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Nice application.. Soon I will buy this BTW, do you have IOS developer account? So I can upload the IOS application with your IOS developer account. I will pay you for that.


I can not share my Developer account.


I bought your other quiz – would of been great if this was integrated into that for another price – is it easy to do you think?

Which app you have bought?

Android version is different. Both admin same.

I bought the Fortin Quiz for iOS.

My main question is how is the scoreboard data stored? is it a mysql database?

You mean Fortin Quiz Pro?

In Fotin quiz pro – IOS does not have game center or leaderboard. It has local db only for storing score.

first attempt at building failed with this error ld: library not found for -lPods-challenge-GGLInstanceID clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) haven’t looked too closely into it yet but figured I would let you know. Also, surprised it is Objective C, not swift.

Ok. Thanks for sharing. It will help others.

Quick question. Were you able to get this app approved for iTunes? I have had difficulty with another app of mine that requires users to login.


Sorry I have not tried this to upload on App Store but I do not think so there should be any problem to approve that.

If you find any issue please contact me on


Is it possible to play with android opponent? Is it a cross platform multiplayer game or you make use of game center?

It’s turned based multiplayer not real time. Simple php backend with MySQL.

Thank you very much, I will purchase it tomorrow ;)


Hello, it has been long time to see a special application in CodeCanyon, Thanks my question is : is it working in RTL languages? am asking about both apps, android and ios, Thanks again

Will need minor modifications for RTL.

Seller might get more sales if he had a preview. No one buys sight unseen.

It’s same as Android version

Category images uploaded in the admin tool do not show up in the application.

Can you please check Path? Have you changed path as per documentation in IOS code?


I have, and it works fine other than that. In Xcode I can see in the logs that it is pulling the image from the server. But the app itself keeps the placeholder.

Can you send me link on my email.


is this written in swift?

No its in Objective C

Anyone try this on Xcode 8? Any issues? Thanks in advance.

Hi presale question. Are you still supporting this app? Will it be updated to Xcode 8? So iOS and Android has same backend, and cross platform multiplayer Thank you


Yes I still support this app and XCOde 8 is available.

Android and IOS has same backend.

Its not cross platform. Both are in native application. but with same server.


do we ask for help here – or is there a resource somewhere we can go to ..

Hello, I just sent code on your email.


thank you .. I got the new code and I opened up the challenge.xcodeproj file .. i pressed the play button and the build failed .. i have no idea what to do .. i thought i could buy this and just change the questions and answers – like any other template .. can you help me?

Sorry for trouble.

Can you add me on skype?

Skype: swiftomatics


This compatible with IOS 10 ?

is there an updated version??

ok thank you, to my email address ?

I’m still waiting….

Hi , first of all i want to thank you for the android version of this app , you supported me very well in your documentation i hope the same for the IOS version , can you please send me the new updated version , my email is, thank you

I thing this app don’t want me use it , lol : after importing it found this error . Apple Mach-O Linker (ld) Error Group clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Sorry , I’m ok , I opened the: challenge.xcodeproj. instead of : challenge.workspace.

Let me know if any help needed.

Hello, may you please send me the new code please. Thanks

I have shared code yesterday.

Any live version or demo of the app?

Hi What types of ads are available in Admob? Banner and interstitial


Is it possible to send challanges to facebook friends, whatsapp, viber… And is it possible to make daily, weekly, mounthly leaderboard, and is it possible to add questions levels? Thank you

I have tested with facebook login, it’s force close. I have send the feedback for you on the app.