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Hi Developer!. Nice one… Pre-purchase question,

1. User can crop or drag or resize the photo? 2. I need some effects like in this link http://prntscr.com/9nhszk can i make these type of effects in this?

Can I do first one.. Which is possible? @jdeep6

fotoedita doesn”t have a crop/drag feature

Send it through the form : http://codecanyon.net/user/jdeep6

Hi! I want to edit this button http://i.imgur.com/nOqJPQm.jpg (change the text “permalink” to another word) After people press “permalink” button they end up in a page. In that page i want to put my custom button (fb login) http://i.imgur.com/W5Quylb.jpg Can u please point me, wich files i need to edit ? Have a beautiful day!

Hi, page.php handles the permalink page

Thanks! And after visitor click “permalink” button, he arrives in another page ( in that page i want to put a code) what is the php file to access that page ? (i mean like this screenshot http://i.imgur.com/W5Quylb.jpg )

the page you want to put your code in is “page.php” located at the root of the script

Hi, can I use the photomontage feature only? Thanks.

Sure, when uploading the script, delete the folders which don’t contain the photomontage effects. As simple as that.

I get this error: Not Found The requested URL /item.php was not found on this server.

How to configure the path to correct subdir http://www.../avancos/134anos/


Email me your url (email is in the documentation) with temporary ftp credentials so I can take a look.

Hi, the email coudn’t br found in the documentatios!

can i have it RTL

You’ll have to edit the CSS files

Can this be used to create collages of images? Meaning, combine multiple images?

Can this be used to create collages of images? Meaning, combine multiple images?

No, only one image can be uploaded, but you can create a collage with premade filters. See the demo

This Sub Folder Crap is very annoying!!! This is a typical script as an add on for a website! This makes it so complicated! Not good! Great script, but I need it to run it in a subfolder (SEO for this function is not so important!!!) :-< money wasted!

not working? cant install subfolder?

http://photo.9lives.com.my/ thanks

Nothing, use the .htaccess provided in the zip file

can’t find that in my zip file :(

1. Create a txt file : htaccess.txt 2. paste the following : Options -Indexes RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^([^/]*)/([^/]*)/([^/]*)\.html$ /item.php?parentcategorie=$1&categorie=$2&fx=$3 [L] RewriteRule ^([^/]*)/$ /cat.php?parentcategorie=$1 [L] RewriteRule ^([^/]*)/([^/]*)/$ /subcat.php?parentcategorie=$1&categorie=$2 [L] RewriteRule ^([^/]*)/([^/]*)/([^/]*)/([^/]*)\.html$ /page.php?parentcategorie=$1&categorie=$2&fx=$3&img=$4 [L] SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent "^libwww-perl*" block_bad_bots Deny from env=block_bad_bots 3. Upload to your root 4. Rename (with your ftp clent) htaccess.txt into .htaccess (notice the dot at the start)

any update with new features sir?

Yes but there is no ETA.

Hi, just 2 questions:

a) Is there any udpate coming soon? b) Is this item more advanced then the other image filter scripts you have – like nostalgia or photographia? ( i need a fast one even with less filters if thats the case.. will nostalgia be better for me? )

Thanks for the support.

Hi, 1/ no updates coming as of now. 2/ Yes it is more advanced, but if you need a very simple one, use nostalgia or photographia. Check the demos to see if that suits what you need.

Ok, thanks!

Good, but I have the editor section photo montage does not load the selected image is not seen the photo montage with the image also wanted to know where are the two files crons

my url www.editorimagenes.es thank you very much, photo montage and version php? thanks

yes crons in zip

Make sure you upload the file using binary mode and if it keeps on happening (which I doubt), open the filters php files and remove the comments ( // ).

Hello there,

1-) I want to install the subfolder. “error”

2-) what should be my server nginx config setting?

As stated above, it won’t work in a subfolder, but it will as a subdomain (like megic.canwallpaper.com)

Why can not we specify $ _server in the config file? Please do such an update.

“This Sub Folder Crap is very annoying !!! This is a typical script as an add to a website! This makes it so complicated! It is not good! Great script, but I need it to run it in a subfolder (SEO for this function is not so important!): – <money wasted!”

Why can not we specify $ _server in the configuration file? When will we have an update that addresses this issue?

Hi, just purchased and have some questions: 1) the “upload button” is hidden. If I click when I know is located, works. But is hidden. What can I check? 2) To change the urls in other language: simply rename each filter (ex: mirror.php -> espejo.php) and its related images (mirror.jpg -> espejo.jpg , etc.)? 3) adding a (seo) description for each effect: is it possible? By adding lines to the file filter? 4) since other customer asked for it, can you let us know if you found a solution for better share (a link directly near the image instead of clicking on permalink and then on button: is not clear for user) Thank you in advance

Hi. 1: what browser are you using? The upload button is not hidden. 2: Yes 3: Not in this version 4: No, script is no longer being updated

Thanks for reply. 1) is hidden only when change the lang folder, I never uploaded button correctly renamed. 3 + 4) so no more updates? But you’ll plan a different version? Thanks

Hi there,purchased this script, i have select the first filter from the top left menu and uploaded my template image and after that i have deleted the admin.php file from my server but it did not work.i am unable to upload my template image and photo montage is not working,after uploading a jpg it is placed on top of the montage image, so the whole uploaded image just shows, not in a frame.Can you plz help me out?? my site is www.photofixel.com

Hi, hope you can answer. I switched to httpS : single pages works, but the menu with jquery not works. Can you indicate which config file to modify in order to let in works also with https ? Thanks

Thanks. Added, it redirects to https, but not works properly: the menu sidebar not open on click, and not show the count of effects.

email me the url so I can take a look

Thanks, instructions you gave me have fixed https issue.