checkout process. At the moment file uploads are only possible inside projects. However I’m planing on adding a global file management section in a future version.

Hi, This looks great. Just one question. Is it possible to add a text field to quotations, as our estimates are a mix of explanation and item list.

You can create complete custom quotations.

Dear author, I know this is an odd request, but could you please point me the pros and differences of your script vs freelancer office. Im one of thousands of users that wait over a year to get some support or fix several bugs in that script and we are looking an alternative. We’ve been using it since the early beginnings and now our business its been affected for it. Looking forwards to received your inputs.

Best regards,

Hi, please respect that I will not start a war with other authors here on CC ;) All PM applications here are slightly different and may even have different main features, which is good since there are hundreds of different needs and workflows, so the best would be if you take a look at the demo and the item page and read through so you can make up your own mind and check if the application fits your needs as a freelancer.

So FC3 has a gateway connection to Stripe. Stripe can accept bitcoin, but FC3 cannot.

Hi, I will add support for bitcoins with one of the future updates.


jrg-media Purchased

Hi, im using your Script for a while and it was perfect. But since a few days i’ve several problems while sent Invoices to customer or download it myself.

After a few minutes the download of my invoice pdf is complete… but unfortunately the pdf file is not correct the style is missing. Im use the latest version of your script anyone can help me?

“I click on download invoice … and wait… wait for about two minutes before download starts”....

Hi, please open a ticket so I can have a look at it.

Can we have integration with Aritic Mail transactional email delivery API? These days a lot of people are facing inbox email deliveries through SMTP based email communication; and this web API based service resolve these email delivery issues.