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I have followed your steps in your documentation on how to upgrade the software to the newest version. Everything went smooth but I cont login and I cant send a message to recover password because I am getting the following error code:

string(36) “Trying to get property of non-object” Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

Any ideas?

Hi Erminc,

you need to check in the Laravel error log directory for any errors and please for further assistance open a ticket through the support form.

Kind Regards

Can you make one-click update in the administration? Because you have frequent updates (great), but still update data to ftp, why ..

I think it will be good for all ..

Otherwise excellent work and excellent suport ..


Hello Rosomak9100,

at the moment that’s a plan because it’s a security issue because it would expose the code to be downloadable by anyone. But it will be available as soon as another project related to that is completed which will make the download more secure and available only for the buyers.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Why anyone, it validates shopping code. like the other, or not?

Hello rosomak9100,

the validation will be required in order to allow only the buyers to download the upgrades. That’s on a road map plan, how ever we are focusing on other features at the moment…

Please make sure to open a ticket support in these kind of cases if there is a feature request.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Hi it’s framework based ?

Hello spham,

thank you for being interested in this item. Yes it’s built on the Laravel 5.0 PHP Framework.

Kind Regards


Great job, but I’d like to hear what is the plan? What we can expect and when.



For updates you will get an email from envato. In that way you will be able to stay tuned. For any other issues please contact our item support. Comments are only for pre sale questions.

Kind Regards

Hi, i think this is a great tools, but i really didn’t understand how it’s work. I create a new project, i create a new task on this project ut i can’t assign this task to a user. how can i see the task in the board? i fount installation document and video, but nothing about using the app. is there somewhere tutorials ? thank you so much

Hello maurissimo22,

thank you for purchasing the Script. We are currently building a knowledge base for the application which we will share with everyone in the next period. Please send a message to our Support Team through the support form here on Envato and they will help you around to understand the application better.

Thanks. Kind Regards

Hi… I view it with my mobile gadget, I look good but I can not scroll it down. It look like fix width and fix height. Please check..

Hello thebudiman,

thank you for out lining this. This is on our todo list to find a more flexible way for the responsive version for the board.

Kind Regards


I’m interested in buying. I’ve tried the demo, and one of the things I noticed is the timer. It goes faster than the real time. Any reason to why this is happening? every real second counts about 2 seconds in the timer, for business purposes this will obviously make the owner waste a lot of money.

Thank you

Dear Scriptsic,

thank you for being interested in our app. Sorry for a delayed reply but due to the Holidays season we will be responding with a delay in next 1 month.

That is a known but that we have fixed and it will be released in the up coming release.

Kind Regards

Can you make a video, what is all the new? Surely it is a good promotion.


Dear Rosomak9100,

we will introduce some new stuff during this year. Please stay tuned. We will also do our best to create a short use case video.

Kind Regards

Dear Rosomak9100,

we will introduce some new stuff during this year. Please stay tuned. We will also do our best to create a short use case video.

Kind Regards

Hi there, the only thing that puts me off from purchasing this is that I have to create line items every time to make an invoice. I would rather save line items and make these reusable for new invoices.

Dear mcollins,

thank you for the feature suggestion. This will be included in the next major release with bunch of other new features.

Kind Regards

How to upload files? There is no upload file to project functions, nor inside file page

Hello its up to Envato team to approved the release. You will receive an email from them as soon as its available.

I am asking you from yesterday to mail it to me. Why you ignoring my request? Should we both wait for Envato? You promiced yesterday for todays morning. It would be normal to mail me the FIX?

Dear overthroned, i will pass this information to my team. You can expect an email with the new version from us in next 2 hours since our team is officialy away until 16th of Feb. Sorry for the delay. We need to work on a better way to share the updates in feature.

Can you guys add other currencies?

Dear Novateur. Yes this can be done. Please submit a request to the support team so they can record this request and state which additional currencies you would like to have added. Since the source code is open for editing you can easily also add other currencies.

Hello, can this app be used with multiple businesses? Or is just for one single business. Basically if I own 10 businesses, can all businesses sign up without having information mixed around? Can I charge to use this app?

Hello whiskymule, thank you for being interested into our item. You can set to run the app in a single account mode or multiple accounts mode, to each account you can add unlimited users. The Multi accounts mode allows you to create a separate account through the registration process for each of your business and than add unlimited users to each account, the accounts are not mixed. To be able to charge for the usage of this app you would need to purchase an extended licence. We hope this helps you.

Hello! I am trying to enter the Github repo to help with Spanish translation, but it gives me a 404 error. What can I do?

Hey m1guelpiedrafita thanks for reporting this issue we will resolve it ASAP.

Hello, I think I found the script that I have been waiting for. I am really interested. But I got a quick question. Can I create a template Board with certain task filled with relative time lines etc. do you know what I mean. Is it possible to clone a previous board + task, and have it as default. Look forward to your reply. Great script.

Guys, can you consider being able to save the task along with the Default Board. This would help in creating templates for each type of projects. Maybe I am missing something, but for every project, I can get the default Board but we I have to create all the various task every time I do this?

Sorry, but one more question. I guess, I could write a script that could clone an existing project. Not easy but it can be done, correct?

Hi envirogex, we are in the mod of collecting what sort of new features we can add to our script in the next following period so that we can improve the script and make it more flexible for the users. But in general when you purchase the item you can adapt the script for your own needs, change the code, add something new, and from our perspective it can be done easily but from your it really depends how much time it takes you to understand the code but it should not be that difficult.


tinisi Purchased

Installation video?

Hi Tinis, we are currently waiting for a new video to be finished, please contact us through the support form and we will send you the new installations details.


I have purchase this item year ago. It had some bugs, you said will be fixed. Then it dissapered from my downloads – as not more existed on codecanyon.

Now its here again, but I am unable to download it. Whats wrong?

It says that :

Your support for this item has expired. You may still leave a comment but please renew support if you are asking the author for help.

Hello there, when you have purchased the item you had most likely purchased had a 6 months support included which was 1 year ago and which has ended by now. Envato has a clear policy about this thus we would recommend to contact them if you are unable to download the item or extend the support.

I was testing your demo, I did not figure out how to delete a note if I do not want it anymore if I created it by mistake.

Hello Glauberfunez, the tasks/notes can be removed only from the backlog since the board is based on agile principles. Thus from the Board in order to delete the note/task you need to send it back to the backlog by selecting the baclog in the boards drop down inside of the task. We hope that this helps you to understand the complete process.

Installation video link is not available. Would you provide it to me?

I’ve purchased but don’t know how to install. Would you help to provide installation instruction to me?

Hello vyu0122, yes sure we can help you with the installation. Please open a ticke through our contact form.