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We hope you like the added features this plugin gives your UCM !

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I’ve just downloaded the plug in, it’s not quite what I was expecting, I thought it was a sync between my google calendar and UCM , so that my calendar would show inside UCM , rather than my UCM taks appear on my google calendar.

My fault for not reading it properly. It would be handy though to display the google calendar inside UCM , so that if I’m on a different computer I can see all my diary inside this fab programme. Also as I use the calendar on my phone as a master that all would sync together.

Just a thought!


I have a few questions:
  1. Does this support multiple day events (e.g. 10AM Monday to 2PM Thursday?),
  2. Is this simply reading the ICAL file you give it, or does it connect to the Google account and read the data live? (additions, modifications, deletions, etc),
  3. What frequency can it be updated – e.g. if acception an invitation in Gmail, would you then have to export and import, or would it be updated within XX minutes? XX hours?

Thank you.

12 months later and no response…


Created 5 July 12
Last Update 5 July 12


The latest project update was actually today. The dates on this website are incorrect.

There have been about 1000 project updates this year.

You can see them all here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/latest-updates/

Sorry for missing your message above, but we do not check these item comments often. Please direct any questions to the support website located here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/


Can this pull in an already existing google calendar? The plan is to use this on a website, but only update the calendar via google…

Thanks, Matt

Importing calendar events via iCal is on the todo list, we have no ETA on this. Feel free to sign up to the newsletter to be notified when this becomes available: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/newsletters/

You have “Product due dates” written twice. You may want to update your default image. :)


Thanks for the detailed feedback.

It seems this product is not suitable for your needs. Best of luck with the project.

Thanks, dtbaker


Or can you not handle feedback and simple support questions?

I’m sorry I do not think that there is a problem. Nobody else has reported issues.


When creating an event you click a day, enter a title and save it.

Then when you click on the created Purple day, you say the date as 15/05/2014. You change the 2nd date from the same day (Clicking date Picker) and then choose the 31st of August.

When you click on the 31st, the date in the SECOND date field (end date) is formatted differently!


So when saved, your system isn’t translating it to the current YMD / DMY / MDY format.

I am not typing the date. The browser / web page is entering the format of the date. :(

Hmm Perhaps I need to do some thorough testing of this… I was really impressed and am now feeling cautious before we go ahead and purchase multiple licences and the plugins…


So to summarise:
1) Issue with mutli-day events,
2) issue with both date fields,
3) When using advanced create and selecting end date with picker, neither are both in same format.
4) Inconsistencies in date formatting.
5) Default START and END date fields contains this!!!??? “26/08/20142014

I really wish I could help further, but I cannot see the issue. And nobody else is reporting this problem so unfortunately I do not know how to proceed.

All good here:

No, we’re talking about scrolling down the page. You have already fixed that issue in the past 36 hours.

A new issue has cropped up which 5 people / computers have verified!

“I suggest YOU use a different browser.”

Scrolling down the page is covered in the FAQ. Change the theme menu style from fixed to normal. People change this setting hundreds of times a week. It’s a live demo. If you don’t like the scrolling fixed menu with the jumping issue then change the menu style in the settings.

HAHAH! You are so funny.

Yes, you keep saying “there are no problems”, but EVERY SINGLE ISSUE I have reported has “mysteriously” been fixed!

If you can’t say Thank You for reporting the errors, and deny there were any bugs and errors, then I won’t tell you of the other mistakes, Typo’s, Spelling, Logic and Duplicate Field Errors you have…

There are some Major logic errors here!

The demo is reset from time to time. If you want to go in and change the spelling again to bring the “bugs” back, just go into advanced settings or language settings. Or even go create a new “duplicate” extra field if you want. I don’t understand the problem here?

It’s a live demo. People change things. A lot. That’s why it gets reset from time to time.

Please don’t purchase this item.

Thanks, dtbaker

DEMO is 404