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Hi, hoping you can help me, i’ve managed to make a form with tabs, each form submits to the correct table. I’m using if (isset($_POST[‘submit_i’])) but once it has inserted it automatically goes back to the first tab, not the current and also I have to reload the entire page before the inserted/updated items show. Any ideas? thanks

Hi, you can send forms via ajax, please check Ajax section of documentation.

If it shouldn’t be ajax – for each tab there is hidden checkbox with class=”p-tab-sel” make the right checkbox checked after form submit (with php) and it will show that tab(by default first one is checked).

Thank you

Hello, I left a message earlier about integrating form plus css with wordpress. To be more specific, I want to integrate it with woocommerce, practically change the woocommerce checkout page with the form plus. If you can give me some insight on how to do this will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Hi, I didn’t worken with woocommerce yet. To do it you will need some wordpress development skills. Most likely you will need to override it’s templates. You can check here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/change-checkout-page-layout

Thank you

Hello, Thank you for the information. If you can provide something more specific or a small guide, something similar to the quick install ? Thank you!

Hi, as I see in the link I gave you – you can override woocomerce templates with forms in your theme, there is also link to woocomerce documentation on how to override templates https://docs.woothemes.com/document/template-structure/ with video guide, so this is where you should start. I never worked with woocommerce, so I don’t know how exactly it should be done.

hi, Your contact form is compatible with the template here http://www.soaptheme.net/html/travelo/index.html

in your form, is there a newsletter? look in the footer integrates a newsletter

thank you

Hi, this product is CSS/HTML, so yes it can be added to any site that uses bootstrap, but it doesn’t have backend – so it doesn’t send emails.

Thank you.

hi, could you help me?? <input type=”text” id=”borndate” name=”borndate” value=”2000/05/15” data-date-format=”YYYY/MM/DD” data-js-datetimepick=”true” class=”form-control” /> the value=”2000/05/15” , it can’t show on the web but if value = “today”, it can show on the web ,

Hi, will be fixed in next update of Forms Plus: JS

Thank you

is there a date picker ? can’t find it on the preview

Hi, CSS version doesn’t have datepicker, if you need datepicker you can check JS version http://codecanyon.net/item/forms-plus-js-forms-framework/13202975


Thank you

HI, I need only real person with on number , I tried by hardcoding the variable in jquery.real.person.js but the result still the same var ALPHABETIC = ‘0123456789’; var ALPHANUMERIC =’0123456789’;


defaultOptions: { length: 4, regenerate: ‘click change’, hashName: ‘{n}Hash’, dot: ’*’, dots: DOTS, chars: ‘0123456789’ },

Hi, example with only numbers will be added in next update to http://codecanyon.net/item/forms-plus-js-forms-framework/13202975

Please next time leave a comment there.

Thank you

Hi, I have problem implementing the show block feature of show blocks with check boxes. Have gone through your help guide and documentation but no enough help. I have 1st show-block with icons working well, but the 2nd show-block with icon is not displaying the icon properly. 1st is default checked and open while I want the 2nd one closed. However, the 2nd one icon is showing open when I click to open the 1st one. It will be good if I can email the html for you to view and troubleshoot. Kindly advise. Super urgent to solve this issue. Appreciate your quick help on this. Thx u – Brian

Hi, you should wrap each show block group in <div> so one show block won’t influance on another.

You can contact me from here http://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact

Thank you.

I cant install the plugim ..help.

Hi, this product is made on pure CSS and HTML. It’s not a Wordpress plugin.

Hi there! great job with the framework…so many options and ver stylish ones… One question prior purchasing: is it possible to make conditional dropdown?

Thanks for your time

Best regards

Hi, unfortunately conditional dropdowns are not available for now.

Best regards, swebdeveloper

HI~ i need show “please write something”, but it still show “This field is required.” <form method=”post” class=”modern-p-form p-form-modern-purple” action=”#” data-js-validate=”true” data-js-highlight-state-msg=”true” data-js-show-valid-msg=”true”> <label for=”textarea” class=”p-label-required”>Textarea</label> <textarea id=”textarea” name=”textarea” required=”required” class=”form-control” data-valid-msg=”please write something”></textarea> </form>

Hi, please contact me by email from https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact

Best regards, swebdeveloper

Can Forms plus be turned into a workflow where different users complete different sections?

Hi, Forms Plus: CSS doesn’t provide back-end functionality, it provides styled form elements that can be used for creating forms.

Best regards, swebdeveloper


Sorry I did not found my post anymore. My Problem with the modal is, that something did not work. One error that I get is “SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘ajaxSubmit’ forms-plus-ajax.js (3,1)”. I have no idea why I get this error. here is the link to my problem. http://www.a-timing.wien/finswimming/index.php Click on login And I have no idea how to change the input if there is a error, that the border switch to red. The check of a e-mail Address works not correct. fff@mydoman is not a valid eMail Address. you need a toplevel domain and a your domain xxx@yourdomain.topleveldomain.


Hi, please contact me by email, you can do it from https://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact

Best regards, swebdeveloper


I just bought the plugin. Can you please help? I thought it was a wp plugin. Please assist


There is no simple way, because you need to have a backend that would handle with submitted data (collected data).

If you bought it by mistake, I could give you a refund.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

How do I capture the value of a toggle switch on your forms?

Is it jQuery or you can send example URL or otherwise?

Thank you so kindly.

License 39828ba2-a042-4a4b-88fe-e6b6d76ff08d – 13 Dec 2016


Do you want to capture a value of a toggle switch either on backend or frontend?

On the frontend it’s quite easy. You should treat it like a regular HTML input field with type – checkbox. Please, tell me what exactly you need that I could assist you.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

We are not able to figure out how to write a jquery script to go to a specific tab on the modern forms with tabs. Help!

<input type=”radio” id=”tab-1” name=”activeTab” class=”p-tab-sel” /> <label for=”tab-1” style=”font-family: ‘Georgia’, Times New Roman, Serif;”> Personal  </label>

39828ba2-a042-4a4b-88fe-e6b6d76ff08d – 13 Dec 2016

Hi, you should make that tab radio input checked, like:
$('#tab-1').prop("checked", true);

Best regards, swebdeveloper

Thank you so kindly for your speedy response. It worked as designed.


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Dear Author, Is it possible to customize the required field message: “This field is required” to something else, such as “Please enter your first name”? Can I use different message for different fields?


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Hi, you should run this function on page ready, like:
        .on('invalid', function(e){
            if (!e.target.validity.valid) {
        .on('input', function(e){

Best regars, swebdeveloper


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Thank you so much, it works.

How can Recive digited datas? send via email or TXT?

Hi, CSS version doesn’t provide PHP back-end functionality.

Best regards, swebdeveloper