Discussion on Four Colors - HTML5 Card Game

Discussion on Four Colors - HTML5 Card Game

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Hi. Is it possible to play in full screen? On mobile phone. Or may make it fit to screen? I implemented it on a wordpress site with shortcode. But it is not very easy to play on mobile devices.

hello, generally on android devices you can go in fullscreen even if the game is embedded in an iframe. On ios it’s not possible because the system doesn’t allow it.

possible to donload on webserver that it or I need some other app for this_

hello, what do you mean exactly?

Hi, I need this game in construct framework. Can u develop one for me?

We replied to your pm. We don’t develop Construct Games anymore.

Hi, nice game

When I play it on my Mac OS and the game needs to shuffle because the game take that long then it crashes…

Hello, are you trying the latest version released 2 days ago? because in that version we fixed a bug on the shuffle

Yes, the newest version.

I use the index.html in the folder game on my MacOS X 10.15.6

It hangs every time it haves to shuffle. I can press the button X and then it restarts.

hello, can you please send us a video of the issue to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

Are this support online multiplayer?

hello, no, this version supports only one player

Hi, what would it cost if it would be played for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place and with more games with a point system after each game and the first player who earned first the given amount wins?

hello, please write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

What will it take to make this Multiplayer?? How much?

hello, we’ve planned to create a multiplayer version of this game. For the moment I can’t give you a time estimation.

Hi, can you please provide me with your email? I have a requirement for a game similar to this. Kindly provide your email, so i can send you my requirement. Regards!

hello, you can write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

“0% loaded” in instant games facebook not work & The loading does not complete .. how to solve this problem

Hello if you converted our game in a Facebook Instant Game, I’m sorry but we can’t give you support because it’s something we don’t deal with

Hello, are there plugins or scriptextends to buy where players can play against each other ? Would love to host and play this online against friends.

hello, thank you for your interest in our games, for the moment we don’t have a multiplayer version of this game and there isn’t a plugin to make it multiplayer

Hello, what to click on the mobile device, there is no “1” button?)

Hello, on mobile devices there is the same no “1” button as in the desktop version. On what device are you using the game?

Hi there. I sent you a private message with some questions about your product.

hello, we replied to your pm

Hi, Good Work buddies, I like the four color html5 card game, I would like to buy it, but before that, I need some customization in that can you do it? according to my ideas my email skype:sri.rahdirs pls contact me

hello! We’ve just sent you an email

its possible to make it able to online game with ajax to get data from the user whos playing the game ? i am intressted to buy it but, i have to know its possible?

hello to get your users data you should have a website with database and log in system. With our plugin CTL Arcade you can collect your users information using the wordpress log in system. Furthermore, with this plugin you can implement a lot of features like leaderboard, rating system, social sharing messages and advertising

hi, please make rummycube game. it is very similar in rules. i will buy for sure.

Hi, thank you for your advice. I’ve passed it to my developers, we’ll take it into account eventually for the next games.

Hi, we also would like a multiplayer version!

Hi, at the moment we haven’t planned to build multiplayer games. But If we change our mind, we’ll keep you posted! ;)

Hi codethislab! I don’t know, if you are interested in improving the game, but I have some suggestions from my players. I hope you will consider adding these feature soon. :) “This game would be more fun if it told you the winner’s score and kept track of wins/losses for player 1. Also if the other players had names or I could give them names.”

Hi! thank you for the advice! we’ll take them into account eventually for future updates.

Unable to view the Social Share image. The Facebook Share (of scores) is using FB 2.5 but my FB App is compatible for not less then FB 2.9 API

ALSO NOTE: the index.html file has a typo (Line 66 Column 121) : TEXT_SHARE_SHARE1 (find) TEXT_SHARE_SHARE2 (replace)

Hi! we are checking the plugin, a new version will be released asap. We’ll also check the sharing message

GREAT WORK Is there any plan on making a multiplayer version of this game

hi! Thank you for the appreciation! currently we haven’t planned to build a multiplayer version of the game yet

would be great if the scores meant something – maybe a score table with the players names and the scores next to them – otherwise the numbers are meaningless…

Hi! we’ll take into account your suggestion for future updates


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