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Hi, I bought plugin installation does not work, then I transferred folder with FTP, but the same problem WP backend puglin not see

Can you help me understand?

Thanks Nat

some more information about the issue where I’m trying to install this plugin


Ok problem solved, thanks guys ;-)

That’s cool. If you have any other question or concern, please let us know. :)

great concept!! Would be nice to see imgur, gify, and tumblr support

I agree. Although, the main idea of this plugin is to provide Free Images for non-commercial and commercial use. And some of the images from other sites like imgur or tumblr may not allow this.

When we add some sites to use, we always consider that the images to be fetched also included Creative Common licenses.


tpinkus Purchased

I would like to use this on a commercial site. So I was wondering if its possible to permanently remove images not allowed to be used on commercial sites? I wouldn’t want anyone on my staff mistakenly adding one.

Hi there! We have a drop down where you can specify which of the images (according to their licenses) to show. :)
Here is a screenshot of how it looks like: http://image.prntscr.com/image/dc5168f6e3194111978025ef5bb6b6b5.png


tpinkus Purchased

I understand, but I don’t trust that it will be used correctly, so I’d like to REMOVE the option. Violating copyright is not a good thing, even if by accident.

Thank you for the feedback. We might as well send this suggestion to our developers. :)


The “Free Image Search button” in the media library doesn’t work for me. When i click the button, nothing happens. Can you help me?

Hello there! At this point, we advice you to file a ticket in our Support System, this way we can help you better. Expect us to ask you for a screenshot of your Media Gallery and Console Tab (when you press F12 in your browser) to check for any JS Errors. Regards!

I sent a support ticket.

This problem is currently being tackled on in the Support System.

Can we download all images in search result by pressing one button?

Currently, nope. The plugin will automatically add the images to your Media. But there is also an alternative way, like retrieving the images via FTP or by a third party plugin such as Download Media Library.

Hi Gambit Team, this plugin is good, very handy, I also bought your image filter plugin and they work very nicely together. One issue I have is that the settings page does not work, under:

Plugins > Gambit Plugins, I just get a blank screen. I already tried deactivating all other plugins. I cannot change themes as I have chosen the one I will use.

The image search and save function works, but it would be good if the whole plugin functioned. I am using Wordpress 4.61 in a MAMP environment using standard sockets and php version 5.6.27.

Best regards


BTW, your support site appears to be down at the moment.

Hi there! The Gambit Plugins menu is a place where you can add your License Key for the Auto Updates. And this should work normally.

But since you have encountered a problem of getting a blank screen, we might need to check the problem itself from the backend. This will mean that you have to file a ticket in our Support site.

Last but not the least, we just checked our site and it is working properly. :)

hi it will be a great option in the new upgrade (when?) insert the possibility to choose the size of the download, now it download only the biggest one of the size shown, or I miss something?. thanks

The reason why the plugin pulls the biggest size ensures better image fidelity. If you’d like the image to be smaller, WordPress can scale the image to a size you require.


I do not see the settings in the administration Can you set default

A) size of the uploaded photo

B ) syntactic settings for assigning rights (like omageinject: You can use the following tags in the “Image Template” setting field: {Keyword} – The keyword you searched for with ImageInject. {Yoast-keyword} – Inserts the “Focus Keyword” as set in the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin for the post. {Title} – The title of the image on Flickr. {Description} – The description of the image on Flickr {Author} – Flickr name or username of the author. {Link} – Link to the image on Flickr {Src} – The image file in the specified size) C) licenses

Are you working on improvements and if so which ones?

I suggest you in the search criteria, instead use checkboxes instead of a pure select 1) licenses … 2) image sites: flickr, pixabay … 3) I will check many boxes for pictures, clipart …


Thank you for adding more details! I honestly like the idea of being able to specify what images you can search with the plugin. :)

Although we’re still working with the other plugins, I’ll keep these feature ideas in mind and remind our developers when they’re going to update Free Image Search. :)

Have a great Friday!

HI, It’s been a year without new features !! I hope you will be able to incorporate these suggestions in the near future Regards

We have an upcoming update soon. But this isn’t the ones suggested yet. We’re going to add new providers in the plugin. :)