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Welcome Sir

I want to delete the ads of the app …

I want to be of non-ads …..

Thanks ,,,,

Already replied.

Thanks for Update ,,,

You provide the best apps ever, Thanks a lot

hi how do i remove the test admob ads..i want to place my own..what to edit..please help

Hi I need to buy this can you help me in launching

Replied on your email.

HI sir I am interested in the app to buy, I just download the demo version and go through it some time a pop up come out saying “Error! Connection Lost ! Try Again Retry” Do you have any reasons why this happening Thanks

Have to check.

I can send u screen shot on ur mail if u need to :)

Hi, Can you make it please supporting Arabic language ? because i tested it it’s doesn’t support Arabic Language.


Sure will do. Once you purchase let me know. Will make that work.


i need to know, can i modify this script with macbook / apple os?

please suggest. thank you so much


Yes You can modify from Macbook/apple os. You will need Android Eclipse or Android Studio with Android SDK installed. You will need little knowledge about Programming with Android.

thanks for reply.

this app can add new receipes? does admin must approve before show to others user? if not, can u provide it? can this app have more than 1 images?

thanks before.

HI, does this app support Arabic language ?

Hi i have following doubts,

1. Do users need internet connection all time to view the recipes. If i update an recipe it will be automatically loaded in app when users connect to internet or they need to updated the app to view newly added recipes or categories.

2. UTF-8 languge is supported or not

3. PHP Admin Panel is present or have to offline database.

4. Does it support 1000+ recipes


1 & 3. Yes all recipes are online no offline database. Admin panel is there

2. Yes it does support UTF-8 and also supports unlimited recipes, categories.