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Hi. I’m interested in your system, but I have some dobuts as follows:

1. Can I translate app to spanish? I known how to do for server basis systems, but this is half server based and half ona a android app.

2. Can I personalize app it with restaurant logo/name?

3. I can see each waiter will have his own login, but I can’t see waiter name on reports, how can get in reports which whaiter manage specific order?

4. Report for waiters? I means if I can get report of activity for specific waiter.

Best regards

I’m really interested in your program, but I need my dobuts answered before. Can you kindly answer?


Sorry this message I missed twice.

1 YOu can translate this app to spanish. 2. Yes you can personalize app with restaurant logo name but u will need extended licence. 3. You can costomize that portion, in anyway you will get waiter login, so you can set his name.

4. Yes. You can customize all kind of reports.


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Hello, I bought the application for my college project. I loved it, I was wondering can you help me with UML Diagrams if you have it? I will be grateful if you do.

Hi … it’s possible to print the receipt to thermal printer or PDF ? .. i haven’t found it in demo admin…

Right now feature is not there.


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Place order button is not working

Sorry for very late reply. Is it working now?

Looks very NICE. Pre-Sale question:

How or where does the WAITER , add COMMON Food Preparation requests. Well Done, Rare, ... EXTRA Onion, NO Onion, or Garlic, or NO Garlic. etc…

Hi Would you help out with extra customization. How do i contact you?

Please contact on utpal@swiftomatics.in

Hi and grate work. I have set up the app however only admin is able to login. I have created other users but only admin@1.. can login using app.. I must be doing somthing wrong… everithing else works.

place order button is not working

Hello, sorry for the very late reply. Please check now.

i need help for making app please check email and reply me

please reply me on email sir

is there any for help me

hey mayuri your product is Fortin Restaurant Waiter Ordering System with Admin Panel is not working in locally. the web services aren’t working please help me

I can not see you have purchased this.

Licensee: Mavia Siddiqui Item ID: 13367648 Item Purchase Code: 3ea2efc8-623b-403b-8f1a-4fd71386787b Purchase Date: 2017-07-18 12:37:57 UTC Item Title: Fortin Restaurant Waiter Ordering System with Admin Panel

Sorry sir. You need to send me request from that account.


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hey mayuri your product is Fortin Restaurant Waiter Ordering System with Admin Panel is not working in locally. the web services aren’t working please help me

what changes you have made sofar.. can u tell me?

Add me on skype.

skype id: swiftomatics

Is it White labelled? Can we resell it to our customers by adding our information?

We have custom 2 types of tax so its easy to maintain.

You send me customisation details on utpal@swiftomatics.in

I have new version (not on codecanyon).

So let me know if you want to have demo.

Good to hear, Pls do send me a mail of the demo link and app to rajivrule@gmail.com for extended version. will talk with u in mail. Thanks.

It will not be extended version as its our own product and I am not selling it on codecanyon. For extended version you can buy from codecanyon as this version. For customisation you can contact me on same email with requirements.

Hello , demo link don’t work please update it

demo site not working plz update link i like to add payment gateway for customers. customers can also pay from waiter app on table with creditcard i like to add waiter name on report & receipt if u have more suggestions plz discuss with me by mail. total.shop at yahoo.com i will purchase extended licence & ur development cost too


Please can i use this locally with intranet?

You asked me to give you half hour for over 18 hours, I haven’t hear from you and I sent you a mail, please respond

Are you on Skype?

Yes, treasurepeter