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Hi its have subcategory?

No This does not have subcategory

any update?

Hi mayuri, please my notification never work , please again update wi FCM , i can’t register for GCM , send me the update in my mail. pencilaz2@gmail,com

You need to update this app. last update 2015 lol. change design and add FCM notification , Admob etc…

FCM notification modify is done will be available in this week.

Only fcm or you have did something else?

what is the new update? and any change in admin panel?

Update is with FCM.

In Admin panel main change is GCM.php. Replace it.

Also added Submitted question from android to admin side.

merhaba satın aldım fakat SDK ‘ları görmüyor uyumsuz gösteriyor ne yapmamız lazım ?

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This cancellation Fortin Quiz -Turned Based Accept/Decline Challenge

I want to get it instead Fortin Quiz Pro https://codecanyon.net/item/fortin-quiz-pro/9912697?s_rank=19

Facebook login not working please solve the issue

Yes I have received ur email. Send me logs so I can solve ur problem.

let me see i will wait for 48 hours for support

Facebook login is not working

hello Yeah I did what you said

What is the area to add KeyHash?

What is the area to add KeyHash?

Iam requesting help from past two days no proper reply not solved facebook login i added app id and debug key release key still showing blank screen not able to login

I am giving support on email but u do not want to try from ur self. First telling i do not want this app i need other one. Then keep making issue which does not exist. Person does not know how to make facebook app in developer option with keyhash. Tired of making him understand. Still giving you support but u just keep talk u solve facebook.. ut it is from ur side keyhash issue. Not from app.

Please help on facebook login i followed video to setup this

I have logged in from ur apk with facebook . U even not changed facebook app id. Keep telling not working not working. Just check doc n video n make changes .


suskun33 Purchased

Submit the current codes of the BEM structure burhankabak33@gmail.com

What is BEM?


suskun33 Purchased

The portable directory in the code directory is incorrectly installed 33 can open the data wing and fix it

I am not getting you… everything is installed perfectly.


1. Is there an option for bulk upload 2. Can I mark the question’s difficulty level? 3. Can we have sub category?

Also option for students to mark a question irrelevant or wrong or some mistake?

YOu can make all these stuff as customised as per your need.

Can you customise it on extra charges?

Hi Sir everything is fine but cant login admin panel from index.I guess about checklogin.php i send photos to your skype can you check pls. Best regards

I have sent you reply on your email.

Hi again. No e-mails came to me. You mean old e mail you sent me via google drive?

My problem solved.