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Hi! I’m Paul I have a question: I can create a form from scratch or i have to use a ready form? Thanks

Hello Paul!

Yes, you can create a form from the scratch, but it’s not a builder, it’s a framework. It means that, it helps you quickly to create different kinds of forms of different complexity level.

There is a short instruction on how to install it. You simply need to extract the archive with the product in a separate directory on your website and change the config file to set some basic settings such as: DB settings, email, design, color theme, admin password.

It has a collection ready-to-use forms. You can find them in the live preview here: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/ . If any of these forms meet your requirements, you can use them right away, like “out of the box”.

But, if want to create your own form or change the existing one (taken from collection), you need to have minimal technical skills in PHP and HTML.

Also, it has an admin panel which is ready to work as soon as you set the basic settings. Here it is: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/php-livepreview/admin.php?action=login .

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

ok but which I PHP or JS tips

In previous message I described PHP version.

To make it clearer, here is the difference between these two products:

FormsPlusJS contains designs, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP libs that allows you to create a backend part for handling submitted data.

FormsPlusPHP contains FormsPlusJS plus backend part: form validation on server side, storage of collected data in DB, admin panel to manage collected data.

If you have any questions, just ask me any time.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hi! swebdeveloper

im really sorry but i thought this was a php script that i put on a website and i can drag and drop to create forms. i barely know php and this will not work with me. i need to return it

Sure, you will get the return, but I warned you, I wrote in the first message: “but it’s not a builder, it’s a framework.” and explained the difference.

Anyway, just send a refund request, I will confirm it.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hi I’m Paul the refound?


You need to create a refund in your dashboard first. Then I will be able to confirm it.

Maybe this article will help you to create it https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

I have just got a refund request and I confirmed it.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Form Metrics – is it possible to record timer events? Such as how long a user spent filling out specific fields and how long they took to complete the form?


Unfortunately there is no such feature. Have you ever considered Google Analytics for such purpose?

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

I had, events tracking is an option but I think it would require being able to add each event for each field. I did look at Performance.mark(). I suppose the question was more, could your script be adapted to do such a feature?

Sorry, I didn’t get it. Do you have your own ready-to-use script for tracking?

Hi guys, hope you can help

I have a problems with Ajax step from

The form installed at the bottom of the page, and when the page load the screen jump to the form section (to bottom)

I tried to find what the issue and why it is happens, so when I remove the following line in the html form –

    – it is working fine. But of course the form stop working

    Unfortunately can’t provide a link to the page as installed on the local server The form I’ve used is ajax-form-booking-steps

    Any suggestion how is it possible to resolve this would be much appreciated

    Thank you Vladimir


It’s very difficult to help you without an apparent example. It can be caused by a lot of possible combinations (compatibility of scripts and styles on your webpage). Can you make an workable archive and send it via email?

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Thank you for your reply. Already send an email to you

Ok, I will check it!