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Hi, two questions:
1. when is the responsive version coming?
2. I just need a task manager board. Can I disable the finance section completely (invoices etc.) and remove these menu entries?

Hello in4fun, thanks for being interested in our item. I’m afraid that we don’t have any news about the responsive version jet. About the task manager yes it’s possible to disable finance section and they will be removed from the menu also. We hope this could help you.

I getting errors on install, with local databases and hosting databases, neither will work for me

Hi darsoit, could you please contact our support through our profile contact form. Even tough we are not providing support for the item we can help you install it because in 99% of cases it’s the host issue.


PAXPM Purchased

I am having trouble with my install. I will pay to get additional help !!! PLEASE

Hi Paxpm, we hope that you have managed to install it by now. Even tough we are not providing support for this item we can help you to install it but you have to contact our support through the contact form on our profile here on Envato. Thank you for your patience.


elansu Purchased

Please help.. How to save change Description Task / Note? After ctrl + save still not save / unchanged.

Hello elansu, thank you for your message. Please contact us through the contact form on our profile here on Envato and we will assist you with the issue.

Hi guys, I’ve just purchased and installed you application on my local environment. The installation ovliously was positive. However, I am unable to access the application as there is no index file in the root folder.

After completing the installation the button “Login to AgileTeam” is redirecting to localhost but not to the required root folder (localhost/[kanbanboard]).

I kindly ask you to help me on that.

Thanks in advance.

Hi lacasa24, thanks for purchasing our item. Our support is available through our profile contact form on envato thus please send us a message through it and our team will help you. Thank you for your patience.

i buy your tool, but i have no install file or folder ?

Hi 12webmaster, sorry for a delay in our reply. For sure there is an install script. If you still have issues please open a ticket through our contact form on our Envato profile.


I bought your product and I really can not finish the process. How to install? It is very complicated. I have some urgency, can you help me?

Hello compilartdf, in 99% if cases its a server side issue and you need to make adjustments. We just came back from a vacation and if you have opened a ticket through our envato profile our team will get back to you.

How to add a client to board?

Hi it’s actually quite easy, you need to create the client first before being able to add him to the board. You can find clients section in the top menu.

Hi there, Could you please advise how to add a currency? Neer ZAR for South Africa, symbol is R

Hi – i am having issues installing this program – please let me know if you received my support ticket so we can get it up and running..

Hi bkoffer12, sorry for a delay in the reply. Unfortunately we are not providing free support with installations because in 99% of cases the issue is the hosting. We can provide you with the paid service but you need to open an official ticket, here it’s only pre-sale QA.

When trying to install, I get this following error. :- Gateway Timeout

The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application.

Additionally, a 504 Gateway Timeout error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

But the tables are created in the database. I don’t know how to login

Hello there, this actually is a server side issue. I would assume u are using Nginx ? If so you would need to configure the vhost correctly and the rewrite rules.

Keep recieving the error: Whoops, looks like something went wrong. Sent an e-mail in request for some help :)

Did not receive help 2 weeks later. Still the same error on multiple web services.

Hi sbartsch, we have replied to your question but it seems that you have not received it. We are not providing with installation support because in 99% of cases it’s the host that causes issues.

Dear author, I’m a user of your script since version 2.1.0. I have recently moved my website to another hosting provider and I just can’t make it work. I suspect that it won’t work due to some restriction on the server I don’t know about. Would you mind to try to install the script for me, sending me a paypal invoice? How much would it cost?

Hi lessafabio, yes we can assist you with this. You need to contact us through the contact form.

I have installed the agile team software after one week with problem. now, how can I login, or where can I create my admin credentials. is it in database or in Cpanel? and if it is in Cpanel, which folder or file?

Hi Abdolnci, we do not provide free installation support. It’s stated in the item description.

The installation is done.. The page time (home) and Finance to send invoice is not working correctly. I´ll pay if you fix it?


I have been able to install the app but have noticed the below issues.

Issues 1. when i create or view a board. -Layout goes all funny and i get Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

2. Signup for an Account -once form submitted Whoops, looks like something went wrong. but account is still created when i check the database.

3. when i go to settings > finance i get the below error -Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

Hello jupeski, sorry but we can help only buyers who are marked as purchased of our item.

CTRL+ENTER are not saving (using the demo).

Hallo nach Österreich! Ich finde Euer Tool grundätzlich gut und würde es gerne bei uns einsetzen. Ich habe nicht herausgefunden, wie ich monatliche Aufwandsreports der einzelnen Mitarbeiter erstellen kann. Also John Doe arbeitet im Nov 2017 an diversen Projekten und schreibt mit dann eine Rechnung, da er Freelancer ist. Ich möchte dies gerne kontrollieren, finde unter “Time” aber immer nur alle MA… Wie geht das? Zudem würde ich gerne für MA, die nicht in den Sprints arbeiten (z.B. beim Kunden) das Tool nur als Art Timesheet verwenden. Das ginge ja grundsätzlich aber so wie es aktuell ist, mit den Einschränkungen von oben. WIe könnte man das lösen?

Viele Grüsse aus der Schweiz!

install folder missing, please help

Hi Great work work on the code. I was wondering is it possible to charge end users a fee to create their own profiles, and projects where I’m not part of them. I’m just hosting the software on my server. These users will be creating accounts to use it. For their own personal and commercial projects. Aka Asana

Hello guys,

I just bought your product and I really can not install it on my local server. How to install? It is very difficult. I need to start working with this ASAP, can you help me please?

Hello, any response?