FotoMix - Animal Face Morphing

FotoMix - Animal Face Morphing


Let’s tease your friend with animal morphing application. Select any picture of your friend and change it with any animal for face morphing. Share with your friends and get lot of fun. 

It’s a time to easily morph your face into a wild animal. Now you can
easily transform your face into a wild animal face using “animal Face Morphing” app.
that helps you look like an animal of your choice in just few easy
Animal is our best friend ! Do you like tiger? Do you want a lion? come on “Animal Face Morphing”. There is a magic app that make your face to be animal face.
It can create stunning animal eyes and face on your face,It looks special and magical for your photos by using “Animal Face Morphing”.

Demo apk File : Demo apk

Reference Application :


  1.  Lot of animal faces are there for face morphing.
  2. Select image from camera and gallery for face morphing.
  3. Admob integrated admob banner and intersititals. 
  4.  Face overlay size you can minimize or maximize.
  5.  Excellent animal face morphing and also can reverse it.
  6.  Change opasity of face morphing.
  7.  Save and share your creation with friends and family on any social networking sites
  8. Application compatible with android 8.0 version. 
  9. application develped in android studio so easy to make change and re design.
  10. Documentation is there with full source code. 
  11. Support 24×7 hours.
  12. Well Documented. 
  13. Easy to make money with this app. You can check reference app how popular this app is. Just follow easy steps to make a brand new app. 

What you will get is :

  1. Full application source code.
  2. Step by step documentation.
  3. -qllite database tool to open SQLite file.
  4. .apk file.
  5. screenshots.
  6. Support24×7 hours

Version History : 

  • Version 0 : App developed in Eclipse,
  • Version 1 : App converted to android studio, and it was compatible with android 6 OS.
  • Version 2 : App made compatible with android 8 OS. 

Please email me at If you have any query. 

Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you.