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Awesome Updates, Thanks


when i add a new category on db browser for sQlite i see no changes

Sorry, I did not find you as purchase application. How did you got it?

I need this quiz app but would like to know if the following is possible: ..I want quiz takers to get a certain link or move to the next quiz after scoring a certain percentage. ..quiz results should display only after a certain quiz has been completed.I dont want quiz to give users anwsers as they answer each question

I have purchased your quiz app…

I replied to your email.

Hello before I buy I have couple of Questions Can your app shows results after you complete a quiz? Does it support RTL Arabic ? Can I create subcategories ? Thanks


We are showing score after the app.

RTL supports.

You will need few customisation in database and code for subcategories.


samir9 Purchased

thanks i bought the source code but i want help me for some things i sended requset to skypi

I have added you on skype.

I sent you a followup mail Mayuri. Can you please respond to me?

I have resent mail. Please check

I have forwarded mail. Please reply.



samir9 Purchased

if ubdate this app is very good and add levle for quiz

He downloaded the project to edit will I be able to change the quiz questions?

You will find sqlite file inside assets folder. Import it in sqlite Manager. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/sqlite-manager/

Yes thank you all goes well so far !! Last question can I add more categories?

Yes you can add many categories.

The questions if they change easily, but the category does not change is for something?

Hello There,

I purchased your source code some time ago. What is your rate to convert this to Android Studio?

Regards, DC

Have you downloaded new one?

Its in android stuido only.

Hi, I have changed the package name perfectly but when installing the application it comes out with Fortin Quiz App I do not know how to change it Thank you

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, we have made a purchase. We face an issue. Leaderboard is not showing the scores. Always it says, there are no public scores for this game. Can you please help in sorting out this issue? Thankyou!

Hello, I can not see your profile who has bought this app. Please comment from id which you have purchased.

Thank you

Ok sure, thankyou

can I show an image as a question?

You need some modifications

Is it for Android studio?

any updates on this? Does it support new devices android 6,7…?