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please send my the latest source code updtes, my email is hernanjls@gmail.com

I have shared. Thanks

Please, make an other video for Android studio , i’m not using eclipse , and send me the latest source code update on my email , pencilaz2@gmail.com . and thank you for this awesome project .



Please check this. And I am sending source in while.

Didn’t receive my email yet . pencilaz2@gmail.com

Please check

Will you build something like this for ionic?


we can build exclusive for you as custom project.

Contact : utpal@swiftomatics.in


Hi Mayuri,

I am still facing a registration problem where registering using email does not work when you try to upload profile pic. After registering, and the app sends file, the app stays on the same page and doesnt say you have registered successfully.

Please send me a registration file to correct this or please tell me how to correct this. Thanks.


Hi Mayuri,

Please may you kindly send me the source code for the exact demo you have online right now because it has some features a little diferent from the souce code i downloaded after purKumal like bigger login with Facebook button.

My email address is kumaliwallie@gmail.com.

Thanks so much. I appreciate it.



you can dowload that source code from codecanyon itself.

Hi Mayuri,

Thanks for gettingback to me. I did download the souce code from Codecanyon but its slightly different, thats why I had asked for your demo source code. For example, in your demo source code:

1. Your facebook login button is bigger 2. The registration is working in the demo but in the source code on Codecanyon it doesnt work. 3. The challenge accept/reject request works but in the source code from Codecanyon, it doesnt. it sticks after you reject.

Please help me by sending me the source code you used for your demo and I will stop bothering you :)

Thanks so much.


I think i have sent you complete new code which is completely working.

The demo has same as on Codecanyon. Both were uploaded on same date.

I think I am providing support on email and I replied you there.

For facebook bigger button, its just xml file you need to replace or change.

Hi Mayuri,

I am very disappointed with your service. I analysed your demo APK file and it is different from the demo we are downloading on Codecanyon.

The demo on Codecanyon works very well but the source code I downloaded does not work properly and has bugs. I asked you to kindly send me the source code that the demo is using but you have refused.

As a result, If you cannot help me then please may i have a refund because I feel I was mislead by your demo. The source code has differences in code from your demo.

Please kindly send me the exact source code your demo is using right now, or please may I have my refund. Thankyou.

My email is kumaliwalli@gmail.com



I think now you are confuse which code you want to use.

1. The demo which is there, you can see the update on play store and it is at the time of when I uploaded on codecanyon.

So if you want that you have to use the application right now on codecanyon after purchase.

I have sent you latest code with FCM and I already have many clients who is happy with it. Dont know whats wrong and I replied yesterday and told you also that sometimes it takes time to reply.

I have provided full support and also sent you latest code.

If I cant give you latest code which is for latest version then I can refund you but I already sent you latest code.

Regarding your yesterday mail, you said everything works well, you are having issue with push notification.

Now I do not know what you configure.. even you do not know how to import your google project to firebase. Then I can not help at that extent level.

Note: if you want to use source code as per demo apk, please use source code which is download available.


Can you help me? I want to make my application in Android studio, but in your video on youtube You did not explain as much as on eclipse video. Can you make other video, or send me a email with all explication for android stuido? please and with the latest code, at adrianguery@gmail.com Very thanks in advance :)

I have sent an email.


I’m trying to follow the video to import the project but nothing else matters giving me the following error:

Error: (2) Attribute “barLength” has already been defined. I deleted the values attribute / attrs.xml but it still fails with other attributes that do not exist in the project.

When I change the SDK it still gives me the same error, but if I change it to targetSdkVersion 25 then the setLatestEventInfo method of GcmMessageHandler fails. If I put it down I will miss the attributes of before.

What I can do?

Thank you

Email sent. Please confirm.


altexx Purchased

Recieved. Thanks.


udoarif Purchased

Hello, I have email you, but I am not get any reply

when I extracted zip file, here I get when it reached 99%

! d:\Downloads\SHAREit\Quiz.zip: Cannot create folder FortinChallengedQuiz\ANDROID SOURCE CODE\Android Studio Project\FortinQuizChallenge_AndroidStudio\facebookSDK\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.android.support\support-v4\21.0.3\aidl\android\support\v4\accessibilityservice ! The filename or extension is too long. ! d:\Downloads\SHAREit\Quiz.zip: Cannot create FortinChallengedQuiz\ANDROID SOURCE CODE\Android Studio Project\FortinQuizChallenge_AndroidStudio\facebookSDK\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.android.support\support-v4\21.0.3\aidl\android\support\v4\app\INotificationSideChannel.aidl Total path and file name length must not exceed 260 characters ! d:\Downloads\SHAREit\Quiz.zip: Cannot create folder FortinChallengedQuiz\ANDROID SOURCE CODE\Android Studio Project\FortinQuizChallenge_AndroidStudio\facebookSDK\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.android.support\support-v4\21.0.3\aidl\android\support\v4\view\accessibility ! The filename or extension is too long. ! d:\Downloads\SHAREit\Quiz.zip: Cannot create folder FortinChallengedQuiz\ANDROID SOURCE CODE\Android Studio Project\FortinQuizChallenge_AndroidStudio\facebookSDK\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.android.support\support-v4\21.0.3\aidl\android\support\v4\graphics\drawable ! The filename or extension is too long.

can you help me ??


You need to replace google-service.json file for firebase. Firebase is used for push notification here.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVzSNjK4DIw Check this project.

udoarif Purchased

thanks it works

I’ll ask again if I found any proublem.


udoarif Purchased

how to make this app full screen ?

When will you update this application?

can you please update this app to FCM notification. And also some work on design please. i would buy it. And also your demo app doesnt support Russian language! UTF-8 needs to be added!


pencilaz Purchased

Hi , as i see in the documentation “execute the MySQL database Script present in the same folder by the name swifthze_fortinquiz.” 1) i didn’t see a file with this current name on my documentation folder. 2) every time i create a blank database an i import this file : “multiplequizdb.sql” icant connect to my every time i try to connect i found this error. Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user ‘dbusername’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) in C:\xampp\htdocs\MultiPlayerQuiz\db.php on line 3 Could not connect: Access denied for user ‘dbusername’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)


kumali Purchased


Can i create sub categories for the Challenge quiz app?



Yes you can do it but customisation will be more.


gumboy Purchased

I am using old code.. App is not working.. I need latest code.. please send me..

Your email pls

Source sent