Free Shipping Notifier Magento 2 Extension

Free Shipping Notifier Magento 2 Extension

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Extension Overview

Encourage your customers to spend more, by notifying them how much more they need to buy, to qualify for Free Shipping. Every customer loves free stuff and your customers will be happy to buy a bit more products from your website, if they know that the shipping will be free. This extension adds a native notification message to your shop cart, checkout, mini cart page and extra pop-up that notifies the customers of the amount left to qualify for Free Shipping.

To increase your conversion rate, this extension will tell visitors, the minimum order total is required to qualify for free shipping, and will display a success message when the minimum order total is achieved. If the client has ordered an amount that is less than the limit set in admin, Store > Configuration > Themecafe > Free Shipping Notifier, the client will see a pop-up box that tells exactly how much he/she has to order to get Free Shipping.

When a user clicks on the add to cart button, a pop-up box appears with message saying ‘Congratulation! Now free shipping is available’ when minimum free shipping amount is satisfied else if the product doesn’t meet the requirement of the minimum free shipping amount, then it will show the message ‘You’re ‘x’ away from FREE SHIPPING!*’. The same message will be shown in the shopping cart, mini-cart and checkout page.

Main Features:

  • Works with free shipping based on order subtotal.
  • Calculates the difference between the client’s total order and the free shipping limit.
  • The displayed message can be easily edited in the admin configuration.
  • This extension will add notification pop-up on product add to cart.
  • The pop-up will be easily show/hide by admin configuration.
  • Admin can set/change the notification message anytime.
  • Admin can show/hide pop-up for the notification message.
  • Admin can show/hide notification message on checkout.
  • Admin can set minimum order total for Free Shipping Notifier.

General Features:

Fronted Demo Link:

For Backend Demo :
Username : freeshippingnotifier
Password : Demo@123

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