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Is it responsive?

And is it possible to see a live demo?

It is responsive. Check http://ceaidemisec.com/filer/ . Any advice and feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

what is the password to the test

the password is “sexy”

nytr0gen – contact me “bengusc@gmail.com” ....

will you add preview to fils?

Yes, I am considering it as an update.

what files can be added ie png mp4 so on

Love the script, looks and works great! I’m looking to integrate this into an existing web app with it’s own authentication, but cannot seem to get it integrated without using an iFrame. Is there something special that needs to be done to make this happen?

How much do you charge for customization?

email me the details. I will try to integrate the “adaptability” in the project, but I need more details :)

hi, is it secure access with user_name and password?


thanks, I just solved …. I have problems in uploading files “big” size (250 kb)

are you there?

there are same problem on your demo.

Great script! Is it possible to download an entire folder? Or zip and download?

I will think about zip and download. That is good ^^

Very good file explorer script, but please fix the demo! :)

Good luck with sales! :)

I just fixed it. Check it again at http://fe.vulpe.info . I’m thinking about an update these days. Have a nice day :) btw, the password for the demo is sexy

Thanks, now I can see the script online! :)


I am unable to get back to default sorting with Folders up top and Files below…

Why does the sorting not sort with the standard A-Z for folders and then A-Z for files. And then the same with Z-A….

How do you get back to default?


Wow! more than one year withou answer. Why this script is active??? Hello CodeCanyon!!!