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The demo sends me the message “force close”

Hello, I have updated the APK.

I am updating the source code on codecanyon as well.

apk which is there it force close fix it.

Hello, I have updated the APK.

I am updating the source code on codecanyon as well.

in future plans … that you plan to implement?

Let’s see users feedbacks.

would add possible future user registration and chats?

Hi. The documentation is incomplete

Hello Sir,

Thank you for purchase,

Please let me know how can I assist you?


Also I have problem with uploading the .sql

It shows me some error:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `category` ( `id` int(30) NOT NULL, `name` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `image` varchar(100) NOT NULL, `created_at` timestamp(6) NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(6) ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(6) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1>/pre>

MySQL ha dicho: (?)

#1064 - Algo está equivocado en su sintax cerca '(6) NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(6) ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(6)
) ENGIN' en la linea 5

mysql Client API version: 5.5.50

mysqli Client API library version: 5.5.50

Ok it’s working for me send me email so I can give support for the same using teamviewer

APK file is forcing to stop the app itself, and people are saying documentation is not completed.

neither i would love to be the first buyer.

APK file already updated and it works well now.

Documentation is complete as buyer has made all the setup he has issue with the PHP version and already given support.

And already one buyer is there so you wont be first buyer. I love to see you second :)

it made me feel sad, i have seen all your app , my roommate bought 7 codes from you,

i wanted to be the first,

bt one thing m not sure about,

i don’t know anything about PHP installation/ setting up the server,

will u help me through TeamViewer?

Yes now!!! I works great.

good support :)

Thank you

Nice one, 1- is there an ios version coming soon? 2- i think if the video playing in the app it will be good. 3- it is very important to add edit button in back end. so we can edit the news. Thanks


Nit sure when about ios but we will launch.

There is option of edit news in admin panel.

I will consider video option.

Hi, I have downloaded an app but it show “Package Parse” error while I try to install. can you please share correct apk I am willing to purchase it.

On which version you have that issue?

I tried it on Lolilpop 5.1

Please download again. It should work.

push notification ek time kitne logo ko send kar sakte ?

You can send all users who are registered.

Can i see all registered users on Buy it version ?

Yes.. You will need few modifications.

How much cost few modifications ?

Send me private message please

Hello it is posible to add diferent web site link


Thank you for showing interest. It can be added with some customization.


What this application does not require a website and just isntall php alone ? What could possibly be used for food recipe app or application history hero characters eg

Hello Sir,

Thank you for showing interest,

This application do not have website, It has PHP admin panel and android native application.

For food Recipe Application in Android , you may have a look at, https://codecanyon.net/item/fortin-recipes-app-with-php-admin-panel/9052909

and for iOS,


There is some issue with SQL file. Will you please update on this?

Please mail me issues on utpal@swiftomatics.in


I downloaded the demo apk from the link you have given and it is crashing , it is on andorid version 4.4 Pls can advise the right apk ,

Hi, its possible to put some video iframe? thanks

Inside news details we use webview for html tags so iframe will be possible.

Hi, how to fix this ? pappnffnoafefmdb

Hello, Please make your app path bit short.. its too long where you are trying to run… like c:/workspace/FortinNews/

hello .. before i buyng it , i want to know if you can help me to create my admin panel for the app ??

Hello can you help how to configure the cpanel and the server ?

hello up on creating a news post, will the user get a push notification? thanks

Yes it will send push notification.