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what a difference Forms Plus: JS – Forms Framework vs Forms Plus: PHP – Forms Framework


FormsPlusJS contains designs, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and simple PHP libs that can help you to develop the backend for your forms.

FormsPlusPHP contains everything from FormsPlusJS + backend (sending emails, field validation on the backend side) and admin panel – to manage the collected data. You can see how it works in the livepreview. You can submit any form in the live preview here http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/ Then you can find your submitted data in the admin panel here http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/forms-plus-php/php-livepreview/admin.php

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Hello I would like yo ask a question regarding the php formplus we are using a form in AJAX which uses the json as the final processor how ever we would like to use a external processor and pass the selections and inputs via POST to another php processor.

Is this possible with the form system


as you can see the form is working and running how ever we cant get the variables to pass to another processor can you advise on this

Hi, I see that now form is submiting data to static json files, they are there only for example of data that should be returned on success and on error. Forms Plus: JS have examples of php scripts at php folder.

Of course you can use other php proccessor, simply change action attribute of form to send it to your script and make sure that your php script returns data in JSON format like in examples (ajax-success.json, ajax-error.json).

If you will have some questions or need help with it, please contact me by email, you can do it from https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact

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