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do i need a server to host it?

Yes.. for this you will need php + mysql shared hosting…

For offline you can buy this.


Interested in Quiz Pro but not working in my mobile ( Micromax A11Q) but Fortin Quiz App working in my mobile ….... Quiz Pro Updates Code Available?

Please reply

my email id i am already sent these two mail ids (mayuri2411@gmail.com) (utpal@swiftomatics.in )

I have shared the code.

Hi, how could I just let some of the answers appear as false or true?

I do not mean that. My project consists of only 2 and 3 answers. I have managed to delete the 4 option of your code, but I need to leave the 3. Only when the question is for example: 2 + 2 is 4? Available Options: 1 false 2. vedadero And hide the 3 option.

Thanks in advance for the answer


hide option3 textview…

else show…

What do I do with that? Leave me the complete code, please. My level of knowledge is medium .. I just know that I should put this code in Timer_questions.java

Hi Mayuri,

I would like to buy your app but i noticed it is an Eclipse project. Do you have a Android Studio version? Please can you make that part of the package so that i can buy it. Thanks.


This is already updated on 4 January 17. Its android studio project.

I have purchased this app aga..but i need update code..Please send me android studio projects orxanzadeh@gmail.com

This is already updated on 4 January 17.

You can download latest one from codecanyon. And I do not see you as purchased user

so in your packets sdk folder dont include your android projects.so have a problem appcompat and google play service..i dont need again buy this app

How can I add explanation to the answer especially when the a wrong answer is selected