Discussion on Fortnite Battle Royale Helpful Tools with GDPR (news,challenges,tracker,Shop)

Discussion on Fortnite Battle Royale Helpful Tools with GDPR (news,challenges,tracker,Shop)

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Hello, this source is about years ago. Does it still working?


Hi, I would like to buy this code, but tested the demo is not working!

you need to create your own api

ok bro l3zz, how much skin can the app display in the skins section? you can create api here , about display you can customize as you want

can you integrare to i plan to buy

now i’m working to update the full source code stay turned until update finish than go buy

cannot wait, update me if its available

sorry update will take 3-7 days i have other work to do

the application not working >???

i got white screen???

read documentation you need to add your fortnite APi

the application not working >???

i got white screen???

read documentation you need to add your fortnite APi

Hlo interest to buy, please update to latest api and google play depencies

Will the app update it? I may buy it, but I see that it has not been updated since 2019, and I wanted to know if you are going to update it

i’ll do update sure as soon as possible , thank you

a few questions before I purchase: 1. is there a guide to edit the styling on android studio? I’m fairly new to android studio so I do want help changing the dynamics of the application. 2. The demo app is broken.. nothing shows in the app except for the layout. Can I see a demo version with data that shows? 3. Also, I’d like to know if this app can be made with a connection to this API:

hi friend , 1- yes ,2-the demo linked with another api now the api site down , 3- i can make it work for this before purchase please email me in

just emailed you!

I checked your app. But shows nothing.

I would like to purchase this app. Can you make sure this app work with

if you want i’ll. make it work with

Hi, are you planning any updates anytime soon? Regards

hi , thank you for contacting us , of course I will update the source code , if you have any idea to add it to the code , i’ll be happy to get it from you

Hello, I downloaded your app from PlayStore and I have “Network Error” Toast in News, Shop, Challenges layouts… I can only search player stats. Regards

hello bro this error because the api from fortnite database incorrect i will update it soon , if you have valid api key ur okey with my code source , i hope u understand .

Hlo my friend, can i use this to other game, and change the api?

no bro you cant bqs u have to get api of the game you want to edit


XgRiNdA#4556 discord


the new item is auto upload ? or update ?

very easy you can”t upload any things bqs , the app work with api , auto upload from the original fortnite database.

Congratulations! I Nice Work, GLWS :)

thank you!

I will buy it only if you add the function of adding my creator code to support me, those who download the app. (as a watermark or maybe a small text) Additional that may be available the news and challenges and other things in the Spanish language

i’ll try to add translation for you if that enough!

But you mean, that the API manages to capture data from the Mexican version of Fortnite?

i”ll try to use some methods to capture data than translat it ,if i found the solution i”ll text you.


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