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Hi, Can two people play against each other online, in a turn-based mode ? Meaning not on the same device ?


Not on the same device, not in real time.

It will send challenge once first user complete.

I can’t get the code to compile on ios 10, I converted the swift to 2.3, didn’t work. To 3.0 didn’t work. Left along and didn’t work.

If doesn’t work for you that doesn’t mean not working for everyone. Don’t worry I will not speak… My code will. It’s not just updated.

Ok until your code speaks for itself you should remove the non-working code and stop taking people’s money. Do you agree?

U can see last update date, so people will check it. If they still want to go, they will buy else not. Product is sold more than 50 times sit, why are you only making so much noise? I have not run away anywhere. I am answerable here.

Hi. I am interested in the pro version but want to know if the quiz can select 20 questions randomly from a set of 100?

Yes it will take random questions. Please wait for 2 3 days i am uploading updated code.

Is the updated code ready? if not how long will it be?

Hi I’m struggling with SQL I tried to import “question” table using PhpMyAdmin add and import but it gives me this error!! do you have csv file? Invalid column count in CSV input on line 1.

Hello when you update this code? I need the summary option that you implemented on android

does it support iOS 9 or iOS 10?

No answer 3 months ago, and abandoned his insurance buyers. I did not want to buy this code on a pirated site, just for the support. And it turns out that this gentleman does not answer the questions

I think I have already replies you 2 3 times over Skype. I am not available for custom work for now in iOS. I have mentioned 2 3 times sir.

I mean, you left this code. It does not update anymore. The android code updated it in January of this year with the summary function. Iphone code does not update since June 2016. Tip: We shoppers prefer the updated codes. As I read the last comments, you have been updating this code for 3 months- If possible, cover a little more, but update.

Has this been updated for iOS10?

Yes. Once you buy let me know

Hi I want the version for iOS10 Please

my email is mahdoshka at live.com

Sorry, i have sent. Please check

i contact again via whats app , he told me time to sleep now , send me the files and i will look tomorrow for u !! he asked me to send him the files !!!! loool

When did u contact me on whatsapp?

My support is going on with you on email.

There are swift version issue that’s why we are not updating. You can see last updated when you buy. For support it’s normally 48 hours to resolve everything.

Did you upgrade the code for iOS 10 and Xcode 8 ?

I have upgraded code for the same.

Hello.. Interested in your code.. Do you do custom work?

Hello, sorry for the very late reply. please mail me on utpal@swiftomatics.in

Not working with the xCode8 on iOS10.3. Open the project and fix the swift update issue, still see 27 errors of this kind: can’t convert value of anyObjectType into Void in.

Need to update with the xCode 8 to compile connection.startRequest(str as String, responseBlock: { (data :[AnyObject]!) -> Void in

var jsonResult: NSArray = data as NSArray;

Not receive it. please send it to me, I am using xCode8.3.3.

Just sent

thank you

Please send me the updated code, I’m having problems with some iphones. I send mail by private Thank you

Just shared code.

Thank you

Hi Does your app support iPhoneX? And does not support Xcode 9