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Android Studio or Eclipse Project

Android studio

nice game, good luck with sales! ;)

Thank you so much

Do not have iOS version will launch it soon. Thanks

When? Thanks.

I am not sure.


the code is not working on HTC ONE M7 after downloading the demo from the google play store :/

Please download drop box apk. Google play URL is for ref only.



This is android studio project Please import it in android studio.


Is it possible to use something other than animals? If so, I will buy!

Yes you can change it to any. Just need to replace faces. You can buy. Thanks

please i want project for eclipse ?


I suggest to use android studio. Eclipse is now old. Google it self suggest to use studio.let me know please. Thanks

its need app of facebook for can share ?

Can you please describe me more ? Mail me at codeagent0@gmail.com

Hi CodeAgent,

This is a pre-sale question,

Do you have this for wordpress?

Please advise, thanks

no i do not have this for word press

Hi CodeAgent

i want to know if i can add more picture in the list before i buy. thanks

i sent you an email plz check it, thanks

I have emailed you back. Thanks