Fotoedita : Complete Photo Editing Website

Fotoedita : Complete Photo Editing Website

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I advise you to read the documentation and the faq before requesting any kind of support.


Nov. 27th :
Added over 40 ImageMagick filters (upgrade instructions)

Oct. 12th :
Fixed a responsive issue, added a couple of cron files if you need them and fixed a vintage filter which returned an error.

Fotoedita Features

1 minute install, no database required
That’s right ! Just edit the configuration file, upload the files and your website is up and running

Mobile & tablet friendly
options allow you to force smartphone camera or not, making it perfect for a webview app

Bundled with 77 filters
From classic filters to photo editing, vintage and montage.


  • Once a picture has been uploaded, a thumbnails appears beneath the “upload” button and users can click on their stored pictures to apply a filter without having to reupload it again.
  • Left menu displays the current category / subcategory
  • If the user navigates to another page, the last uploaded picture will be used automatically

Translation ready (both text and SEO url)
Edit the language file, rename folders and in less than 5 minutes, you can have a fully SEO compliant website in any language

Random filename
Each image generated can have a random filename such as yourwebsite-123.jpg, DSC-256.jpg, filtername-56.jpg

Advertising & Analytics
Just paste your code and your Analytics code in the configuration file

You can enable or disable the watermark easily

Mod rewrite, breadcrumbs and proper headings* will help your SEO

Share buttons & Social network ready
All pages are optimized for Facebook and Twitter