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Hello author, I want to purchase this but need to know that does it contains GPS?

Also let me know how long does it take me to get codes after I made payment?

Are there instructions to how to set it up? i am new to app development i have downloaded Android Studio however how do i access the admin?


Once you done with your android code,

Setup your php server hosting with mysql.

Create new database, replace your password in db.php.

Replace URL in Appconst.java file in Android source.


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How easy it to translate this app? How will I monetize this app? Do you open for custom support?

Could you write exact steps on how to configure GCM notifications. When I go to console all I get is Firebase.

Hi i want you help, If I want to delete price per Km and Maintaining a price per seat. How to fix it?

I bought ur app but get the retrofit error (“please check internet connection” on public_html/CarPool/webservice/Twilio/send_sms.php url) Have u any idea what is wrong? Thank u

Please send me send_sms.php file on utpal@swiftomatics.in


Hello mayuri,

Nice app but a couple of questions before I buy, 1) When can I expect iOS app 2) as a customer can I send request for a particular ride to the driver and he can accept it so that when some else checks for same ride it should show with one reduced seat or not show at all. 3) can I pay from within the app. 4) Verified status is always no . How can that be changed ? 5) push notifications are not being received.

Thanks ANKUL


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How about IOS ?


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Im getting this error message in carpool admin page http://appsmobilebiz.com/temp/carpool.png

how to fix it ?

hi looking over your script, and your demo admin login, I have noticed there isn’t any gps cords saved anywere, does your script use gps for driver tracking, or anything?


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i need support with SMS verification