Fortin FCM (GCM) Chat - Location, Group, Individual

Fortin FCM (GCM) Chat - Location, Group, Individual

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Update : 5 December, 2016

Project Updated to FCM.

Setup Video :

Update : 13 May

1. Bug fixes 2. Admin Panel included (Display users ) 3. Android studio Project.

New update 30 May : New Design

Fortin GCM Chat is a native Android based Chat Application, It uses Google Cloud Messaging as its core feature, It is super easy to customize, Chat Instantly and Get Push Notifications of The Individual and Group Chats.

Application also has Sign In From Facebook and Google Plus Feature which pulls out the information like profile picture, name from those social Networking sites. We are always happy to serve our customers with smiles  :)

Please find the Demo APK Link,

Update – Version 3.0

  • Register / Sign In with Email (Previously existing options were Facebook & Google)
  • Update / Reset Password
  • Search Users by Name, City or Country
  • Some Bug Fixes from Previous Update
Import Guide To Eclipse :

Version 2.0

  • Send Image, Video, Audio along with Text Messages
  • Smilies / Emotions / Emoji Integration
  • Add Friends Feature
  • Block / Unblock Users
  • Copy Text and Share
  • Auto Hyper Link Redirection
  • Tap to Call on Phone Numbers included in messages
  • Update Group, Add New Members to Group Chat
  • Some Bug Fixes from Previous Update

Version 1.1

  • Bug Fix for Profile Picture
  • Bug Fix while Add Group
  • Block Individual User
  • Delete Conversation
  • Delete Group by Admin.

Version 1 – Initial Release

  • GCM Instant Messaging
  • Sign In with Facebook & Google
  • One To One Chat and Group Chat
  • Find Nearby People and start chatting
  • Local Chat History
  • Profile Pic from Facebook / Google Plus Sign In
  • User Status and User Profile
  • Unread Message Count
  • PHP Webservices with MySQL Database

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