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any updates on new android versions and google games services?

Leaderboard is working as per the code available.

hello, In DataManger.java the variable noofquestions never used. I want to set the number of questions in the quiz to 20. How can I do it? Awaiting for your reply

Hello, you may have to put some logic for it.

Hello, I’m interested to buy this app, but: 1. can I add images in questions? 2. how many char can I put in one question? 3. i need one feature, like ask one friend and can I publish (one screenshot) on Facebook or something like that…

Thank you!

Demo app not working on Android 7. Device name – Oneplus 3T

Demo app not working on Android 7.. please fix and provide working demo

i am going to use in a different language can i change system sound


Please add me on skype = swiftomatics

thank you for reply i found the solution

turned out it was “MultiDex.install(this); problem :)”

i buy second one i will make another application can i use older version as a template i made a lot of changes on it.