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I put up live version in the Google Play store here:


This was very easy to customize. Thank you very much!

welcome..good luck for highly download your application on Google Play Store.

Thank you very much..

But please add basic functions like saving scores to leaderboard, showing top scores

yaah sure in next update. Thank you

Can the interstitials (admob) set to show after x view ?

yes it is possible first buy code then mail me. Thank you

do you have one with leaderboard

not now but I can do it for you. Thanks

is this eclipse project?

Yes it is eclipse based.

I want to purchase this app but i don’t know how to reskin, run and edit in eclipse can you guide me

then i purchase this app, thanks

Yes I will guide and also there is document will teach you everthing.Thanks

can i translate the color names to different language?

Yes ofcourse you can translate. Thanks

hey. i bought the code and i am having a hard time importing this in to android studio. need a little help.please

Okay Please mail me I will sent you Android Studio Code. Thanks

i just emailed you. thank you for the help


presale questions. 1. android studio code? 2. Google Play Leaderboard?

for question #1 i guess its free, right?! but what about leaderboard? it also free? if not, how much you will charge for that feature?

Yes 1. Free 2. Depends on time. Thanks