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is CreativeSDK integrated? Please update the code as we can not use Aviary API Key.

Not yet, existing key can be used for now, since it is still working

Hi there, how can I disable the iAP (I want all the frames to be free and to show ads only) ?

Hi, in ads rotator where you setup display time, there is array with ad networks, by removing unwonted values from this arrays you can make app to show only specific.

can you tell me in which file is the array located in or what’s the variable name ?

you can search project for schedulingArray variable it contains add networks

Hi again, I want to show admob ads, can you do this job (as a customization not free) ? Thanks.

Good day, Yes we can do it. Just send us details to email

Can you add collage template option to my app? I have a different collage app that lets users make freehand collage without any template but I want to add one more function in the app that is “readymade collage template” . I will pay your fee. I have already contacted you via email but I think you didn’t see that email.

Yes we have not seen the e-mail. Can you please rewrite specification ? Is it free form collage ?

Yes, it is free form collage that allows users to add unlimited photos in a single collage but I want to add one more option which is readymade templates. I have resent email with more information. Please check your email.

Answered on your e-mail

Just bought the code, and when trying to build and error, I received: Apple Mach-O Linker Error (ld: library not found for -lPods-Bolts) Thanks for the help.

You need to create correct provisioning profiles in order to run on real device or do not sign application

I have the working code signing and provisioning profiles for the main project (normally I just change the main project plist bundle identifier to get it running in real device). How do I change for the RFQFramesTests test project folder? Thanks.

May be you are building unit test instead of real project


Is it possible to adjust the width of the frame to minimum or no borders with the slider (the default minimum value of slider still have quite a large frame width when fully pull to the left)? Thanks.

Good day, It is possible but it will require some code changes .

Is it a minor change? If possible can you guide on which line of code needs to be modified? Thanks.

I will verify what should be changed and let you know today. Sorry for late response

Very nice app you have…do you have it on andriod too?

Yes but it has some problems with Aviary SDK integration, so its not here on sell

pls tell me when you fix the problem so I can buy it on both ios and andriod.. you can email me at hunttrader@live.com


pls, can you add some custom feature to the game application, Of course I can pay you more?

Which custom features you would like

I just only need that you can make your own frame in the app?

There is possibility to drag frame sides, to adjust it. Or you want some other way of creating them

Thanks for fast answer! yes I see now that you have custom frames.

when are you going to sell the andriod version? is it difficult to reskin this app? pls give me some apk or link so I can test the app, I want buy it asap

Can you add some feature to the app fram on both versions I can pay extra?

Which features do you need ?

Did you read my last message pls?

Have replied

Hi, I want to buy this code. Is it compatible with iOS9? Thanks Ofer

Yes it is compatible you can download it from store

Thanks for fast answer! yes I see now that you have custom frames.

when are you going to sell the andriod version? is it difficult to reskin this app? pls give me some apk or link so I can test the app, I want buy it asap

how to make all 50 frames free and remove in-app?.

Please provide crashlog than

Emailed you the crashlog provided by apple

any update?.

Hey, Can you plz give your Email ? I need some extra feature.

Unfortunately we are not making customisations.

I am going to purchase it. In case I face the iPad crash issue and Apple has problem in approving then I will contact you with crash logs.

Hey yes sure, there is no problem with refund. When we upload the code we check by thousands of users to make sure everything is working correctly and stable. Unfortunately different mobile development environments are not consistent which arises in extra issues. A help of experienced developer is required in this case.

I raised refund request, pls approve it.

Ok, just be sure not to put application in store as there will be privacy complain

just wondering, does this app work on iOS 9.3.x and Xcode 7.3?

Good day, Yes application is working, but you will need to update 3rd party frameworks


appsell Purchased

Hello, i just bought the code but there is problem of FB protocol please upgrade and send me new Code Ready

Good day, Facebook protocol is comming from 3d party LIB which can be updated using cocoapods

bought iOS version, willing to buy Android version

we have very old version of frames and will require eclipse to build


thewormbk Purchased

Support IOS 9?

You need to update cocoapods. Check FAQ for command line There some other AD networks


thewormbk Purchased

can you update cocoapods or i’m update in my mac. I don’t was use cocoapods Thank.

it is not possible for me to update cocoapods, because it is component which is required to instal 3rd party frameworks. And in order to update libraries you need to do it on your pc