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DB online or Offline?

Thank you for showing Interest!

Database is offline. SQLIte database has been used.


everything is incorrect fix ur game

another bug , when u finish answering and click on the champion it give error try it . unfortunately forten true false has stopped

May be because of not signed APK n u have not signed in with Google. Please check again.

Its working fine. You need to check again.

Can is be translate to Spanish? and can i change my own word….


Thank you for showing interest,

You can translate into Spanish, I have given psd also for the buttons so you can replace them and customize app as per your requirements.

In Spanish you can make csv n convert to SQLite and just replace the SQLite in code.


is posible use sql on remote server

Yes Possible.

You just need to get data from server and store to local and then same functions can be used.

For server and webservices we can customize your App as per your need.


Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you

I just saw your applications, look excellent

Sorry. didnt get your point. Can you please explain in detail?

Oh Thank you, Let me know if you have any doubt,


Url demo no found

Sorry, Dont know what went wrong!

Please find APK from here.



If I buy it can you help me import it to my eclipse if I will have troubles ? and can I put Google Interstitial on this app ? Thank you…


Thank you for showing interest. Yes we always support clients for Imports. I have made Video also if you find any issue you can add me on skype: swiftomatics


And yes, You can integrate Admob interstitial to this. Just place code where I have made for StartApp full banner or else wherever you want.


How to fix this error :

Error generating final archive: Failed to add C:\Users\user\workspaceIIIfreakingmath\FortinTrueFalsemultiplayer\bin\classes.dex FortinTrueFalsemultiplayer Unknown Android Packaging Problem

Please help me to fix it. Thanks

Please add me on Skype: swiftomatics.


I got it. My NOD32 found “classes.dex ” files as virus. Now working after disable my antivirus.

I do not know about your AntiVirus, but dex files are part of each project of Android. But do not worry about virus as dex files :)

when i creat Demo project as you video, why my eclipse does not create “appcompat_v7”, please help me.

Thank you for purchasing App.

Please update your SDK to Android 4.4

If you still got issues, Please add me on skype: swiftomatics


Found new error on “Double Player”; everytime tap true or wrong button always get WRONG notifications ? What’s is the rules in double player ? Can you help to fix it ?

For the first question : I do not know why is it happening with you but I have already updated this code on Codecanyon. Please download latest code.

2nd Question : You can simply remove Multi Player Buttton From Home Screen So you will not be having any option to play Multi Player.

Already fixed. 1 Request : how to add admob interstitial on exit ?

I would not suggest Ads on Exit because of Google Policy. But still you can find some help from here.



Hi, The lives go from “0/5” to “5/5”. Possible to change it from “5/5” to “0/5” Does this template okay with tablet? And the admob is it interstitial or banner?


Hi, Sorry I didnt understand your question. You can manage with text size or scroll will be better option so it will support to each screen if its too small.

Hi, It’ fine. Actually I just want to ask how to scroll it? I tried to scroll In your demo, but it didn’t work.

will check n send u same


Just wanted to know of you could help me with the eclipse set up so that I can edit code etc.. So I can buy this code


Thank you for showing interest. Yes I will help you regarding eclipse setup.

You can add me on Skype: swiftomatics


Done!!. Thanks

Accepted. :)

HI Where can’i find StartApp id to put my code

Hello, I do not find that you have purchased code from codecanyon. Can you please confirm?

hi sorry but where i can download SQlite database?

Hello. You can check Sqlite dB in assets folder.

Hi man nice work, I’m really interest to buy our code, is just for a little project, I wonder if I can’t share the apk to anybody with the 16$ solution (not on the playstore but share the apk to two or three people by email)

thank in advance

Thank you for appreciate. I didn’t understand your question..

google play game services stopped working correctly after release. It worked fine before the release. Can you help me?


Yes sure, please add me on skype and share your apk on email.