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Android Studio ?

Hello, Will provide you Android studio project through Email


Hi, I’m looking at purchasing your code

I would like to ask you a few questions first 1. can I have multiple levels? like unlimited levels? 2. can i remove easy or difficult? I would like to have difficult only or easy only


thanks for the great support. we did get it back to where it once was but the issue is that I still have to update analytics from v2 to v4 in order to use appcompat v7. so it is kind of sad that I have to change the code to make this run. either it is compatible with analytics v4 or get appcompat v7 works with sdk 20. thanks

Great support! thanks for helping me to get it to work!


Hi. I bought this source in the hope, that the error in Hard-Mode wouldn’t be in the paid version. But there is still a crash after finishing a Word correct. Can you give some help in this case? And by the way, the source seems not to be actually anymore. There are some errors, because the Tracker-Library V2 is not supported anymore. Thank you. Regards, Kulliox

5 days older but no step further. Thanks for your hopely soon coming solutions! Regards, Kulliox

Add below code in HardRoundQuiz.java :

btnhint.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
coins = coins - 2;
                coins = pref.getcoins();
txtcoins.setText("Coins : " + coins);

Touchdown! Great Source, great Support! Thanks from Switzerland

i want to purchase your code but when i try it in my nexus its show me “Unfortunately, LogoQuiz has stoped”


Sorry for the crash. I have just given update on codecanyon but not given on Play store (may be you downloaded from Play store).

When you start and still crash please submit crash report so I can get it on my play store and check with the same.

Possibilities of issues that You may not signed in with google or something. But better I can tell you once I get crash report as My other clients are happy with the same. There was issue before but I have given update recently.


can i use hindi or tamil language for answers (type in Tamil or Hindi)

It will need few customization to apply the same.

Hi I sent you a request on skype. Please accept. Need to ask a few questions. I have bought :)

I have added.

I have checked the app, logo’s are in oval shape can we make normal rectangular shape? Is the image is in oval shape?

Yes working on it. Will send you as soon as I complete.

I have sent an email.

Thank you

Hi! Does it support the special characters of HU and DE? eg. ??úöüó?áé?ú… ? Thanks, Daniel


TextViews are being used and may be this will not support.

Do you have apps template like this on iOS version ??

no sir. No ios version for this.

just open with android studio got this error http://prnt.sc/cmvrny please help

- I try to “Clean project” still same error

I plan to purchase this App, unfortunately, I see more than a year for latest version. Could you update your app to the latest of Android Studio, and Admob?

I will purchase this app after you update it.


I recieve this error trying to run the project:

Error:(7, 5) uses-sdk:minSdkVersion 9 cannot be smaller than version 14 declared in library

Tried to change minSdkVersion to 14, but the problem returns

Is your issue solved?


add me on skype. will solve through skype.

skype: swiftomatics.