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Hi, two questions:
1. when is the responsive version coming?
2. I just need a task manager board. Can I disable the finance section completely (invoices etc.) and remove these menu entries?

Hello in4fun, thanks for being interested in our item. I’m afraid that we don’t have any news about the responsive version jet. About the task manager yes it’s possible to disable finance section and they will be removed from the menu also. We hope this could help you.


darsoit Purchased

I getting errors on install, with local databases and hosting databases, neither will work for me

Hi darsoit, could you please contact our support through our profile contact form. Even tough we are not providing support for the item we can help you install it because in 99% of cases it’s the host issue.


PAXPM Purchased

I am having trouble with my install. I will pay to get additional help !!! PLEASE

Hi Paxpm, we hope that you have managed to install it by now. Even tough we are not providing support for this item we can help you to install it but you have to contact our support through the contact form on our profile here on Envato. Thank you for your patience.


elansu Purchased

Please help.. How to save change Description Task / Note? After ctrl + save still not save / unchanged.

Hello elansu, thank you for your message. Please contact us through the contact form on our profile here on Envato and we will assist you with the issue.

Hi guys, I’ve just purchased and installed you application on my local environment. The installation ovliously was positive. However, I am unable to access the application as there is no index file in the root folder.

After completing the installation the button “Login to AgileTeam” is redirecting to localhost but not to the required root folder (localhost/[kanbanboard]).

I kindly ask you to help me on that.

Thanks in advance.

Hi lacasa24, thanks for purchasing our item. Our support is available through our profile contact form on envato thus please send us a message through it and our team will help you. Thank you for your patience.

i buy your tool, but i have no install file or folder ?

Hi 12webmaster, sorry for a delay in our reply. For sure there is an install script. If you still have issues please open a ticket through our contact form on our Envato profile.


I bought your product and I really can not finish the process. How to install? It is very complicated. I have some urgency, can you help me?

Hello compilartdf, in 99% if cases its a server side issue and you need to make adjustments. We just came back from a vacation and if you have opened a ticket through our envato profile our team will get back to you.