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Your application is compatible ios? Can I have sceenshoots?

Yes Its compatible for IOS.

I have updated screenshots on codecanyon. It will approve in while.

Till than you can check IOS screenshot from here.



Hi. I want to use single youtube id for my application. Can you help me add single youtube id.

Yes you can add only one youtube id. Which will get all videos from that.

The projets is objectif C ?!


Yes. This is in Objective C.

hello , How r u ?

can i show playlist ?? and how many show videos per page ?? and can i show all my videos ??

It will need little customization.

Videos are unlimited, its auto scroll load more so it will load 20..20 on each scroll…

Its not working with my user, if you have user like me (Youtube.com/Username) it will stay blank… and on other project that i have, i just put my username and it pull up all my videos, so its something missing inside this code and its not related to youtube…


You will have to add channel id. Not username.

Send me email with your channel ids and I will solve your issues.




This little customization (for show playlist) is hard? I’m newbie in Objective-C


It will need some changes in API calling.

Hi, Nice App.. Can i add custom ads (my own ads like image or javascript) instead admob?

You can remove admobs as per your requirements. For your kind of ads you will need customizations.

do you have plan to use ‘swift’?
I don’t family with objective-c.
I also want to get viewed tracking too (I ask this question on your android version too)

No planning for swift

Hi, the app is great. Can you help me with adding a playlist instead of channel?

Thank you! Email has been sent!

Still no respond yet


Nice app! I want buy this app

1- I wonder if I can put in this app my own videos if yes how how many gigs can I do that? Because I have over 100- 3 mins different videos! 2- Do I need som site to support that? 3- If it possible that I locked my video and open every day new video? 4- do you have it in both versions ios and andriod?

Thanks for answer

Hey, Does the app play multiple playlists too ? Looking for an app that supports multiple playlists of a user .


The source code which on codecanyon right now.. But I have the code which has this function.

Correction here.. I have code for playlist in Android .. not ios.

nice work as always mate . good luck