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Hello, Very good job!!! I have a question, can you calendar by selecting a date close automatically?

There is no option for it. Let me think how to do it.

ok, I fount solution. You need to specify the following option for your datapicker attribute:
    keep_open: false
But, it will only work if no time components are being used.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hello, I would like to know if this script can save the input from the form to a file in the server. Another script I am writing would use this file as input to generate webpages. I just need to know if this script can store the output of the form in a file.

Thank you


No, it cannot save input from the form in a file. It can only save in DB. Initially, I wanted to add such ability, but storing data in a file doesn’t support many features such as sorting, filtering, searching and so on.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hi: I just managed to send form data via email.

I want logon to work on a page after a log.

NOTE. Enter the person’s management area correctly.



I cannot login here http://www.formularios.eu/admin.php?action=login it seems you have changed the default password for admin panel. Can you send me it via a feedback form here?

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Send me an example of a user record and then access a page through login.

I just need you to do the above, to give him the okay.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

please, hurry! change your password! You need to contact me me privately using the form here https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper

Everybody can read comments!


Please, give me your email address that I could contact you. I answered to you via email address that you use for codecanyon account, but it doesn’t work.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hi, I am very happy with your excellent script. Could you please tell me how I can upload jpeg greater than 1M ? I have modified js-validation.ymljs-validation.yml and form-website-bug-report.yml

The error message (greater than 1M) doesn’t appear. The upload seems OK, but crashes. Thank you for help.

Hello! Thank you!

Please, send me a link to your forms via a feedback form here https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Thank you very much for your answer so speed! I made a mistake, your script is perfect. I forgot to modify: upload_max_filesize in php.ini. It was set to 2M !! I changed it in 10M, and with the modifications in ymljs-validation.yml and form-website-bug-report.yml, it perfectly works. I uploaded a 8M jpeg. Thank you. Best regards.

Good! I am glad to hear that everything works fine now!

Hello. I want to purchise this form. Should I wait for update? Do you plan to do it? If yes, then when? Thank you.


Which update? Can you remind me?

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Well, you’ve updated your form on 11 July. Maybe there is a new update with some new features? ) Should I wait for it for a while, if there is an update?

Yes, there will be an update, but approximatelly in 2 months. At the moment I need to finish my current product.

If I wanted 4 or more form fields across is that customizable? I noticed in your examples the maximum was 3. Does the PHP version contain all of your other form software?


Please, study the livepreview of PHP version http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/ , there are many different forms some of them have 16 fields – for example like this one http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/ajax-form-college-admission.html

Forms Plus PHP is a framework which supports infinite number of fields. You can have as many fields as you wish.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

The example you give has a maximum of 2 fields across. What if I wanted 5 fields across?

I think, I got it now. FormsPlusPHP uses Bootstrap grid system http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid-example-basic which allows to do it. Anyway if you are not going to use a form from the collection of ready-to-use forms and you want to create your own form from the scratch, you will need to use simple HTML and this grid system.

hello how to set framework for utf8_general_ci collation mysql

It’s set by default. All MySQL structure of FormsPlus uses utf8_general_ci. Why do you ask? Do you have some problems with it?

In very rare cases there are some web hosting that uses different “collection”-s for server and client sides. In such cases you can experience troubles. But, I have a patch for this. It is waiting for the new release to be included. Anyway, if you have such problems, I can send you this patch by email.

Hello. Is there any way to add google recapcha? I tried with simply pasting google code, from the page https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin but it’s not working


Thanks for the help, you’ve done it! Recaptcha works great!

I am glad to hear that! Just contact me if you have any other questions!

Hi, I bought your framework yesterday as I was looking for a simple way to realize an order form, but as I’m lame with php and MySQL I think I just don’t get it.

What I wanted to do:

Page 1: Simple Login form for pre-defined users with username or email and password (no possibility to sign up as a new user)

Page 2 (only accessible when successfully logged in via Page 1): A form with 3 different product groups (separated through tabs or accordion) Each item in a product group should have a quantity field with calculation, so if a user puts in a specific quantity for the wanted products (with a spinner), the chosen products and the total price are listed at the bottom of the page. After submitting the form throught the button, me as well as the user should get an email confirmation containing the products and the total price.

I thought I could do it by combining some of your examples into two files For Page 1: ajax-form-login.php

For Page 2: values-and-calculations.php tabs.php OR show-block.php

But I think this solution is not possible with your framework without additional coding, right?

Thanks in advance, Juergen


Yes, you are right, the additional coding is needed. Most of things can be done using FormsPlus. But, there are some things that must be done in PHP, because they are unique for each case (like login, in your case).

Anyway, if you are going to do this, I will help you with it.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hello Swebdeveloper, thank you for your response.

I’d really appreciate if you would help me with that, thank you :)

Do you prefer further conversation via email?


Yes, It would be more convenient for both of us. Please, contact me via a feedback form here https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper that I would be able to get your email.


Copyx Purchased

Hi, I’m interesting buying this product for my client project.

Question 1:

I want the form auto send the email to the person that submit the form after the person click the submit button. Is this product got this function?

Question 2:

If the visitor upload an image, where the image store? Is the admin panel has show this in the “collected data” area?

Question 3:

How the form created in my single webpage? Is it I create a form using your admin panel, then just copy the code and paste into my php webpage?

Thank you for your answer.

Regards, Copyx


1. It will work for file and image datatypes:

    datatype: file
    required: true
    label: "Only images, less than 1MB" 
    placeholder: "select file..." 
    browse_button_side: left
    accept: "image/*" 
            filesize: 1MB
            filesize: "Image size should be less than 1MB" 
            accept: "File should be an image" 

Please, pay your attention to validation option in the config above.

2. The background can be changed in css/base.css file.

background: url(../images/backgrounds/6.jpg) fixed;

3. It depends on the size of your website.

If you need a help with the background, you can send me an temporary access via email.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


Copyx Purchased



case ‘forms-plus-framework/app/config/forms/form-feedback.yml’: echo ‘This message is only for the “Feedback” form!’; break; default: echo ‘Thank you for contacting us! Here is your data that you left on the website!’ . ”\n”;

I changed the -echo ‘value’- but after I received the email, the value didn’t change. Even I create a new -case ‘value’- and point to a right file name. The result still same.

The result is “Thank you for contacting us! Here is your data that you left on the website!”

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Regards, Copyx


As far as I remember the documentation says that you need to rename the file from userMessage.txt.php.example to userMessage.txt.php to make it work.

Try to do it this way.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


fsthai Purchased

Hello, I’ve few questions before make a decision on this:

1. Can this script produces forms for use w/my existing website projects? For example: I developed my PHP website from scratch and want to have beautiful form from your script.

2. According to (1.), how much coding efforts I’ve to modify? E.g.: css, lib files and so on…

3. My most existing sites have been developing with jquery/bootstrap and their forms validation used jquery-validation (https://jqueryvalidation.org/). Is it suitable by your script for rebuilding my site form structure entirely?

Regards with thanks, Krit Th.


Sure! You can disable data storage using some option in the config file; then it won’t use MySQL at all.

In common.yml file:

    type: none

If you have any other questions, just contact me!

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


fsthai Purchased

Thank you for quick reply.

I’ve more few questions about Email.

1. I got this message ‘[20:22:37] forms-plus-framework/app/config/forms/form-comment.yml. Error. Email messages were not sent for “admin” group.’ Here is my email setting in common.yml: (AAABBBCCC is my gmail account) mail: message: admin: recipient_list: [AAABBBCCC@gmail.com] sender: AAABBBCCC@gmail.com # user: # recipient_list: [@email@] # sender: info@example.com

2. If I want to disable all email function, what should I do?

Regards with Thank you!


If you want to disable email notifications, you simply need to remove the following settings in common.yml:

            recipient_list: [admin@example.com]
            sender: info@example.com
        # user:
            # recipient_list: [@@email@@]
            # sender: info@example.com

If you have any other questions, just contact me.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


fsthai Purchased


I’ve question about your form processing under ‘MODAL’.

1. Currently, I can use your form under my php project, all interfaces are looking good! 2. Except one, the form validation in the ‘MODAL’ window. 3. Since your form validation is directly triggered from a submit button with ‘type=”submit”’. After that, the whole page is then reloaded! (my MODAL disappear from the page). 4. My question is: How can I use your form validation within ‘MODAL’ window without reloading of whole page?

[Before your form, I just create a simple button (NOT a ‘submit’ type button) and call for Java functions for validation and DB processing, then the modal refresh with few info. as I need to show! ]

PS: I also try e.preventDefault(), and it’s not work!

Regards with Thank you!


I answered via email.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


I checked your link later and it started working.

I know how to solve your problem. You need to use AJAX for your form. FormsPlusPHP contains all forms in two version ajax and regular. You can find AJAX forms by their names (name contains “ajax”).

In your case, instead of form-comment.php you need to use ajax-form-comment.php.

If you have any questions, just contact me!

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hello. Form Plus the best. I have a question. Have Form Date Range Picker ? Anything like http://www.daterangepicker.com/ ? Sorry for my English.


Thank you!

Unfortunately it doesn’t have the date range picker. But, there are some forms which have the bound date picker fields, like here: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/ajax-form-booking.html

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hello, please I will like to know if this form builder has the capability to calculate dates. Eg. When I select a date on a particular field, then I want two other fields to automatically be filled with ONE WEEK after the chosen date, and SIX MONTHS after the chosen date. Can it achieve this?


It’s not a builder, it’s a framework. It means that, it helps you quickly to create different kinds of forms of different complexity level.

There is a short instruction on how to install it. You simply need to extract the archive with the product in a separate directory on your website and change the config file to set some basic settings such as: DB settings, email, design, color theme, admin password.

It has a collection ready-to-use forms. You can find them in the live preview here: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/ . If any of these forms meet your requirements, you can use them right away, like “out of the box”.

But, if want to create your own form or change the existing one (taken from collection), you need to have minimal technical skills in PHP and HTML.

Also, it has an admin panel which is ready to work as soon as you set the basic settings. Here it is: http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/php-livepreview/admin.php?action=login .

If you are still interesting in the product despite the fact that it’s not a builder then I can check by myself if it’s possible to do what you ask for. Should I check it?

Best regards, Swebdeveloper


We use your framework in a multilingual environment where accented characters are used in the data submitted.

Currently it shows up as accented characters (é) inside the admin panel. Is there an easy way to fix this?

Thank you



Please, contact me via a feedback form here https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper . Using this form, can you send a link and access to your admin panel that I could see it?

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

ok, I found your admin panel, I answered via email.

Hi It looks like great forms.

1] Can I use it for my clients? 2] Can the HTML code be used for mobile app while the backend to be PHP on website? 3] Can I put the html form into my clients website and have the php backend used for sending emails etc? 4] I am looking for a form that does not save the data to a database but to use it for only sending the data directly to an email, is this possible? 5] If the email sending is possible, can I add two or more email recipient, what I mean to have this email send to more than one person. 6] Is the server admin panel used for generating the codes or for the database only?


Great please send me what is you email please?

Please add a file upload feature for testing please.

Contact me via a feedback form here https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper

In such way, I will get your email address and send you a link.


hcaldas Purchased

I hello , i can not find the defaul password to the admin , where is it?

Can you give me a link to your admin panel?

It would be better if you contact me via email using this feedback form https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper


hcaldas Purchased

swebdeveloper :) send it vi email like you say

ok, let me check, I will answer you via email then.