Freaking Math

Freaking Math

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“FREAKING MATHS” as the name suggests, even simple Mathematics under some ‘constraints’ could sometimes freak you out..!

The Rules of the game are Simple:

  • Very simple equations will be shown on the screen and you have to tell if it is correct or not.
  • 1 second is given for each equation.
  • Reach high score!!!
  • Beat your friend’s score!!!


Fourth Update

  • Changed GUI
  • Changed code structure to support Android Studio.

Third Update

  • Added option to disable sound
  • Fix bug related to timer on resuming game

Second Update

  • Added option to change ad frequency. Search for variable name adcounter in file. Currently it is 5.
  • Fixed Bug of stopping of timer after resuming app from background.

First Update

  • Added Share button since many buyers requested for that.
  • Updated Google Play Libraries to the latest version
  • Updated Google Play Game Libraries to latest version.

Features of Source Code

  • Very easy to integrate and customize in Android Studio.
  • Very simple and clean UI
  • Admob banner ads and interstitial included.
  • Different Ads can be easily added
  • Google Play leaderboards present
  • Large number of background present
  • App rater included to remind the user to rate app after X days.
  • PSD files also included for logo modification.

What You Get

  • JAVA, XML and APK files.
  • PSD photoshop files for game logo and graphics used in game.
  • Necessary Library Files required for game.