Fortin Logo Quiz Application

Fortin Logo Quiz Application

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Please download demo apk from here,


It has various functionality like unlocking next level, timers, coins counters handling etc which can serve as building blocks if you wish to customize the application. Its Coded very well and provided with a well documented user guide which helps to customize with Super Ease. We have awesome support System and we commit to provide support to our customers with smiles  :)

Fortin Logo Quiz comes with InApp Purchase!! Users can now buy Lifelines, Skip, Coins through In App Purchase. Code is well documented with InApp Purchase!!

Fortin Logo Quiz comes with soft hint keyboard for Guess the Logo Name for hard mode!!


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The Whole Package Includes:

Complete Android Source Code

Well Guided Documentation

All the Graphics used in the App

Smiling Customer Support  :)

Fortin Logo Quiz Application With following Features:

Supports Tablets & Mobiles

Coins Counters Handling to Unlock Levels

Scoreboad & Splash Screen

Difficulty Levels – Easy & Hard

Logo MCQs for Easy Mode

Enter Logo Name For Hard Mode

Scoreboard & Splash Screen

Timer & Audio Assistance On/Off

Countdown Timer in Quiz On/Off

Lifeline 50:50 & Skip Question

Admob Banner and Full screen

Share Score With Friends & Rate My App

Bundled with about 500 free complimentary logos

Instructions Guide Screen for Quiz Rules

Offline Quiz with SQLite Database