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I have some presale questions:

1. Can we create a form for whatever purpose such as a financial needs analysis form? Where I need to collect data such as finances, dates, numbers, etc? 2. Can the same form be used over and over again for different customers and saved in a directory where each unique file can be edited at anytime and saved again? 3. Can this data be exported into a .pdf? 4. Does it have it’s own backend with user auth?


Hello! Sure!

1. You can create any kind of forms with different fields, here is a list of ready-to-use forms in the livepreview http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/ you can try them right now. You should keep in mind that it’s not a builder, it’s a framework. It helps you easily create forms, but you need to have basic knowladge in PHP and HTML.

2. It seems like unique functionality, I think, you will need to extend this product with your own PHP code that will perform such functionality. Now, there is back-end that performs a field validation and stores collected data in MySQL. It also has an admin panel to manage collected data.

3. Yes, it supports different forms, you can try it to see how it’s going to look like. Here is the admin panel example in the livepreview: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/php-livepreview/admin.php?action=login

4. Yes, try it: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/php-livepreview/admin.php?action=login The back-end only supports administrators to manage collected data.

If you have any other questions, please contact me any time!

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


In this form, is there any demo that shows “add more” button?

for example:



There are two demos: one field and a group of fields.

One field: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/ajax-form-support-request.html (Attachment field – + add more)

A group of fields: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/ajax-form-website-bug-report.html (Add more screenshots button)

Advanced examples: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/actions.html

If you have any other questions, just contact me any time!

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


I’m trying to achieve three different behaviours in my forms:

1. Set up two datepickers and calculate the difference in days to store it in another field. I know there’s a way to use moment.js to convert dates in timestamps via the ‘x’-token, but I can’t seem to work it out. I’ve tried to convert a date to timestamp like this


but it won’t work (i.e. it only shows the day like DD would). Timestamp only shows up when I’m using it like this, but only with the original date in front:


In this case it would output something like 09.10.2017 1507500000000. Could this possibly be achieved with hidden fields?

2. Manipulate values of datatype text like the spinners in ‘js-elements.php’. I would like to prepend the € symbol to values and add two digits after the dot, for example: 2 => € 2.00. So I figured, I customize lines from the spinner example mentioned above. The yml config for a field looked something like this:

example: datatype: text value_format: “€{#2#example}

Sadly, it’s not working as expected.

3. I’m having a really hard time with the e-mail-output. In one scenario I want to generate clonable inputs in pairs of two, i.e. cost item => cost. I’ve achieved clonable inputs already, but they are displayed like this

cost items: cost item 1; cost item 2; cost item 3;

costs: cost 1; cost 2; cost 3;

instead of being paired up. Is there a way to achieve this without rewriting the whole e-mail-template?

Sorry for the wall of text, but IMO the docs are somewhat confusing in some parts.



I am ready to help you, but I need to see the whole form code and config file for that. Can you contact me privately using a feedback form here https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact ?

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Boa tarde tudo bem? estou com uma dificuldade em entrar no painel do admin, o login é admin mas a senha qual é?


Yo no hablo español.

Good afternoon, how are you? I’m having a hard time entering the admin panel, the login is admin but the password which is?

Thank you


I recommend you to read the documentation. It’s described there. Here it is: documentation/index.html#quick-installation. The default login and password – admin.

If you have any other questions, contact me any time.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

So I followed everything into it, but that part is confusing to me. Would it be this?

imports: [”./common.yml”] administration: access: user_list: admin: “admin” password: “1234”

Oh, I understand. It seems like be confusing. Here’s how it works:

            admin_login: "admin_password" 
            user1_login: "user1_password" 
            user2_login: "user2_password" 

Do you understand it better now?

Hello of France, I am delighted, I almost finished my super-form (registration at a tennis club). Once you understand the basics, manipulating the scripts is really fun. And everything is available! I just have a small question. Is it possible to hide, in the mail-user, an unselected checkbox? For example, the user receives “Baby Tennis: no”, which is not a “necessary information” for a senior .. A little something to add, like “validate_mail: no” or “mail_required: false”....-) Curiously, there is no problem with the “datatype: switch” not selected, they do not appear in the “mail-user”.

Sorry for the “Google translation”, And Best Regards


It’s possible to remove these double quotes, just add one more option for the “subtotal” attribute in the config file:

    datatype: data
    value_transformation: none

About this:

necessarily in a field “text”, not very suitable for possible calculations

This is the only way to pass data from frontend to backend. It’s not actually a “text” field. It’s “hidden” field that is always used for cases when you need to pass data that should not be visible to a user who fills out a form. Many websites uses these “hidden” fields to pass IDs or something like that.

About this:

Or is it necessary to go through an “UPDATE” after “INSERT”, or a “Trigger”

I don’t understand that part, can you clarify what you mean?

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hello Swebdeveloper !

It is very funny…. ! As my solution could be complicated, and yours as simple !-)

Once again, it works Great thanks, And Best Regards,

I am glad that it works! If you have any other questions, just contact me!

Hi. I have couple of questions about the Form Plus: PHP.

- Is it possible for you to add more admin with just view rights - Or can you assign admin to form so he/she can edit just that form?

- Can a form be duplicated? I have many forms that are very similar so I want to be able to just duplicate a form rather than build it from scratch each time.

- Does form allow file upload?

Do you do any customization work? It will be simple.


You can specify several admin users with their own logins and passwords, but all of them will have the same rights. There is no any kind of a mechanism that would allow you to restrict each user with its own personal rules. Any admin user can view/delete/export the collected data in the control panel. You can see on how it works here: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/php-livepreview/admin.php?action=login

Admin user(s) cannot edit forms, but only view/delete/export the collected data in the control panel.

It’s not a builder, it’s a framework. It means that, it helps you quickly to create different kinds of forms of different complexity level.

There is a short instruction on how to install it. You simply need to extract the archive with the product in a separate directory on your website and change the config file to set some basic settings such as: DB settings, email, design, color theme, admin password.

It has a collection ready-to-use forms. You can find them in the live preview here: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/ . If any of these forms meet your requirements, you can use them right away, like “out of the box”.

But, if want to create your own form or change the existing one (taken from collection), you need to have minimal technical skills in PHP and HTML.

You can duplicate forms by copying their PHP files and config files just with a new name each time.

If you have any other questions, I will be glad to answer them.

By the way, I can send you the documentation before you buy. It might help you decide whether to buy it or not.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


How to make this validation rules >> if field empty another field required …



Sorry for the delay. Give me a day, I will try to find the way.

Best regards, Swebdeloper


I have just found the way.

You need to use a validation rule that is called grouprequire.

You need to add it for both fields in the following way (in a config file of your form):

        grouprequire: groupFieldName

It works, I tried it myself.

If you have any other questions, just contact me!

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


Estou com um problema, sou do Brasil e preciso que os e-mails cheguem em minha lingua. Ai no manual encontrei o código:

             subject: ‘Collected information from “(name)” form

Mas ele não está puxando o nome do formulário, estou fazendo algo errado?



Yo no hablo español, solo inglés



I have a problem, I’m from Brazil and I need the emails to arrive in my language. Then in the manual I found the code:

subject: ‘Collected information from “(name)” form

But it’s not pulling the form name, am I doing something wrong?

Thank you


Do you only need to change a subject of email messages (translate into Spanish)?

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


i want to buy your script. Are “Chained Select” possible?


Great!!! Do you have an idea when it will be?

Unfortunately, it won’t be very soon, I am still developing it. I guess, I will need several weeks to finish it completely.

thank you!

Hello Swebdeveloper !

Can we change the value of a radiobutton ?

For example, in:
        datatype: radiobutton
        name: Classement actuel
        label: "" 
            - name: 40
              js_sub_check: serie4
              js_sub_default: true
            - name: 30/5
              js_sub_check: serie4
            - name: 30/4
              js_sub_check: serie4

I would like to return the (sql) value “30_5” instead of “30/5” ...

Best Regards -)


It only works for multiple radio buttons and checkboxes. Unfortunately, it won’t work for a single checkbox. If you want it to work, we will need to change PHP code of the product. Just, tell me if you really need it.

Thanks! I wish you a good weekend too!

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

But no, it works by adding a little code, no worries !

This time …. A good weekend !-)) Best Regards,

Ok! I am glad to hear! Thanks!

Hello, Please I have this error 500 message when I want download a file with 400Mo : ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH

How can I resolve this prb ?



Please, contact me via a feedback form here https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact that we could communicate privately via email.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Question about captcha!
I have all forms perfectly setup and working well, BUT
there is no validation of the Captcha funktion.
That means: Captcha is shown – the field to type is there, but the customer can
send without typing anything in the captcha texfield….!

What could be wrong here?
No Error codes there.


You need to make this field (captcha) required.

If you have any other questions, I will be glad to answer them!

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Thank you – That was missing – required!!! Just to say:
I am working with forms since many years. And I am talking about 200+ Forms!
Formsplus is by far – by FAR – the best tool I ever worked with!
AND support – reply is perfekt!

Thank you! I am really happy to hear that! It inspires me a lot!

If you need any assistance, just contact me any time!

- After submit the form, it would error as >> forms-plus-framework/app/config/forms/form-comment.yml. Error. Email messages were not sent for “admin” group.

My “common.yml” is coded as >> mail: message: admin: recipient_list: [comsoncom99@gmail.com] sender: info@example.com

- I tried to access the admin page and got error “the username and password is not correct”

My “admin.yml” is coded as: >> administration: access: user_list: admin_login: “admin_password” user1_login: “user1_password”

Please sugget,


You did everything correctly in the config file! I guess the problem with whitespace characters which are used in the config file as indents. Please, contact me via a feedback form here https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact that I could communicate privately.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

This looks great!

Yes I know HTML and PHP but here is my question… your demo shows that the form design can be easily manipulated with the on screen controls. Is that just for your demo, or do you give us a tool like that to create/format our form?

Or, is your tool simply for your CodeCanyon demo, and we must do everything from our html and php editors?


Thank you!

These controls are only for demo. They show what the forms support. You will need to change everything by editing HTML and PHP files. Of course, it’s simplified which means in most cases you just need to edit a config file of your form and the FormsPlusPHP will do most of the job automatically. However you will need to have basic knowledge of HTML and PHP to work with it.

If you have any other questions, I will glad to answer them.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

hello, can you please tell me how i can change the background of the forms?


Which version of the product do you use?

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

The latest version, 1.2


You need to do it directly in CSS file formsplus/css/base.css

You have to change the following line of styles:

background: url(../images/backgrounds/6.jpg) fixed;

You can set it starting from 1.jpg to 6.jpg or specify a path to your own background image.

If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them!

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hi there.. What an amazing form. Looks really great. I have been searching weeks for a form like this that could suite my needs. But now I need to start crying. I dont know anything about PHP.. My skills only goes for Wordpress :) – So therefor I started to search in the comments for the word “Wordpress”.. I can see how great support you give other users on how to intergrate with Wordpress.. But also, I found a post one year ago where you mentioned you would build this for Wordpress.. So my question here is, are you about to create the plugin for wordpress at the moment? ;)

All the best


I am happy to hear that you like it! Currently, I am developing the builder for the forms which is required to create WordPress plugin. I have been already doing it for several months. I guess, the first version will be released soon. It requires a lot of work to do to implement all features and functinality that is presented in the forms currently.

So, I cannot give exact time when it will be done, because it’s hard to estimate. I do my best to finish it as soon as possible.

If you need the plugin in a short term, I wouldn’t count on it, sorry.

I had some people who embedded the current forms into WordPress via iframe tag. But, it’s inconvinent way to work with it.

If you have any other questions, I will be glad to answer them.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

I think I will have to wait for you to finish up then, cause I cannot find any other plugin that matches my needs.

I need a form that can do exactly like this website: https://esupport.atea.dk

I need to have images with manufactures fx DELL, HP, Acer etc. And then choose if it is a laptop, staionary etc—> And then what is wrong, which in the end should end up with users giving our company an error report of what is wrong with their hardware. Further more it would be great if the users then have a user portal where they can follow along, see open cases, closed cases etc.

And as far as I can see, YOUR lovely form system could fillout my needs, right? If yes, I am willing to wait for your Wordpress plugin. Can I somehow sign up for a notification when it is ready? I dont care about the price, I just needs this if it can match my requirements, which it looks like it can :)

All the bst

Yes, you can create a form like yours by using my form framework. But, in most cases, software like this only collect information from forms stores it in DB and sends notification about form submissions. Such software doesn’t provide: registration, authorization, ticket system.

For such cases there are applications of a different kind. Also, you can always hire someone who would develop your own system for your unique requirements. I mean in case: if your requirements are so unique that cannot be meet by any existing application.

If you want, I can send you an email message once the plugin for WordPress is done. Unfortunately, it won’t be very soon. I wish it would be possible to do it quicker.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper