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Don´t do business with the authors he will only deceive you, I have bought his services, but has not delivered it.

which service you have bought?? Please let us know…

Hi, can you please provide the initial data that needs to be in the database. I am getting “var idd = users.Roles.FirstOrDefault().RoleId;” error I have not got past here so I don’t know if it requires more. Thanks

Sorry, its a update-database error. I found the initial data.

OK, thanks

thanks dear

1. Pls whats the server requirement for installation 2. Can you do small customisation on this product?, like adding images to the post, and adding video to the post. 3, I see that your last update was in 2015, anything to worry about support?

Again the preview is not working. I only saw the images on the preview. I need to see the app in action. Thank you.

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