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very interesting I will try


Let me know if any doubts.



Is it possible to load directly any apk from a web site ?

(just giving a link like http://toto.com/myapp.apk )


Right now, you can check all installed APK n share.


You answer is NO ? So for me it’s useless…

No issue.

Thanks for your interest.

I need appcompat_v7_4. Where I can get it?

Greetings and thanks for the work.


Thanks for purchasing our app.

You can create library by just new project in Eclipse or else you can download from below link:



Can not import it into android studio this error appeared to me:

  • Project APKSender:E:\My Documents\codecanyon-fortin-apk-sender-and-tools\APKSender\project.properties:

Library reference ..\appcompat_v7_4 could not be found

Path is E:\My Documents\codecanyon-fortin-apk-sender-and-tools\APKSender\..\appcompat_v7_4 which resolves to E:\My Documents\codecanyon-fortin-apk-sender-and-tools\appcompat_v7_4

Thank you for purchase!

Please add me on skype so I can resolve you issue using TeamViewer.

Skype : swiftomatics.


there’s a problem in the selected apk details, which displays wrong icon and app name but correct package name just fix this problem, i’ll buy this app


Thanks for showing issue in my app. I wonder why no one has report this. I am updating code and will let you know once its updated.



I have updated application over Google play as well as here. Please find demo and let me know if any issue.


Hi..I got this error can you help me C:\Users\My Pc\workspace\APKSender\AndroidManifest.xml:46: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘value’ with value ’@integer/google_play_services_version’).


You will need to add Google Play Service Library.

Add me on Skype : swiftomatics


could you just tell me what should I do here..I have contact you in skype but there is no answer


I’have added you to skype and I’m online now.


admob still not shown and in eclipse logcat it say “not enough space to show ad. Need 320×50 dp, but only has 309×449dp

I know its not solved because its just problem on your devices. The APK which you have sent to me have already I have shown you that Ads are coming. I have already spent time on teamviewer with you. I never had this issue with any customer and still I have tried to provide you full support. If its not working at your but I have working on my device so I really cant figure out the issue which is third party. And support is going on Skype so I do not think so that its fair to write comment here.

Thank you.

do you have any solution yet?

Again we are talking on skype and you are asking support for here. I can understand if there is problem in my code. This is third party issue though I am trying to help you.

If the apk free and paid apps is shared, google play store policies are not violated?

Hello, no policies are not violated. Normally, paid apps getting check when you install that is downloaded from play store or not.

Many apps are there which provides this service on play store. Even this app is on play store since long.