Freaking Word

Freaking Word


Inspired by a viral game on the Google Play store “FreakingMath” on Google Playstore.

Freaking Word - 1

Make money with Ads!

With few changes you can have your own money making app!

- Easy to customize.
- Good sounds.
- Responsive design and beautiful animations.
- Easy to play.
- Admob Integration (Banner and Interstitial) to make money.

Freaking Word - 2

How to Play

- Check if the word is correct and hit CORRECT or FALSE. Simple as that!

Freaking Word - 3


Can I add more words?
Yes! There is a file called “words.txt” in the assets folder where you can simply add new words (or delete them if you like). Current database includes: 200 english words. You can also add words from OTHER languages like French, German, Spanish or whatever you like.

Do I have to change the layout to upload the game?
No! You can upload it right away! I made the graphics and I don’t mind them being used by you guys.

What software did you develop it with?
Eclipse and Android SDK.

Can I upload it on Google Play Store?
Yes, you can.

Do I get all the images/buttons?
Yes, including Photoshop files so you can change them easily.

Is the leaderboard easy to customize?
You need to do some settings in the Google Developer Console but that’s the hardest part. The rest is adding some xml id’s into the Eclipse project. I explained it briefly in the included Quick Video Tutorial.

Can I change the animations behaviour?
Yes, they are stored in res/anim. From there you can change any position you want.

I have more questions
Please visit the comments part of this item and post your question there! Make sure you added as many details about the problem you can provide, so we can solve the problem together as fast as possible!

Am I allowed to rate/review Freaking Math?
Yes please!! I would be more than happy for any review/rate you submit!! \\)” title=” :)” />


Quickstart How To PDF and Video Tutorial are included! It covers all steps to install and export the app to make it ready for Google Play!