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Hey bro. I checked demo one. can i use voice call via this application?


No voice calls will not be available for this.

How do I set up GCM on this app? This link (https://developer.android.com/google/gcm/gs.html) is no good and Google page says that GCM is now Firebase; and when I set up account with Firebase it does not give out any GCM key.

You can still do gcm. GCM is not deprecated yet.


I opened this project in Android Studio and I cant seem to build apk due to errors displayed. Errors are displaying on AndroidManifest.XML in Main folder; on this line “android:name=”chat.demo.app.SettingsActivity”; and Android Studio also highlights this activity “android:parentActivityName=”chat.demo.app.MainActivity”” twice as typo. How do I resolve this issue?

Ok and I took out the repeat line and when I try to build apk this is what studio states: Information:Gradle tasks [:app:assembleRelease] Error:UNEXPECTED TOP-LEVEL ERROR: Error:java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:transformClassesWithDexForRelease’. > com.android.build.api.transform.TransformException: com.android.ide.common.process.ProcessException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException Information:BUILD FAILED Information:Total time: 3 mins 46.977 secs Information:3 errors Information:0 warnings Information:See complete output in console

Also when I uploaded the apk that you helped me generate the first time, I tried the app published in playstore in my device and noticed that after the splash page there is a choose your login in method…. How do you change the Fortin Chat title there? I cant find the layout for that page to change the “Fortin Chat” title.

I am giving you skype support and you had your apk at that time. So there is no meaning you keep posting your issues here. If you want to continue support here, then lets do here. Either skype or here.

I hope you understand.

Pre-Sale Is project codecanyon? is project has one signal push notifications?

Hello, No it has GCM push notifications.

We are migrating to FCM this week.

I will update it this week.

When latest update will come?

FCM implement done… we are testing and hoping for release this week…

Hi sir i am getting lot of error while building the project. every time i am getting new errors. can you tell me what is the problem?

give me your mail id i will forward the errors with screens shots?

can you post the latest apk ? groupchat is not working in old apk

i have purchased this item. the documentation i received is not providing any clear instructions on how to set up up admin panel .the android docimentation has only details about gcm. i did not find mention of firebase anywhere. also in android code i could not find firebase dependency. have i received old files and code ?pls send me updated documentation and code

the admin user credential table is not in sql file. apart from that i dont know whats newly added

Hope everything solved for you.

yes – so far all ok

hi: Please send me the new update?

email pls.

give me your mail please

my mail is the name of my user in envato…. @hotmail.com

please resubmit the application source, because the source code that I downloaded damaged when extracted. Thx

Yes I have submitted code again today. Sorry for late reply. I was out of country.

I received a code which doesn’t have firebase SDK. Its something bluff or what? Please send me refund for this.

I have uploaded code once again … It will be approve in a day.

Hello,please send me the latest code suhaibkashmiri@gmail.com

I have uploaded code once again … It will be approve in a day.

Hey, I am thinking about setting this up offline on a virtual network, is there away to disable the push function or change it to a polling function.

It would be useful. I would rather poll or refresh in app since I can’t push in a local virtual network since the hardware it will be running off is just a little local pi

This is not possible with current system.

Please consider creating it so we can poll if we don’t want to push, also offering this dual option means better sales and compatibility

Good day mam,

I need your help. I have configured as told in document.

I can only login in app with email when I am connected to your website with

public static String url = “http://swiftomatics.in/ChatServer/”;

I am working on local wamp server.I am not able to login using google or face book.

I have created firebase , keytool SHA and json file and compiled facebook app id is updated in strings.xml. FCM is updated in config.php

I cannot use remote login by any way.

regards Upendra,(IN)

I think I have replied you on your refund request. Have u seen that?

There are 200 customers for this.. all got update you only not getting sql file?

I have reverified the project by download the files just now. sql file is there in Document folder inside PHP document.

http://***********.com/ChatServer/ what is login detail , after configured hosted database and php files
http://*********.com/ChatServer/ what is login details after hosting

hi , this app not allow to register with email , kindly do support

Please send file on email.

i have sent app url & php file

Where will be the user conversation saved in database.message are saved in mobile db or sql db.?? When I send audio message app crash.

Hello, messages are saved in local database of Mobile.

I will check about send audio message.

You have not asked about any query here. When I have raised my voice?

Your email id?

Why are you spreading rumours?

If i wanted this integrated into one of my current apps could you do this for me.

Hi, I have a problem when I launched my web chat backend. Look: Could not connect: Access denied for user ‘‘u349378255_chat2’’@’’ (using password: YES)

Need your support !!

i have download the demo version..after creating group i cant see the group any where how to find that group? material design? can,t logout?


Smartdci Purchased


I’ve purchased your item Fortin FCM (GCM) Chat – Location, Group, Individual from codecanyon and I have a problem How do I get my database .sql ? The file minus many things database .sql and Android files is not working Please send me the full files


Hello, I have replied you on email.