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any updates on new android versions and google games services?

Leaderboard is working as per the code available.

hello, In DataManger.java the variable noofquestions never used. I want to set the number of questions in the quiz to 20. How can I do it? Awaiting for your reply

Hello, you may have to put some logic for it.

Hello, I’m interested to buy this app, but: 1. can I add images in questions? 2. how many char can I put in one question? 3. i need one feature, like ask one friend and can I publish (one screenshot) on Facebook or something like that…

Thank you!

Demo app not working on Android 7. Device name – Oneplus 3T

Demo app not working on Android 7.. please fix and provide working demo

i am going to use in a different language can i change system sound

thank you for reply i found the solution

turned out it was “MultiDex.install(this); problem :)”

i buy second one i will make another application can i use older version as a template i made a lot of changes on it.

Yes you can use older version.

Hello Dear

after long tim

pls till me where to put this line to have rtl direction

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/blueprint/plugins/rtl/screen.css" type="text/css" media="screen, projection">

I am getting below message when trying to test the app

” App Keeps stopping “

please help in resolving the issue ASAP

Send me your MainActivity.java on utpal@swiftomatics.in


Bro I am wiling to purchase both Android and IOS version, but need little customization, such as adding multiplayer, etc. Will you do the customization for a fee? If ok, add me in Skype: vbatechnologies.

Hi. It is posible to show only a number of questions and not all? Second. Can i change the position of ads? Thanks

Hi. My question is about how to change size and position of banner ads

Hello, you will need to custom changes. Size of ads are banner as per google.

please help me in solving my issue

I have done the required change but still app not working

Message me on Skype: swiftomatics.

Demo APP Crashing…. What is the problem.. I want to buy this.. But how to check the demo..

Hi! Pre-sale question! Can I use the same php backend to both android and iOS version?

Actually the demo app in Google Play is not working. Android 7.1.1, Moto X Play 2

I need to do customization .So i sent you message on your Skype

Why do not the updates have been published? It is good to know the advances you have had with the application.


uthekae Purchased

what size of the recommended image? i have an error


uthekae Purchased

where i can change size image questions?

It will be in 4 layouts in layout related to Timerquestion.java activity