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Hi, I have added you in skype and send you the logs file, please help! the app is crashing everytime I click on a side menu (Any link).


I seen your log file. That isnt a really crash log file.

Let me know what logs file are you looking for and where I can get that please ? file path ? so I can send you ?

I have sent you the log file you have asked and you are not answering from past 3 days!

Is there everything alright ? Please I need your help to stop crashing the app, it has serious problem, you know that very well.

If you do not want to help, please process the refund !

First of all I do not see you bought this code. If you are asking for someone else then he asked me on skype.

It was weekend so i was not here.

If you think you want to go both way then its not possible.

Ask the person to send me apk which u built.

I am sa the person, I did not notice that I was login with my other id

What do you mean by both ways??? You asked me the log file in Skype I gave you that, I was requesting you in Skype and you did not answer !

And I gave you the log file on Wednesday, that means you have 6 days holiday??? And you asking me the apk today ???? Please its a request, help me out.

mayuri2411 I really need the fix, if you think you are busy and do not intent to help for the product that people paying you, then please process my refund. Thanks.

Hello, is it possible to develop a marketplace with your app ? a member can registered his car, this car will have an id ? Thanks

Hi @mayuri2411 Thank you very much for your help using Skype to fix the app crashing. My friend, There is last and important error is to confirm the OPT. I have registered with Twilio and got mobile number, sid and token. Please Please help me to short it out!