Discussion on FPDF Designer / WYSIWYG Script Generator

Discussion on FPDF Designer / WYSIWYG Script Generator

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I need a custom page size… how do I change page size of the html editor

Hi cwstorie. There are to options to set paper width and paper height: { paper_width : 210 paper_height : 290 } you can set the dimension you need. I hope i could help. For further information take a look at under options

best regards

Can you recommend the best way to include a full background image in the designer.

ie. Upload a PDF/Image that is converted as the background, so elements can be dragged and dropped on top of placeholders.

Would i do this in .css or?

Hi lachlanhickey. Sorry for the late answer. The best way to place an image as background is as I described above. In the moment images are displayed only in the preview but not in the editor. I think i will do it in the next update. In the moment I am founding my business so I can`t say when the next update comes. But if you have any questions you can ask at any time. Best regards

Heya – any update on this?

Hi lachlanhickey. Yes, in about 1-2 weeks I will upload a small update where the images are visible in the editor. Best regards

Hi, just suggestion for new features if you will have some time to develop your script : 1. duplicate existing element with right click, 2. move more than one element (select more elements on the screen and moving with them). Anyway, thanks for this script!

And for other guys here – give him credit and rate this item, I think he deserves five stars :-)

Hi ivansk. Thanks for your suggestions. I will do it. But in the moment i spend all my time in founding my business but i promise the update will come ;-) Thanks

Is there a way to load either a single PDF page or an image of a PDF page to be used as a layout template? If there’s not a way to load either, is there a way to place the image in the editor using CSS or jQuery to achieve the same effect?

Hi albunch. You can only load an template which you have created and saved with the editor. But if I understand you correctly than you can simulate this effect when you add a background-image to the div with the id=”fpdf_designer_area”. (you can do it by modifying the css or with jquery). I hope i could help you. Best regards

Hi is it possible to specifi an imare url through an php value like {:$logoPath:} ?

Hi GM_Group. Yes, it is possible. You can set the value to {:$logo:} or you can combine text and var e.g. http://{:$logo_url:} ... Best regards

Great. Another question: is it possible to store the created layout in a mysql-db or how does the format get saved by default?

Hi GM. Yes you can save the created layout in a database because the save format is just a json string.

Hi, Whether this designer provides the facility of merging of rows and merging of columns? Please reply soon.

Best Regards … Pankaj Kumar

Thanks for reply. I just want to know when the value of px_per_mm is 3.779 then what is the width of the page in mm? How to calculate the width of the page in mm in the basis of value of the parameter px_per_mm? I have seen that the value of the paper_width is set to 210. So what is the unit of the value 210 – whether it is px or mm or cm?

Hi. The PDF format is A4 with a width of 210mm and 96dpi. Which result that 1mm = 3.779px. The unit for paper_width and paper_height is mm. So, paper_width and paper_height indicates just the size of the PDF you using. In case you create an A3 PDF (new tFPDF(‘P’,’mm’,’A3’)) than you have to use paper_width 290 and paper_height 420 in the setting. I hope i could explain well.

Many thanks for reply. Now I will use to design a PDF report to be printed on A3 size paper.

Hi to everybody. First thanks to all for supporting this project. At this moment i am working on a update but i am thinking too, to build a new editor in REACT. If there enough people how wants/needs this editor in REACT than i will do it. So, If you are interested in a REACT version, please comment here. Best regards i to change the orientation to landscape? Do i need manual change all the code from the output

Hi mazlina. Just change the paper_width to 290 and paper_height to 210.(if you use A4) And in the creator.php file change from Portrait to Landscape (new tFPDF(‘L’,’mm’,’A4’)). I hope i could help. Best regards

Where to change the paper height and width size? When i preview its already change to landscape but the editor still in potrait view so i cannot put the element for landscape design..can help me in chat or teamviewer pls

In the index.html where the editor will be initialized, just add paper_height and paper_width. Like this:
fpdf_designer = $('#fpdf_designer_paper_template').fpdf_designer({
    'ajax_url': 'test/creator.php',
    'save_url': 'test/save.php',
    'load_url': 'test/load.php',
    'paper_width': 290,
    'paper_height': 210

Am I able to offer fonts I have on my server or simply change the selection offered? Is the tool restricted to system fonts, a preselected font set, etc.?

Hi onthegocellular, It is not restricted. You can add unicode, ttf fonts. more info how to add fonts:

I hope this helps. Best regards

Hi if i load the json content from my database into the creator.php it dosn’t work. How es can i create a download.php (without preview)?

Hi GM. You can’t pass the json directly to the creator.php because the data needs first to be convert. What you can do is … you can use the backend part from the json (starts with ‘back’) and build you own data array and send it to the creator as a POST var ($_POST[‘all_elements’]). Take a look at the var $pdf_element in the creator.php to know which array keys you need.

Best regards

Great thanks. But i have also another problem with the editor! If i change the fontsize or fontstyle it changes every text element.

if i remove the function “create_script_output(in_elements)” it works fine in the editor, but it doesn’t change for the preview file. Did you have an fix for that?

Hi GM. FPDF works like this. If you set font size or color it affects all following elements. What you can do is, if you set the font size for an element than set directly the next element back to your font size you used before. I hope i could help with this info. best regards

I am interested to buy this product and was to use it in one of my projects. It checks all the boxes according to the requirements. Except 1, that is it does not show the images on loading. I read through your comments and found that an update is due that will fix this problem. Before I buy it, I wanted to know if this feature is updated already. Or if you could accommodate this feature.

Hi EI2015 … still not because the last 4 month i’ve worked on another project. The update is done but need first to make some tests. but i promise the update will come shortly.

Thank you for your reply. We really wish you had that feature added because that the only thing that is preventing us from buying this script. However, from the demo what we can gather, you have done a really good job. Keep up the good work.

Please im getting this error, when i click on preview Can’t open file C:\xampp\htdocs\fpdf\test\tfpdf/font/unifont/

Hi ajekigbe, i think the problem is . You have to use DejaVuSansCondensed.ttf instead of (.tt -> .ttf)

I hope it helps and this. If not please contact me again

Hi Friend, We need code to design view (Reverse Engineering). The design generates the PHP code vise verse we need reverse process. PHP code -> design view. Please assist us or work with you newer versions. Thank you!

Friend, We are working with XAMPP PHP Environment

Hi. I will prepare some info/help for you.

Thanks friend you are great.

I’m getting this

Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in D:\Code Blocks\fpdf_wysiwyg\test\tfpdf\tfpdf.php on line 1260 {status file created”,file“}

Hi John. After version PHP 5.x get_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated. However, this has no effect on the functionality. But I will fix it.


Will this work with PHP 7?

Is this project under active development or not?

HI thewebfosters. Yes it works under PHP 7. At this moment is not under active development because I am working on another project. Best regards