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Good day I have a question to ask with regards to hosting the app

Does it requires a vps hosting , dedicated hosting or just a normal hosting?

It will just need shared hosting.

1) Do you ISO/iphone version?

2) Can I use Google Cloud: Machine Intelligence Api?

Hello, Thank you for interest.

No IOS version.

You can customize as per your need.

Hi! In the app there are a feature to Secret Chat? With self destruct messages programmable to a specific period time? Other question: what is the maximum number of contacts can I add in a group?

Hello, Right now there is nothing like secret chat. We are not storing messages on server anyways. Its totally on mobile side local.

Right now there are no maximum number of contact but FCM supports 1000 users per message so you can say 1000.


zorojo Purchased

Hello; Please, I need help, I can not make the backend work correctly, I can not register users through the app. Thanks.

Please add me on skype: swiftomatics


zorojo Purchased

ok i send my request on skype, Thanks.

Hope your issues solved.

when I buy could you able to reskin to have my app name and logo.Also I don’t have sever how can I go about it .mikiponge@gmail.com

Hello, If you have little knowledge of Android studio and programming you can reskin the app

No knowledge of Android Studio ,if you can do this for me ?

Sorry but I am not available for customization for now.

Hi. I have 2 questions: - it has geolocalization? (The nearby people is find by geolocalisation or by type the city in a search box) - it has the possibility to send a text message with voice (voice to text)? Thank you very much.


Its geolocalisation. Not city wise. though you can find people by city also.

Cant understand ,If I buy you can change my app name & log for me ?

Sorry but I am not available for extra work.

If its simple to change app name & logo please advise how I can go about it myself?

You need some basic knowledge of Android studio.

Hi is it possible to to change login details via Firebase

i am install webserver but these is some issue blank screeni am also add you at skype

no any reply my question

you are not reply me siince 2 month

Is that have webchat like whatsapp via browser to?