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Hi, Can two people play against each other online, in a turn-based mode ? Meaning not on the same device ?


Not on the same device, not in real time.

It will send challenge once first user complete.


tharwat Purchased

I can’t get the code to compile on ios 10, I converted the swift to 2.3, didn’t work. To 3.0 didn’t work. Left along and didn’t work.

If doesn’t work for you that doesn’t mean not working for everyone. Don’t worry I will not speak… My code will. It’s not just updated.

Ok until your code speaks for itself you should remove the non-working code and stop taking people’s money. Do you agree?

U can see last update date, so people will check it. If they still want to go, they will buy else not. Product is sold more than 50 times sit, why are you only making so much noise? I have not run away anywhere. I am answerable here.

Hi. I am interested in the pro version but want to know if the quiz can select 20 questions randomly from a set of 100?

Yes it will take random questions. Please wait for 2 3 days i am uploading updated code.

Is the updated code ready? if not how long will it be?

Hi I’m struggling with SQL I tried to import “question” table using PhpMyAdmin add and import but it gives me this error!! do you have csv file? Invalid column count in CSV input on line 1.