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I have tried to translate the error message “This field is required.” Noting happens.

In which file can i do this?

I have answered via email!


i have purchased script FORM PLUS PHP, The question is how to populate in file of type yml a listbox from database? I need to integrate this listbox with autocomplete.

Thank you!


I can show you how! Please, contact me via a feedback form here https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hello swebdeveloper -)

After a little work, everything works perfectly, - Your form is beautiful, - I managed to save all the information in my own database, in the right format, - I can re-edit the information in another form, from my manufacture -)

I only have a little problem left. Each form includes an image, which I receive as an attachment in the email “admin”, But I would also like to record the references in my own database.

What variables to add to my query ?

I found …
$dataToStore = $this->getDataToStore();
$data = !empty( $dataToStore ) ? serialize( $dataToStore ) : '';
INSERT INTO my_own_database ( data )
VALUES ( :data  )

but it did not work -(

Best Regards from France -))


I am glad to hear that everything work fine in your app!

Ok, you get a file information by the following code:

$form->storage->getCollectionFileInfo( $collectionID, 'your_file_attribute_id', array( 0 ) );

I cannot describe it more detailed, because you use your own system to handle requests and storage and I am not aware of it.

In case you need more details, I will need to look at your code first.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Thank you for the quick reply, ... But that puzzles me -))

My form contains a “Photo” field, Whose characteristics are registered by YOUR framework in “collected_information.data”.

And I wanted to use this information in MY database, saving this variable “collected_information.data” in a “picture” field of my database. But I do not find how to do it, nor what would be the “variable” to use ($ data ..?, $ DataToStore …?,)

Best Regards -)

The code that I gave you in the previous message, it’s enough to get the data that you need. So, do you use the FormsPlusPHP’s default storage system simultaneously with your own one?

Can you contact me privately via a feedback form here https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact and send me two files: PHP form file and YAML config file.


oegipcio Purchased

The gerate form can inculid it at end of Landing Page in HTML/CSS3 code?, also, can have more then DB MySQL, let say one for each Cliente I Have?

They are defined in a PHP form file itself. Which form did you take as a base for your own one?


oegipcio Purchased


Can you tell me a file name? There are several types of the form.


did you set up Google’s Recaptcha support? I saw a commenter a year ago when you said that he would soon be supported.

I bought your product almost 2 years ago (JS and PHP) for a project that was stopped but I think to use it now for another…

Thank you

Hello, how will we be notified of your planned update? Thank you


All customer who bought the product, I will get an email message. It’s already finished, I am testing it right now. I guess, I will publish it tomorrow if everything works fine.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Merci !

Hello -)

Can we add a tooltip to a checkbox ? I tried
        datatype: checkbox
        name: "Coût (15€)" 
        checkbox: 'Coût (15€)'
        checked: false
        js_sub_check: "Ad3ad1" 
        js_value_group: "adGroup3" 
        js_get_value_extra: "{#ad3Price:15}" 
            content: "(77700)" 
            position: top
But it was too simple and it does not work -)

Best Regards of France


I have just checked it. Yes, checkboxes do not support Tooltips, only elements that are shown here http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/elements-tooltips.html.

I can try to add it in a new version. Currently I am finishing the one.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper