Fortin Restaurant Waiter Ordering System with Admin Panel

Fortin Restaurant Waiter Ordering System with Admin Panel

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Fortin Restaurant Digital Menu is far more then just a Menu, It Easily Manages Table wise orders, checks the active / inactive tables, Manages Orders Placed from Active table to Kitchen Counters to Bill Calculation & Customer Feedback, All in All makes your Guests Visit an Amazing Experience.

Demo APK..

Download Username : John / Password: 123456

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Admin Panel Demo: admin/admin@123

For Pro Version We do not sale source code of it. Direct end users.

Admin Panel – Web Based (PHP, Bootstrap & MySQL)

  • Fortin Restaurant is Enriched with power packed Web based Admin Panel which gives full control to easily customize the app as per your requirements with just few clicks.
  • Role wise Logins – Super Admin, Admin, Kitchen Manager, Account Manager & End User (Waiter)
  • Upload Menu Data All at once using CSV File
  • Date wise search Orders and can export to CSV File
  • Manage Individual Discounts per Order (Optional)
  • Manage Tax, Discounts, Currency & Restaurant Details from Settings in Admin Panel

Restaurant Menu :

  • Easily Browse through the Food Items, Cuisine / Category Wise.
  • Single Point Admin Panel to Manage all your Food Menu / Items for your restaurants at multiple locations
  • Add / Update new / existing Food Items, Category wise
  • Supports Adding Images for Category & Food Items
  • Change Food Items Price as per the Currency

Manage Tables:

  • Add New Tables as per the New Guests Arriving
  • Can browse through Active / Inactive Tables
  • Easy & Convenient way to Manage Orders for Active Tables

Feedback :

  • At the end, Guests can optionally provide feedback related to there over all experience in Restaurant
  • Star Ratings / Review Features
  • Feedback also includes asking Customers Phone No & email which can also be skipped