Fortin Recipes App with PHP Admin Panel

Fortin Recipes App with PHP Admin Panel

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Fortin Recipe Application is Native Android based Application for your own Recipes Book which comes with Admin Panel. Now create your own Recipe Book with easy to use admin panel and create your own Recipes App in just few hours!!


Please find Demo APK from here, New Designs Pagination


Demo Admin Panel

username: admin
password: admin@123

JSON Web Services

Get All Cuisines

Get All Recipes

Get Recipe By Cuisine Id

Get Recipe By Tags Id

Search Recipe By Name & Ingredients

Android Side

  • Clean Code and easy classes defined to call JSON Web Services
  • Lazy Loading of Images from Server to provide awesome user experience
  • Rate Recipes – Give 1-5 star Rating for the Recipe and its average calculation managed on server side
  • Mark Recipe as Favorite stored Locally – MySQLite database
  • Cuisines Wise Recipes Listing
  • Tag Cloud for Easy Recipe Search by Tags
  • Export Recipe To PDF
  • Search Recipe by its Name and / or Ingredients
  • Watch Video of Recipe
  • Sliding Menu for Easy Navigation

Admin Side

  • Simple, Easy & Bootstrap Ready Admin Panel
  • JSON Web Services
  • Add Unlimited Cuisines
  • Add Unlimited Tags
  • Single Recipe can be mapped to one Cuisine & Multiple Tags
  • Add Unlimited Recipes
  • View / Update Recipe
  • MySQL Database

The Whole Package Includes:

Complete Android & PHP Server Source Code with MySQL db Scripts

Well Guided Documentation – Separate Documentation for Android Side & Server Side

All the Graphics used in the App

Smiling Customer Support  :)